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Same place with the same guys, about a year later. ☔️ happy to call people friends that have once been strangers from the internet. 🤓
who is someone you met through @instagram ? tag them and let them know you appreciate them 💛

comment 179 star 22,563 20 hours ago

Oh beautiful british columbia.
my heart belongs to you and it feels like home again every time i visit. ✨
where is your home away from home?

comment 209 star 20,850 Yesterday

Cloudy mornings at one of germany’s gems with water that looks like glass. ✨
what was your favorite place you’ve ever pitched up a tent? 🏕

comment 185 star 19,999 2 days ago

Some people feel the rain.
others just get wet. ☔️

comment 207 star 18,812 3 days ago

Say cheeeeese 🧀
our little home away from home for the last couple of days. falling asleep with the rain knocking against the windows was a beautifully relaxing thing. 🚐

comment 140 star 20,403 3 days ago

Quick reality check because this morning looked too dreamy to be true.✨

comment 207 star 17,999 4 days ago

Some places leave you completely speechless. this famous gem in the south of norway is one of them. even better when you completely luck out and have it to your own for a pink tinged sunset.☁️ music by joe hisaishi ✨

comment 706 star 45,544 1 weeks ago

With days getting warmer and evenings getting longer, summer is around the corner. missing that golden early morning light above the clouds ☁️✨

comment 299 star 28,420 2 weeks ago

Missing fuji-san and the little 7-eleven rice triangles. 🍙🗻
thinking about returning later this year 💭

comment 249 star 26,217 2 weeks ago

Insta spot or not, it is incredibly beautiful and if you manage to escape the crowds you can find a moment of peace here.✨

comment 220 star 18,184 2 weeks ago

Not sure if squares are still a thing but what’s definitely very present to this day are the memories made on that day. ✨

comment 158 star 15,716 2 weeks ago

What have me the rainy pnw vibes with fog covered pine tree goodness, turned out to actually be moody scotland.🌲
looks like i’ll be getting some really promising and rainy days down in austria and southern germany by the end of the week. can’t help it, but a soft warm summer rain really is my favorite ☔️

comment 243 star 21,829 2 weeks ago