Karena Hernandez A family now complete ♥️ Babe forevER 😼 #Shalom.
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Feelin pretty 🌸

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Because they don’t stay little for long. ✨
dear god i need your help not messing this up.

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The love of my life 💋
thank you for always providing me happiness sweetheart 💗
i pray i learn to love the way you love. challenge my own curiosities. find joy in others laughter. and always always treat others with kindness 🙌🏼♥️

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All i need is to love and be loved by you💋 .
after my last relationship i didn’t date anyone for over 2 years. in those two years i focused on myself. i found how to create happiness within myself and stopped relying on other people or material things. i focused on fundamental goals, i pushed my boundaries, i dedicated my energy to being the best mother i could be.
taking time for myself helped my create standards for my next relationship. i didn’t fool around and i didn’t settle for anything less than i deserved. .
if you’re out there praying for prince charming to waltz into your life keep praying because he will come. if you’re going through a journey the includes periods of joy and sadness keep holding out. in the most unexpected way the right person will waltz into your world whether you like it or not. i encourage you to rely less on dating apps and social media. be selfish in your “singleness”. it will w**d out your insecurities and attract what you permit in life. .
don’t be afraid. take risks. and don’t give up ✊🏼✨

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Loves of my life 😻
i am so happy my family is now complete.
#familymatters#loves#newdaddy#shalom ♥️🤗✨🥰💕

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Have i told you lately how much i love you🌙✨

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Had so much fun this weekend with my family ♥️💗♥️💗♥️💗

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I don’t usually get ready but when i do 👌🏼 it’s been a while since i’ve posted a “selfie” kinda been feelin down about my confidence. i can’t wait to start make changes, live a healthy life and set an example for my baby girl!
i have an amazing man in my life to support me through whatever my heart desires && for that, i am forever thankful💕🔑 big changes are coming! for me and my little familia 👨‍👩‍👧 .

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Road trip to san francisco 🌉 .
my daughter will do anything to make me smile. don’t ever change ya goof. don’t let this world influence you to be confined or insecure. 🙏🏼
it’s so crazy reflecting and realizing how far we’ve come. after all the pain i’ve put her through everyday she finds a reason to smile. she’s been my anchor through this journey and will always be my reason to be better. 💫✊🏼
thank you god for protecting my family. thank you for blessing me with a joyful being. guide us into the path you have designed for us. cover us with the desire and power to complete your will.

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