Fatman Scoop Publicity: @djprgirl #EffItUpChallenge Link 2 Song In Bio http://smarturl.it/CherryLoungeVid
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Not only am i studio rat....im a weightlifter!
with @georgia.mos in the studio she is an
amazing producer! and she don't weigh too much!

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Might have to hit the remix.....starting to get active again.....might have to call my hitters
@immar_monroe @3dnatee @haleysmalls
let my trusted ladies k**l this.....

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Im with the people. always have been....

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Dj's please just listen 1x!
when i say jump we going ⬆⬆
me and @djr_wan got a new 1 called on the ground and its available right now! - link 2 get it allπŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌ
link : http://smarturl.it/restricted002

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Thanks @rap for finding this!
@iamcardib we gotta make one

before my dude @djkhaled it was me!

when it comes to the mixtape album game,
as i remember it
before @djkhaled it was @desertstormradio - dj clue
and before him was funk master flex @funkmasterflex
and before him was kid capri @kidcapri101
and before him was brucie b @twfbrucie_b
and before him was dj hollywood of harlem ny

we all come after someone! thats time and history. just show respect to those before you!

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Monday mood. how im feeling when its time for work!

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On sunday i must give it to the lord. regardless of whether i step in a church or not im team god/jesus. period.

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Ballin out with @jharden13 in la - i was djing and the person who took the pic was d***k as fuck!

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#fbf with @sanjinofficial in sweden!
he has the best impersonations ever! he can do tony montana, but cant do me yet!

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Tbt please read it to the end.

with @usher on the road as his hype man/dj
when it come to him aint s**t nobody can tell me about him. i was a point in my life where i was so stressed, down , beat up, hurt and battered, going thru a hurtful time and a bad breakup... i was at the end. (not suicide) and this man reached out to me, made me the dj on the omg tour (keep in mind i wasnt even dj'ing then)
and gave me a sense of warmth and family on the road. and gave me a sense of validation when i was questioning myself.

i was down, at the time and it was part of me hitting a corner and coming back. i consider him one of the 8 people who brought me back from a dark place.

certain people come around when u need it! he was one of those people. i am forever grateful to him. so unless its a finger in the a*s of a kid or a animal, dont come to me with nothing about this man.

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Yeah, it gets crazy like this in england - my second home

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Thinkin' bout a master plan with my dudes @yellowclaw

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