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Second time on fallon now. i think i’m gettin’ the hang of this. s/o to @diplo @momomoyouth and @jimmyfallon. special thanks to @justinoshea for the clothing.

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Hey @youtube 🙋🏽‍♀️

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A cold wall; the line along which two water masses of different temperature come in contact. thank you brother and shoutout to @ace_harper @alealimay @eastwooddanso and man dem for an incredible show #lfw

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Goddamn what a time, what a year

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I look like mary kate when she was 17 bro

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Man lyk craig @craigdavid. super special thanks to @littlesimz

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Moses parts the red sea pt.2.

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11:35est. @fallontonight

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1 of 1

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Crew is officially #1 at urban radio. thank you to every single dj, fan, and the team for making this possible.

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Black men for the win. crew is officially platinum as of today and i couldn't have done it without the rca family and the fans. ima be clapping the f**k down in brooklyn tonight to celebrate

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We are what them young boys fear

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Houston, dallas, austin, and san antonio all sold out and sang every word to everything. can texas just adopt me already?

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Ssense shoot with the talented @hannahsider. styled by the immaculate @wildandlethal. all praise be to @blackballedbackwood

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I had @blackballedbackwood make 750 1 of 1 tees for tour. good luck getting one 🍀

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What an unforgettable way to start a tour. thank you nashville.

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Tour with @masego @earthgang starts sunday.

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On sunday it begins. goldlink.info/tour

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At what cost vinyl out now.

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