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5 types of love languages: words, touch, time, gifts and acts of services such as cooking dinner, cleaning, etc. not everyone has the same ones so it’s vital to know what ours are and what our significant others are so we can cater to them.
to strengthen our relationship with others we must love ourselves for who we are, knowing our flaws, accepting the ones we cant change and working on the ones we can this will also help to mould us into the person we envision and want to be.

taking time for ourselves to practice self care is a must: exercising progressively , eating healthily, sorting out our finances, etc. the things that dont give us instant gratification but will put us in a much better position in the future. along with self soothing: having a bath, a glass of wine/cocktail, dinner out etc. is equally important in our lives as it help keep our emotional wellbeing in check- we do get instant gratification from self soothing, however, we wont get more further down the line so its vital to have a healthy balance of both.
the love we give ourselves and others takes work, consistency, dedication and compromise; when we look and feel our best our life changes for the better and we can give more to those we love and more importantly to those who love us❤️
if you want guidance and help in becoming the best version of you possible drop me an email 📧 .
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🏋️‍♂️weight lifting.🏋️‍♂️
6 benefits are:
- increased bone health
- helps fight osteoporosis (affects women more unfortunately) - strengthens the connective tissue, muscles and tendons.
- improves your performance of daily life activities.
- burn more calories (muscles burn calories when we aren’t exercising at a much higher rate than fat)
- helps the heart (resistance training has been shown to lower blood pressure) .
📧 if you need extra guidance, email me- in bio 📧 .
📸 @apertur_a .
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so there are different types of f*t 😱 .
visceral f*t surrounds our organs within our abdominal cavity, its near many vital organs and the higher the amount stored can lead to increase risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers.
subcutaneous f*t is found under our skin, the type that is more visible, the one we tend to worry most about aesthetically, this is the f*t we measure when checking our body-fat percentage using for example skinfold calipers. (note: womens bodyfat percentage will always be higher than a mans for example 10% on a female will look super shredded and they would not normally go much lower when competing in bodybuilding however for men they can drop to around 3% while competing but will look “the same” as a female with around 9% .)
essential f*t is necessary to keep a healthy well functioning body (ex: hormone production, healthy cell membranes, liver function). .
keeping your activity levels up are key to energy expenditure as well as disease prevention and our health- even if you go to the gym on a regular basis it’s imperative to not become sedentary the rest of the time. .
if you want/need more guidance my email and my website is in my bio 📸- @apertur_a .
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Be kind to you.
put less pressure on yourself to achieve your goals. some will take longer than others and its not because they are unattainable or you are not determined enough to put the work in but perhaps because your end goal is too advanced for where you currently stand and it just becomes too overwhelming.
break your goals down into short term goals to start, take baby steps and focus on one thing at a time instead of trying to make everything happen at once. .
by doing so you will remain motivated to continue as you achieve those smaller goals; for example start by walking at least 10k steps a day- as you start to feel fitter and healthier it will motivate you to do even better and strive to continue feeling that way.
everyone has some days that are harder than others, instead of just throwing all the progress you have made out the window and letting your negative self talk take over, breathe , then get back on track the next day. .
one cold day doesn’t make a winter as one hot day doesn’t make a summer so don’t focus on that one bad day.
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For all the people that have suffered with eating disorders/disordered eating here are 5 other ways you can measure your progress without a scale:
- you have more confidence
- you have more energy
- faster recovery
- you are stronger - improvement in sleep quality
the number on the scale should not be the only way and definitely isnt the best way to measure your progress especially short term.
the number on the scale can vary due to a number of reasons : stress, dehydration, sodium intake, your menstrual cycle, carb intake. when you are bloated you may be a little heavier and ladies when your menstrual cycle starts but this doesn’t mean that somehow in a few hours you have gained weight.
try not to fixate on the number which appears on the scale as it is not the most reliable especially when you don’t understand how much it will fluctuate due to normal life. .
if you feel great and have a healthy relationship with food then you are on the right track to reaching your end goal.

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Over 18 🔞 .
🎶 music for dance purposes only @jeremih ft @liltunechi & @natashamosley - “all the time” .
thank you @luciecamelo for this 🔥
glad i tried it in heels 👠 and thank you to my chair buddy @arbengiga for making me feel less awkward 💃🏻
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Looking after yourself not only helps your performance in the gym but also helps you be your best, healthiest, strongest, most confident version of you in every aspect of your life.
things to focus on to ensure you keep yourself on track
-nutrition (improves your health, bodies ability to fight off and recover from an illness/injury, increased energy), .
-sleep (aim for 7-9hours, too little and too much sleep will have negative effects on both your cognitive and physical performance),
. -managing stress levels (too much stress may cause a spike in your cortisol levels. the majority our cells have cortisol receptors for various functions, blood sugar and metabolism regulation, memory function and inflammation reduction. too much cortisol can give you unwanted symptoms such as high blood pressure, fatigue, muscle weakness, slowed healing, weight gain.).

@jackthomsonuk 📸 .
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Excuse the quality but this class was too good not to post- 💃🏻 @amberraeb @empressldnofficial 🎶 aqua naru -poetry- how does it feel now.

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Found this and d**n am i missing @empressldnofficial with @amberraeb ❤️❤️❤️ so much love for the girlies .
🎶- @summerwalker-nobodyelse

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Apparently im a size 4 🤔 .
hotel room mini photo shoot this morning with dress details- the makeup is from last night and clearly lasted well - my hair unfortunately was not as cooperative and became frizz central- office christmas party - even learnt how to tie a bow tie 💪 #blacktie #bafta #london #christmas #morningshenanigans #party

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Yesterday night with @amberraeb @empressldnofficial - found this choreo really challenging, really had to focus on keeping it slow and flowing, ive mainly danced fast punchy choreos so the slow ones are challenging- thought i had absolutely no idea what the second half of the choreo was so had to control my frustration and not let my anxiety win and make me walk out- looking back at the video its not bad at all- g, you gotta start believing in yourself more- that will be my focus- and a massive win that i didnt let my mind win. thank you ladies

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Lost my heels got some awful ones from primark buutt we danced to beyonce and britney so it was worth it🥰 may have gone wrong a few times still had a lot of fun ! thank you so much @sharon.june @livquantrill ❤️❤️❤️

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