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먹어도 먹어도 배고파 곱창 먹고시퍼

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Sunset over the hudson river

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“i love creating whimsical moments that make people stop for a second look,” says fine art photographer gray malin (@graymalin ). his llama-infused series “far far away” was shot at the world’s largest salt flat in salar de uyuni, bolivia. 🎉⁣

“i enjoy incorporating balloons in my work, as they are a universal symbol of celebration, happiness and joy,” says gray.⁣

photo by @graymalin

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“when most people think of balloon art, they think of a poodle made from a single balloon,” explains chemical engineer and balloon art hobbyist masayoshi matsumoto (@isopresso_balloon ), who creates complex artworks of multiple balloons with no help from adhesives, markers or sealants. 🤯🎈⁣

photos by @isopresso_balloon

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#hellofrom the van lake express train with a view of tatvan, turkey. according to photographer hüseyin taşkın (@huseyintaskin ), it’s the best way to travel east from the capital city of ankara. 🚞 ⁣

say #hellofrom your part of the world. ❤️ please submit your own photos and videos to the project using the #hellofrom hashtag. any tagged visual shared with the hashtag is eligible for the project and, if selected, to be featured.⁣

photo by @huseyintaskin

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With a background in fashion design and a foothold in the berlin drag scene, interdisciplinary artist hungry (@isshehungry ) developed her signature “distorted drag” aesthetic that = mesmerizing. #hiddengems⁣ 💎✨⁣

photos of @isshehungry by @robertbartholot

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Interdisciplinary artist hungry (@isshehungry ) pushes the boundaries of beauty with her surreal makeup and experimental design. watch one of her looks come alive in today’s episode of #hiddengems.

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Hailing from sydney, australia, ocean alley (@oceanalleyband ) describes their music as psychedelic surf rock, a mix of what they like to listen to and what they like to play. 🎸🌠⁣

this weekend, they’re performing at splendour in the grass (@splendourinthegrass ), a music festival near byron bay, australia. “the music is the main event and between all the stages there’s so much music to see," says the band’s rhythm guitarist, mitch galbraith. "but the best part is just enjoying it with friends in a beautiful part of the country.” #sitg2019

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For kurt lyle founder (@kurt_lyle ) virginia craddock, putting together over-the-top looks brings her tons of joy. “i hope we’re bringing that same joy to our customers," says virginia. "when people who buy our clothes wear them, they can be a slightly wilder, more colorful version of themselves that goes beyond expectations.” 🌈✨
watch our story to take a tour of the @kurt_lyle studio with virginia and see her favorite summer looks, then shop the designs over on @shop — a new account where you can discover and buy goods from up-and-coming designers.

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Meet today’s #weeklyfluff, 9-year-old french bulldog homer (@tinyhomie ) — who stretches daily and has recently adopted a healthier diet. 🥕🥕🥕
video by @tinyhomie

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Photography and retouching duo bibi and jacob (@koty2 ) created a photo collage series that’s a new take on the old masters. “times change, but beauty stays the same.”
photo illustration by @koty2

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Meet new jersey’s sammantha fisher (@sfisherx ), an animal activist and photographer whose photos support sanctuaries with their rescue missions. “i’m able to connect viewers in a way that they normally wouldn’t see animals,” says samm. “being an advocate means standing up for what i believe in, and for me, that means standing up for animals.”
who are your favorite #advocates on instagram? head to the comments to share their handles and how they are sparking positive global change in their community. ✨

photo by @sfisherx

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Photographer sammantha fisher (@sfisherx ) captures animals in their truest and most vulnerable form. learn more about samm’s photography and how it’s empowered animal sanctuaries in #advocates, our series that highlights people around the world who are sparking positive change. ✨

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