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Tag accounts below 1k. would love to discover new talents. 😍
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Things i’d do for a view like this. ♥️
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«you spin my world upside down.»
are you madly in love? tag your significant other. ♥️
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Concentrate on your breathing. focus on yourself.

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“everyone dies, but not everyone lives”
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Anyone know this photographers new insta name? creds to @francast91

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The best moments are captured by your memory.
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«my heart burns for the city lights.»
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«let’s get lost in la.»
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«would you drive down this lonely road with me and just forget the world?»
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My sis @inicurlita is coming in two days!! 😍
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you're in a cement room with no windows or doors. the only thing you have is a mirror and a piece of wood. how do you get out?
edit + answer: you look in the mirror, see what you saw. use the saw to saw the in half. two halfs make a hole. you climb out of the hole in the concrete.
photo via @annanassaft

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