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This is the first time i’ve travelled alone in forever! ⁣

i didn’t expect it but it feels kind of weird and i’m a bit nervous😂⁣

i have a lot of alone time day to day, but always see friends or family at some point during my day. and travelling alone feels a lot different than being alone at home.⁣

so i have an intentition to embrace and enjoy it as much as i can, and chill out with my podcasts and essential oils ✨✔️ hopefully the lucky person sitting next to me likes lavender 😏💜⁣

what are your go-to airplane essentials?⁣

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Feeling ultra magnetic these days ✨⚡️⁣

through this journey of self-growth and getting into alignment with my authentic self, i’m already starting to feel the world open up to me! i never knew what people meant when they talked about feeling magnetic and drawing opportunities to themselves until now. i truly believe to get to this place it takes getting to know yourself on a deep level and only doing things and making decisions that feel right intuitively / in your gut. after making multiple of these decisions over and over, you show the universe what kind of energy you want and it brings you more of that! this for me is manifestation 👆🏼⁣

what is your experience with magnetism?

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I’ve had so much fun taking over the @drizzle_honey instagram stories today🍯😍⁣

my love for raw honey is real⚡️👍🏼 and even better that they’re a beautiful local #yyc company!⁣

if you didn’t have a chance to follow along, check out their stories asap 👀💛 also be looking out for my guest blog post coming soon!✨⁣

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On the corner in one of my most favourite #yyc communities😍 inglewood has my heart!⁣

what are your favourite calgary spots?⁣

📷: @balancebysarah⁣

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This is me soaking up every bit of fall i can get! good thing i did because it seems calgary has now gone straight to winter🤷🏼‍♀️⁣⁣
i always get a bit nervous for the colder seasons because in getting less sunshine, my energy levels and mood tend to go way down. this year i’m working on positive intentions and affirmations to help reframe how i think about winter! anddd loading up on extra vitamin d.. like a lot ✔️⁣⁣
it helps that i’ll be doing a bit of travelling to cap the summer off! en route to europe next week✈️⚡️⁣⁣
⁣📷: @balancebysarah

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Cheers to the weekend and some fun events coming up next month with this girl! @balancebysarah ⁣⁣
firstly we’re hosting a fall wellness workshop on october 11th with @amaranthfoods talking about immunity, gut and brain health🧠⁣⁣
later in the month, i’ll be joining @balancebysarah and @gioiainteriors to host another amazing @yycgather event! i’m so excited to be part of this badass team of ladies💜⁣⁣
i would love to see you there! check the link in my bio for more details!✔️⁣⁣
what are you cheers-ing to this weekend?!⁣🥂✨⁣

📷: @dailyclove

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What does it mean to be successful or accomplished?⁣⁣
this is a question i’ve been sitting with while starting this entrepreneurial journey. in my heart of hearts, it means being in 100% alignment doing what i love and loving who i love.⁣⁣
but there’s still this nagging, fear based voice inside my head that questions whether what i’ve done that day is worthy of me feeling accomplished or satisfied. the idea is success that i had for so long is that i must work 9-5 and have tangible outcomes (i.e. money!) in this transition time while i’m launching my biz, it’s a constant practice to reframe my notion of success and accomplishment, and to allow myself to fully believe that i’m doing exactly what i need to be doing. to trust myself and trust that all my efforts no matter how small they may seem, will all pay off. ⁣⁣
i’m so excited to share some events that i have coming up in october! these are the first for glowing minds and there will be lots more to come. click the link in my bio and choose “events” for more details🙏🏼✨💜⁣

📷: @blume.media

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It’s so easy to get caught up with the “what’s next” mindset and forget about where we’ve already been and what we’ve already done.⁣

let’s take a minute to appreciate how far we’ve all come. to appreciate how a year, a month, or even a week ago you would have been in awe of the abundance you have now, in this moment.⁣

you are amazing and you have done great, beautiful things. let yourself sit with that and breath it all in 🙏🏼✨💜

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All the fall feels in this photo🍂💛⁣

grateful for a lunch date this week with two amazing ladies who inspire me! @balancebysarah @dailyclove⁣

authentic connection is something that fills my soul.⁣

what fills yours? ⁣

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Self love is the antidote to fear of rejection.⁣

wise words given to me by my psychologist this week. i struggle with fear of rejection and have since i was young! i went through hard times with girlfriends in my younger teenage years (think mean girls situations and eating my lunch in the bathroom) that made a lasting impact on my self confidence. ⁣

it’s been a through-line in my life coming up against fear of being left out, not accepted and rejected by anyone from friends to a whole community! when this fear comes up it manifests as anxiety and makes me turn inward, disconnect and play small. ⁣

i’ve been doing self-work around this for a few years now but it’s an everyday practice to squash that fear (i literally tell it to f**k off in my head!😂)⁣

i love the idea that self-love is the medicine for this fear. when you truly love yourself, you don’t care what other people think and if they accept you. you are yourself and own it. ⁣

i’ll be practicing extra self care this week to boost up my self-love💜 how do you show yourself love? ⁣

📷: @blume.media

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Right now stop what you’re doing and take a slow, deep breath in and out.⁣⁣
close your eyes and continue breathing, while noticing 3 things about how you’re feeling in this moment and 3 things about your environment.⁣ no judgement, just noticing.⁣
open your eyes. this is one of my favourite quick and easy mindfulness exercises. it will help ground you and bring you back to the present moment in less than 60 seconds🙏🏼✨⁣⁣
now don’t tell me you have no time for self care! slot this into your day once in the morning and once at night, right after brushing your teeth. the key to forming new habits is to put them before/ after something you do everyday unconsciously without fail, like brushing your teeth.⁣⁣
i promise you’ll feel the impact💜

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Another morning, another oatmeal bowl!

with the weather turning a bit cooler i’m back on the oatmeal train and loving it. the last few mornings i’ve had a pre-made mix of #glutenfree oats, chia seeds, h**p seeds, cinnamon, cacao nibs and pumpkin seeds, all cooked stovetop with h**p milk, banana and topped with berries😋

making the oatmeal mix ahead of time is amazing for travelling and has been perfect this weekend at the cabin. i’m definitely bringing some along to have in-flight for my upcoming trip to europe👌🏼 what are your go-to cozy breakfast foods?!

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