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My lesson this weekend is to be kinder to myself, to show myself compassion and grace. the standards i have set for myself with living a lifestyle of health and wellness are high. most of the time this works well for me and i feel completely aligned with it, but sometimes quite honestly it leaves me feeling guilty, anxious and all around bad about myself for doing something that doesn’t “fit” my own standard. for example drinking, #realtalk here. drinking is something that i’ve always done with friends and have done my fair share of partying. in the last few years getting older with way worse hangovers (mental and physical) it’s started to become not worth it, and i’ve naturally stopped drinking as much and will go weeks without even a glass of wine. for me, drinking is fun in the moment but it takes me so long to get back on track with feeling good and takes me out of alignment with myself. so, clearly i know that it doesn’t make me feel good. why do i still do it? this is the question i ask myself the next day after having one too many and the negative self talk takes over. especially now since the identity i have for myself is that of a healthy person who is going into a career in wellness to help others liver healthier lives. there is such dissonance in those moments between my identity and my actions and it’s hard to reconcile. in those moments i try to remember to give myself compassion and kindness and ask myself what can i do to nurture myself right now? that was this am for me. so i got outside in the sunshine and went for a run and now i’m here sharing this with you. sharing because i feel like this is a struggle that a lot of people go through and it doesn’t get talked about a lot, but also sharing because it’s cathartic for me. holding ourselves to high standards has its place to help push our personal growth forward, but please remember to be kind to yourself, we are going to go off-course sometimes and that’s ok💜💕 recognize how that decision made you feel and what you might do differently next time and then let it go. i give myself and you permission to let it go. if this resonates with you, comment below!! i would love to hear your experience🙏

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Happy #internationaldayofyoga 🧘🏼‍♀️🙏🏼✨ almost exactly a year ago i started doing yoga regularly. i got a summer pass at @junction_9 and haven’t stopped since! i never knew yoga before, i never truly knew the power of yoga in my body but also (and mainly) for my mind, until i started practicing regularly. i still feel like very much a newbie but can’t believe how much i’ve received from this practice in only one year. the movement and breath of yoga is so powerful for me - it takes me out of my head (no easy feat), puts me back into my body and grounds my anxious heart. it’s consistently something i can come back to that will shift and raise my energy. for this i am so very grateful 🙌🏼💜

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Forever berry obsessed 🍓 this protein packed oatmeal is one of my fave combinations lately! oats with coconut milk, 1 scoop of @botanicahealth perfect protein powder, 1 teaspoon @loveyourguts maca powder and cinnamon topped with berries, h**p seeds and @enjoyyoso coconut yogurt 🙇🏼‍♀️🙌🏼 having a high protein breakfast with healthy fats is key to keep blood sugar balanced all morning (which helps fuel that happy, stable mood🧠) and satiated until lunch (or mid morning snack😉) the love i have for this satisfying breakfast is real. what are your go-to protein packed breakfasts?!

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This is me for the next month🤓 computer bound finishing up my holistic nutrition program, working through the antidote mentorship with @staceyirvineyoga and @noscoyoga , all the while trying to get my website ready to go! a full schedule doing all the things i love (ok, maybe not writing a million case studies😂 but for the most part i’m feeling super aligned and happy, and grateful🙏🏼) i haven’t always felt like my life was this integrated and in flow and it’s taken (and continues to take) time and daily self practice to maintain. what keeps you in flow and aligned in your life?

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What a beautiful weekend celebrating my cousin’s wedding!😍 the location was so magical and truly felt like a fairy garden 🧚🏼‍♀️ feeling so grateful for time spent with family in vancouver that we don’t get to see often. that city has a special place in my heart. bringing all of those good vibes into the week with me!💁🏼‍♀️✨💕 what are your favourite cities to visit?!

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This quote really made an impact on me this morning while i was digging into a new mentorship program i’m doing with @staceyirvineyoga and @noscoyoga 🙏🏼 as part of the program we received a welcome gift bag with lots of goodies, one being some beautiful affirmation cards and this quote was on one of them! it’s by sarah powers. it’s a simple idea but gave me such an “ah-ha” moment and i felt so much gratitude for just being in that moment. i tend to live so much in the future most of the time. it’s not easy to re-train my brain to be present 🧠 and recognize all that is happening at the current moment, not next week, not tomorrow, not 10 minutes from now, but now. there is so much joy to be found in the now, but it’s a mindset that allows us to see it and experience it. how we perceive our lives is how we’ll experience them. period. our thoughts are just so incredibly powerful. i needed this reminder to be present in the moment which allowed me to fully feel all that i’m grateful for 💜

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Getting into the kitchen and cooking something delicious is one of my favourite stress relievers and mood boosters. this week i’ve felt a bit off- just lower mood, more anxiety and on top of that, lacking motivation and then feeling bad for not getting “enough” done 😑 anyone been there?! vicious cycle right here. it’s so important to me to have things like getting into the kitchen that can help get me out of a slump- not only do i feel happy to eat something yummy and healthy (and it gets rid of any hanger👏🏼) but the process of cooking or baking feels so productive and really boosts my mood👍🏼 give it a try the next time you’re feeling down and let me know what you think 😍

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Looking to these beautiful pink peonies to brighten up this gloomy day in #yyc ! 🌸💕 although i’m vey #grateful for the rain because we wouldn’t have these babies without it 🙏🏼🌧 what’s brightening up your rainy day?

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Currently dreaming about these berry cacao oats👀🍫 and might have to whip up a batch for lunch 😏 oatmeal is an any time of day meal for me and can even pass as dessert! anyone else have #oatmeallove ?! 😍 in this version frozen wild blueberries gave it that colour💜 and then i topped with cacao nibs, fresh raspberries and @manitobaharvest h**p seeds💯

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Some #wellnesswednesday favourites coming atcha! of course the beautiful @gabbybernstein universe has your back cards, @doterra whisper blend for women (this smells heavenly you guys, i basically use it as perfume 😏 but it’s also great for balancing hormones✔️), the best scrunchie @sarahjoy.design , @skwiikyyc coco clay mask (this is a new addition to my routine purchased from @outsidetheshape and i’m loving it! my skin feels so soft afterwards and it helps to calm any redness) and lastly this rose quartz roller that i got on @amazon 🌹💎but can’t remember the name 🤷🏼‍♀️ feeling grateful for this self-care toolkit! ✨💫 what’s in yours?

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Not everyday is going to feel productive. i struggle with that. today sure wasn’t and i just couldn’t focus! i felt like i had all this stagnant energy that couldn’t get out and i just couldn’t put it towards anything “productive”. i wanted to sit on the couch (which i still will later 😏) but got myself out for a quick run instead and feel a million times better! my body needed some movement and i listened. what did your body tell you today? did you listen? 👂🏼

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I just can’t get over my new celestite crystal so obviously had to post it 😏💙 i haven’t felt this drawn to a crystal in a long time! celestite is super soothing, relaxing and has anti-stress properties. it’s also great for sleep! it’s interesting that i’m so drawn to this one right now because i haven’t felt overly stressed lately or in need of a major calming force, but maybe it’s the universe telling me to slow down a little. i’ve also been having very vivid dreams with the same reoccurring theme and keep waking up feeling unrested 😴 so i’m planning to keep this guy beside my bed at night and will see if it helps! maybe even under my pillow. i love following my gut when picking out new crystals because it can lead to unexpected self reflection when you find out what its properties are, which is so fun to me (wow i sound like such a self-care nerd😂 🤓) ✨💎 comment below with your crystal/ self-reflection/ self-care experiences!!

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