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@devonsmillie won international rider of the year at the @freedombmx_mag awards in germany yesterday! #bmx #flybikes #freedombmx

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The 2017 orion is also available in flat olive green! here is a look at the roey 2 stem you can find on the bike! available worldwide now! learn more on flybikes.com. #bmx #flybikes #style

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@jbalmabmx 360 table during a session at the trails! 📷 @charlieacuna #bmx #flybikes #style

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@sirlayos toboggan during the @redbull 3 day metro pass: vancouver trip! you can watch the video on flybikes.com! 📷 @andrewwhitephoto #bmx #flybikes

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Flybikes has historically been known for its smooth transition style riders and the new “orion” complete is definitely a reflection of that, with a slightly longer rear-end, the legendary “ruben” tires and the 28t "tractor" sprocket all adding up to make one fast and high flying machine! we’ve switched things up a little to now also feature the very popular “roey” stem, "roey" grips and new “roey 3” seat, along with the new “trebol” nylon pegs, guards and headset as well as a ton of other sleek improvements to make this one smooth and good looking ride. learn more about the 2017 orion on flybikes.com! #bmx #flybikes #2017

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@simonnork laying it flat during #dusty skatepark session! 📷 @captnkarlos #bmx #flybikes @parbmx_shop

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@larry_edgar stretching a can can! 📷 @nathantsykes #bmx #flybikes #style

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You can find the new trebol nylon pegs and hub guards on our 2017 orion complete! learn more on flybikes.com! #bmx #flybikes #2017

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@larry_edgar blasting an invert! 📷 @nathantsykes #bmx #flybikes #style

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Don't miss @lntstefan's new #gowiththeflow video! hit the link in our bio for the full video! #bmx #flybikes #style

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@jbalmabmx stretching a no foot can can into the sunset! 📷 @miquelonsesbmx #bmx #flybikes @360bicycles

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