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Now i just gotta find me a hand! 👍 #footshopping #sanfrancisco

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In @ilfordphoto heaven at @glasskeyphoto in san francisco 😍 📷 #ilford #ilfordhp5 #believeinfilm #filmsnotdead

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Could get used to waking to this view! #sonoma #sanfrancisco #california #friends #wine

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When your friend has the best view and lives in wine country! 👊 🍷 😆 #sonoma #sanfrancisco #california #friends #winecountry

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Can a story change the world? earlier this year whilst doing a project with @humanityinclusionuk and @geneva_academy in rwanda on female genocide survivors, i met olive who told me about her life; an incredible story of horror, survival, redemption and forgiveness. truly the most remarkable story i ever heard. her one wish was that i would share her story in order to teach others what genocide really means. but her story did far more than that.
each year i’m privileged to team up with the amazing @gish community to change a life. this year the story that inspired us was olive’s and her community. together with twenty five other women, all survivors of the genocide, she has built a cooperative growing potatoes. our plan was to raise enough money to help them buy some land and a market stall. but as always @misha and the @gish community exceeded all expectations. when the campaign ended this weekend, people from all around the world had come together to donate over $250,000 to support olive and her community. as a result we can now help several cooperatives, meaning two hundred women and their families have greater independence and control over their own lives. this was the magical moment i was able to share the news with the women. “thanks to @gish , from now onward the land you work on, is now your land”. these women are strong, resilient and generous; i’m truly honoured to now be treated as part of their community. thank you @misha @gish for making this happen and allowing me to be part of it. also happy that @gish @randomactsorg @legacyofwarfoundation (thanks to @lauzain ) will be working together to facilitate this incredible project. so yes, a story can change the world! #story #change #inspire #strength #women #community #cooperative #rwanda #legacyofwar #solidarity #resilience

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Can’t tell you how happy i am to be reunited with this incredible woman! 💖 you olive!!! #inspiration #resilience #strengthofawoman #friendship #rwanda @gish @legacyofwarfoundation

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‘hey giles, what you up to today?’
‘i’m just popping to the memory tailor, have a couple of old dreams that need fixing...’
‘perfect, come meet me afterwards. i’ll be in the handshake lounge’
#tokyo #japan #memorytailor #fixingdreams

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Paper choices!
#rough #shiny #glossy #crispy #thick #soft #moist #fluffy 😳

itoya in tokyo- one of the most famous paper shops in the world and without doubt one of the most mesmerising places i’ve ever been too. #paper #stationary #stationaryporn #shadesofwhite #tokyo #japan

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Itoya in tokyo- one of the most famous paper shops in the world and without doubt one of the most mesmerising places i’ve ever been too. #paper #stationary #stationaryporn #shadesofwhite #tokyo #japan

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My breakfast! my breakfast ffs!! 😍
i could post endless photos of the food i’ve eaten here in japan. some of, if not the most incredible food i’ve ever had on my travels, and a couple of meals that rank amongst my best. but this photo of my breakfast really sums up the japanese attention to detail and respect of ingredients. beats a bowl of cornflakes! what you don’t see is the coffee in a ramen bowl! ☕️ 🍜 the staff at the hotel worked out the little coffee cups weren’t big enough for me, so now they bring me a bowl of coffee when i arrive. that’s japan for you. love it 🇯🇵♥️

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"for relaxing times, make it suntory time." #suntorybeer #japan

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