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I’m having the best time with the ciroc x moschino fam! make sure you’re following @cirocvodka to get my inside scoop! 🐻 || @moschino @itsjeremyscott #ad #cirocyourworld #cirocvodka

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Today is the day!! to celebrate the launch of the ciroc x moschino collaboration, i took over the @cirocvodka page to give you all an exclusive look at the moschino fashion show here in milan! the show was incredible! follow them right now so you don’t miss a second! πŸ”΅|| @moschino @itsjeremyscott #ad #cirocyourworld #cirocvodka

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From jeremy scott’s brilliant vision for moschino with a dash of me! πŸ˜‰ stay tuned to check out how i add my own personal touch to @itsjeremyscott ‘s world of celebration! πŸ’₯|| @cirocvodka @moschino @itsjeremyscott #ad #cirocyourworld #cirocvodka

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It’s truly amazing to be part of a collaboration that celebrates bold twists of style, friendship, and the freedom to express myself! in a world where you can be anything you want it’s so important to be yourself!⚑️|| @cirocvodka @moschino @itsjeremyscott #ad #cirocyourworld #cirocvodka

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Ahh!! i’m so excited to finally share with you guys that i’ve partnered with ciroc for the ciroc x moschino collaboration!! πŸ”₯ || @cirocvodka @moschino @itsjeremyscott #ad #cirocyourworld #cirocvodka

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Diamonds are forever πŸ’Ž

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Throwback to #nyfw! just wrapped a really great shoot in turkey- now headed to italy for milan fashion week! i’m so fortunate to be able to travel while doing what i love! πŸ’•

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D i a m o n d b a l l πŸ’Ž

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Silver linings πŸ’« #nyfw

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What a dream! ✨ thank you @vanityfair for having me! #nyfw

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S i l v e r s u r f e r

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S p o r t y s p i c e

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