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‘madeline’s lemons.’
this is an illustration i made for my dear friend’s birthday. her birthday is tomorrow but to be real, it’s a week long celebration.
happy birthday mads. queen of citrus fruit. 🍋

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This is an illustration i made of an art installation that i stumbled across in kings park! the kids blowing bubbles were super cute!!

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Pose 💃🏽

comment 8 star 163 4 weeks ago

I drew the broccoli! does it count as eating it? can i have the chips now 🤣 jk jk. 🥦🥦🥦💚💚💚

comment 10 star 142 4 weeks ago

Stop rubbing it in! i work weekends!!!! 😬

comment 11 star 134 5 weeks ago

Early this morning as i was driving to work in the rising sun, i was super excited about the spring weather. then i remembered that the perth royal show isn’t far away!
then my mind went off on a further tangent and thought about a picture i took back in ‘09. i imagined that the clowns faces got stuck like that watching someone sexy walk past 😉😘 anyway, here’s a digital drawing, it’s timelapse and the original photo i took! 🤡

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My goodness i love olives! i know my last post was a sketch of eating nutella in the bath but that could easily be a jar of olives. 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

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I don’t eat whilst in the bath, nor do i eat nutella straight from the jar......
i don’t know where i think of these things..... 🤪
*i am lying*

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I hope his facemask fixes all my pimples and my problems! 👏🏼

comment 9 star 191 last month

I love the protea flower so much that i decided to draw one!
i wish i could enjoy more of this bonza spring we have been having.... if only i weren’t working so much! 😅

anyway, swipe across to see the time lapse video of the drawing 💐

comment 17 star 236 last month

Magnifying mirrors are torture!
don’t mind the ‘stache! 👨🏻💄
swipe for the drawing timelapse 💋

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Make a decision for once!!
swipe across for the drawing timelapse 🔮

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