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Morning routine. it's so good to be out in the forest before work. i went out with my old collegue and award winning photographer @csabatokolyi for a little shooting session into the mountains close to budapest. the snow and light conditions were just perfect. and at 10am i was already in my office with several bangers on my sd card. thanks for pulling me the trigger, @csabatokolyi #thisweekoninstagram . . . @roam @folkscenery @mthrworld @stayandwander @discoverearth @modernoutdoors @vzcomood @vibesofvisuals @folkgreen @main_vision @roam theplanet @germanroamers @lensbible @soft_vision @visualscollective @artofvisuals @wilderness_culture @visualsofearth @droneoftheday @germandrones @fromwhereidrone @droneheroes @droneofficial

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The world's biggest vert ramp kissed by the setting sun.

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Crystal clear goals. yesterday i reached 20k followers. it’s insane. but how many followers is enough for you to go “i am now a success of what i do, i can relax, i’ve made it, i’ve crossed some kind of invisible line?" when you reach those goals you set for yourself, another goal will be staring you in your face probably before you even get there. when you get to this 20k followers on instagram that seemed impossible to reach, 100k is going to be the next goal, and you will not be happy when you reach that. but when you do, there’s 1m followers, 10m followers… non of those things will make you happy. if you constantly chasing success, or money, or attention, your art is going to suffer. if success and notoriety is your goal no amount of money or attention will ever be enough. /inspirational words by @seantuck - check out his youtube channel. he can talk about photography and the business behind it so beautifully and honestly./ . . . @roam @folkscenery @mthrworld @stayandwander @greatnorthco @agameoftones @folkmagazine @livefolk @theimaged @eclectic_shotz @rsa_outdoors @discoverearth @modernoutdoors @vzcomood @wonderlustcollective @vibesofvisuals @folkgreen @main_vision @roam theplanet @germanroamers @lensbible @soft_vision @visualscollective @artofvisuals @wilderness_culture

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The legend himself, @frederikschindler pushes h*****n our second hike of the day. after we failed to climb up to reinebringen in the pitch black because of the ice walls, we headed to kvalvika. it turned out that even more ice was on the route up to the beach. 20+ bruises to remember. . . . . . . . . . #lofoten #norge #mittnorge #visitnorway #norway #ilovenorway #mountainstones #earthfocus #artofvisuals #earthpix #exploretocreate #discoverearth #theimaged #bevisuallyinspired #stayandwander #wildernessculture #liveoutdoors #visualsofearth #earthofficial #weroamgermany #folkgreen #livefolk #folkscenery #folkgood #folksouls #theoutdoorfolk #theweekoninstagram #folksouls #sonyalpha

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Islands, mountains, and the sea. everybody should visit lofoten islands once in their life. check out @hattvikalodge for the best accomodation in the area.

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