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New cards finally launching start of june. i feel like this little collection has taken a long time to be finalised. i am really happy with them especially the new home front door, that’s my favourite. the ‘painted p*t thank you’ card my mum painted. 🧡 i’m very lucky to have a creative family, check out my sister’s instagram @houseofminiholt she’s surrounded by gorgeous baby patterns that my little nephew wears.

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Hand picked for you 🌾

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I have set up a little corner in my mum and dad’s house today to do some portfolio work. i love my studio room at home but it’s nice to not be thinking about the washing up to do or the house to hoover. i find it hard being at home to not do other things on top of designing. my mums room is all nicely painted too 🧡🌾

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Pear foliage print looks great in the kitchen with some pops of mustard interior. this print is available in a4 from my website shop. it will also be available to buy at summer arts market in liverpool cathedral with @_openculture on 1st june. i will be there selling my prints and greetings so please pop down to show your support.
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My instagram has been playing up recently. this morning when i am about to upload a well over due post, it is only letting me upload a recently edited draft.
my hugo arthur is having his first party today. a few years ago he wouldn’t want a party, he found them too much. this year oh my have we changed... he has been counting down the weeks, days.. full of excitement. he’s made so many lists of all his ‘ buddies’ coming. he organised the party before myself and daddy new about it. his preschool teacher handed me a list of children’s names who hugo plays with and that was it... party booked. i’m so very excited for him. 🧡
so this post is not what i had planned(picture wise) but it’s still a happy birthday card and it will be available for wholesale start of june. have a lovely saturday🌾

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It’s not very often i get in front of the camera but here i am enjoying a beautiful beach day at the weekend.

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Let them be little(even the adults). let them play. i have always been a massive supporter of children learn through play. playing is so important for their development and learning. what more could a little boy want than to climb some really cool trees at the beach of a weekend. feeling very lucky today for what we have 🧡

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What are your sunday plans? we are having a beach morning again today, we are very lucky to have it on our door step, the best place for inspiration and relaxation.
i have been looking back at my portfolio these last few weeks as i plan to apply for some freelance job opportunities i have recently come across. for me it all started designing #surfacepatterns for wallpaper and other home products. i just love pattern. here is one of my coastal patterns with more sandpipers 🐦 . have a lovely day in the sunshine.

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What a gorgeous day today is. i have had a mum free day so far which has been lovely. it is not very often i do things for myself but it is so good for you and so they say it makes you a better mama for having that time to yourself. i am currently sitting in our little sun trap courtyard with my sweet scruffy dog by my feet 🐶 and we will as a family head to the beach this evening for ice creams for pudding. 🧡 thanks @dominic_darvell for being the primary career today 😆

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Do you ever have those days when you just can’t seem to focus on a task? i don’t know if i am just tired or that i have too much i am trying to do. i have ended up just turning the music up and focusing on the smallest and most enjoyable job. i don’t think being on hold for ages to hmrc this morning helped. .
here is a new a5 print which i am just adding to my online shop now. i love the paint texture in this. they are £8 so make a lovely under £10 gift. 🌾

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Appropriate post for the arrival of megan and harry’s baby boy! 💙 i love new baby news.

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