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Today is #worldmentalhealthday 💫 over the past six years, i’ve become so passionate about raising awareness for mental health on the daily. i never thought something would mean as much to me as mental health advocacy does, and i’m so grateful for all of the amazing people i’ve met in the mental health community (@eddy_liz, @am.nda, @nicoleacardoza, @bronniemusic, @channingsmith15 to name a few).

1 in 5 people have a mental illness, but 5 in 5 people have mental health. we all need to realize the importance of our mental health, not just people living with mental illness. mental health is a part of all of everyone’s health. we all deserve to prioritize our mental health when we need to. it isn’t selfish to put your mental health above everything else.

you deserve the proper care that fits your needs for your mental health. whether that be therapy, medication, exercise, meditation, going outdoors, or something “non-traditional,” you deserve to do what is the healthiest for you.

we need to all come together and use our voices to speak up about mental health every single day of the year, not just today.

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Missing my fav city right now 🌸

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Brb looking for 42 wallaby way

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Thriving in melbourne even tho i haven’t seen any kangaroos or koalas yet

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Tonight’s the night 🤩 come out to greek row from 8-11pm for night on the row!! going greek was one of the best decisions i’ve made. wish i could be there with all of my beautiful sisters 💕💫 #findyoursisterhood #makσwaves

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Today is world suicide prevention day, which is one of the most important dates of the year to me.
if you told 13-year-old me that 20-year-old me would raise $10,000 for suicide prevention month through her non-profit, i wouldn’t believe it. i can’t wait to contribute money to mental health and recovery centers throughout the country. mental health care deserves to be more affordable and accessible to everyone.
it’s so wild to me how mental health advocacy has become a huge part of my life. i’m grateful to be a part of such an empathetic, loving, and supportive community that understands the importance of mental health.
this world suicide prevention day and every day of the year, i want you to know that you belong here. you have a purpose on this planet, whether you’ve found that purpose or not. you deserve to keep existing on this earth. 🌹💙

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Can’t stop 💫 won’t stop

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Name a more iconic feminist duo ⚡️👄

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I’ve been insecure about my stomach since middle school. i’m finally learning how to love myself and not worrying about what my stomach looks like. i know that i’m okay the way i am and that i’m more than my weight and my body type.

to all of the people out there who struggle with accepting themselves, just know that you are beautiful no matter what anyone says – even yourself. you deserve to love yourself and i know that you will accomplish self-love one day. the journey to self-love is a hard one but keep going, you got this. 💙⚡️

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Red, white, and (mary beth) bloo(mer) 🇺🇸🦅

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Sweek part two? 🌤

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Big thank you to @nowthisnews / @nowthisher for featuring me and giving me a platform to share my story 💗

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