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Wait.. is today sunday or monday?
photo by @marilena_kamakura

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«so don’t call me baby
unless you mean it
don’t tell me you need me
if you don’t believe it
so let me know the truth
before i dive right into you.»
photo by @chrisrogers of @marisahampe

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«be with a guy that ruins your lipstick, not your mascara.»
photo via @rianne.meijer

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Christmas is coming ❄️ .

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Lay me down.
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My bestie inspiring us with this stunning picture @nadialeona .

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What’s your favourite song at the moment? .

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«let’s go to paris.»
photo by @mellotune

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«i’m not into convincing people i’m worthy. i’m into people who’ll convince me on my worst days that i’m still worth the world.»
photo by @rick.holladay

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«you’ve touched me. just please don’t hurt me.»
photo by @iblametina

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Nature gives to us more than what we can give to it. with each path we trekked, each experience we found, we explored, we learned. we may find ourselves in a place so foreign, but yet it never felt more like home. so if you’re ever feeling down and out, i hope you remember that you’re strong. keep taking baby steps as you are and one day, when your roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind ✨~ words by @rachelwongggg (from @thetravelintern )

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Home is where your heart is 😇 .

creds to @vanellimelli

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