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Beautiful british columbia. 🌲
to this day the place i get excited about most and just can never stay away from for too long.🇨🇦

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Walking through winter wonderland with a new companion. 🐶🎒 den fjällräven kånken gibt es jetzt in vier neuen farben exklusiv bei @globetrotterde 🗺
ich habe mich sofort in die farbe blue fable verliebt (und in den kleinen puppy) 🙈 das design ist von der natur inspiriert und soll einen daran erinnern, die kleinen momente zu genießen und auch mal abzuschalten. 🦊

#kanken #unpackadventure #neuehorizonte (werbung) 💙

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Congrats @camm_eng 🙌🎉 you’re the winner of my giveaway with @sackclothxashes 😊 they’ll contact you shortly.
thank you for everyone who has participated and good luck next time 💙

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My definition of happiness. 🐶
if you’ve had a rough day: this one’s for you. and if your day was nice i hope this makes it even better. 💛

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A selection of gems full of water i got to see with my own eyes. forever grateful. 💧
which one is your favorite?

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This is big boy. he weights twice as much as i do and could’ve easily taken off without me.
yet this gentle giant decided to be a real sweetheart and come for a walk through the woods with me. 🎄
(he did pull me in the sledge later and oh boy was that fast!) 🦌 definitely the sweetest and biggest reindeer i’ve met here in @ourfinland ❄️ it’s nice to visit places where they take such good care of their animals. 🐶💙

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Dear summer, please hurry up ⭐️
seriously so excited to head out there, sleep under the stars, watch the sun rise and to take it all in. 🎒

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Little red riding hood experiencing a complete white out in @ourfinland 🦊
we started the skin sky hike here in @rukafinland when the weather was perfectly fine and found ourselves in a snow storm with cold winds soon after. 🥶
glad they have these little shelters with a fire place here everywhere so we could warm up and wait out the storm. 🌬

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I pack my bags and bring: my camera, snacks and a puppy 🐶😍 diese sonderedition des beliebten fjällräven #kanken gibt es ab jetzt bei @globetrotterde zu bestellen. 🎒
ihr erhaltet den kånken art dann pünktlich vor allen anderen ab dem 15.02.
ps: den hund gibt es nicht mit dazu. 😜#unpackadventure #neuehorizonte (werbung) 💙🦊

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Distant memories from canada. 🇨🇦 if you could hop on a plane right now, where would you want to go?

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Made it to finnish lapland the other week and oh boy is it cold here! 🥶
when we did skin skiing the other day i was glad that they have these cute little huts here everywhere where you can sit by the fire to warm up.☺️🔥 excited for the next three weeks here in beautiful @ourfinland 🇫🇮💙 week 1/3: @rukafinland 🥶

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Wandering around looking for the best pizza in the dolomites. 🍕

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