Fatman Scoop Publicity: @djprgirl Link to Beat For U Got Served Rap Challenge Below https://we.tl/t-j5lWdYUJ4j
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One of my favorite places to eat!
soon as i know i'm coming to manchester
i call them so they get my food ready

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Rappers who spit pay attention!
read carefully if you are a rapper!

the link to use to rap on is in my bio!!! download it and use it!

i was at my hashtags on the gram and came across @jayshow23 killing drop "you got served anthem" i never heard someone rap to it! i f*****g loved it!
i told him to sample the loop and k**l it! i am going to call some of my trusted hittas @3dnatee and @immar_monroe to hit a verse on this (i love those 2!)
i am gonna put one more rapper on it, and im gonna shoot it across the internets!
this is a promotional look but a good look!

i see @timbaland in a month and i'm gonna give it to him too

im looking for one good rapper to bring a fire verse to round it up!
so...... 1. download the beat its in my bio

2. spit a hot 16

3. dm it to me

this ends in one month! whoever is the best you are on!

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With @hardwell before his show in amsterdam at the heineken music hall! good brother! his parents were there which i thought was the f*****g best! wish my parents would have seen me do it live! always try to do the things you want to with your parents before they are gone. listen to me on that...... and robbie! i heard you quitting dj'ing.....you and i know you're too good for that! love u man!

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When @djclarkkent give it up and show respect you know its real!!!!! clark was supermen and we were x men! he would always talk s**t (ain't nobody better at trash talking than kent)

because he don't give it up for nobody!!!!! rip to @roc4raida no one knew that this lil gangsta n***a we started hanging with (and trust me if there was anyone i would want to go with me into a beef it was raid) would turn into a grandmaster and turn competition djing on its head! but he did!
he could have turned into a stick up kid (he was) a drug dealer (he was) but he didn't go that way he brought into the process and became one of the best ever.

you wanna learn to be a lyricist, you study
rakim, kool g rap and kane

you want to learn to be a skilled dj you study
i saw greatness happening close up and didn't even know i was looking at it. that was a blessing. me @itsseanc @brolicarm and the rest all saw the process. a long arduous journey......with success at the end..... to see him come from nothing to the point that dudes like @djenuff recognized it is major to me.

i will never forget getting the call and getting in the car and driving to the hospital in maryland when he got hurt. it was me @itsseanc @atrak @henleyhalem in f*****g shock, but we heard that he was gonna be ok, but then all the sudden it took a turn... rip to my dude, partner, and group member @roc4raida โค u bro!

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The story of my life pretty much. thank god and jesus for my blessings......god gave me the power to make them jump, so i can and i will!

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Invitation accepted!

@scottmorrisonmp i will send you the pg version for sure. looking forward to meeting you, and debating the issues (after the show) its always good to have the ear of someone in power to make them dance and give them insight on how i see the world and the issues of the day! thanks again for responding!
p.s. don't wear hard bottom shoes! you're gonna be dancing all night! wear sneakers (trainers!)
@i_am_joe and @mushroomgroup will be in touch with you!

@rnbfridayslive @mushroomgroup @illusivepresents @abcnews_au @9news @skynews @theprojecttv @acurrentaffair9 @sbs_australia @sunriseon7 @foxfm
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Read and respond!
god's plan sundays shout out
goes to @bgharbor
i for all the years i went there knew it as boys harbor but they threw the girls in the name now.

the man in the picture is anthony duke.
the man i know as the founder and driving force behind boys harbor.
also of the duke family (duke university)
one of the coolest, down to earth real people i ever have known. left wing and forward thinking before i even knew what left wing was.
had big money back in the 80s!!!!! and took his land in the hamptons and made it a camp for inner city youth. and who was one of em?
and taught me how to swim, sail (all those knots!) all kinds of stuff!

i went to the program years in my youth. kept me out of trouble and positive and led me on the road to doing what i do today music. always wanted to be in music and mr. duke encouraged me!
i made it mr. duke!
also, ms. kathy flack, ms. bernadette,mr, lonnie and more shaped me! and people like @popswit3 @jeanellemartincornelius and her brother jim jim and more.
i hear @diddy holding them down (as a harlem dude should) so if you need a place to send ya help, hit them up!

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How i usually like to spend a saturday..... #love #happy #picoftheday #photooftheday #lifestyle #instadaily #fun #travel

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#tbt with one of the best to ever touch a mic. period. @nas is on my list with rakim @officialbigdaddykane and @kgrfilms to name a few. and he still killing it!
#nas #rap #rakim #koolgrap #bigdaddykane #90shiphop #nyc #hiphop

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All my aussies! watch and respond!!!
and read until the end before commenting
i am humbled to have my voice rocking in the highest offices of the australian government! with @scottmorrisonmp
i was on a flight to london while all of this was happening and i am on the ground now! just seeing all of it!

as an american, i have to be apolitical because i don't know the politics, but i can say this:
its a humbling experience to be recognized by a high official (either scott or his people thought of me)
i just don't know why they took it down! my man @bboyjimo said because there was cursing in the song and he has to be politically correct!
people! its a fun party song that has no negativity or harm in it!! this used to be the same way(politically correct) that presidents were in the usa but as u can see the bar for a us president being politically correct is very low! i also thought it was an attempt to reach out to a younger audience. as well as the fact that when my song was really rocking scott was probably in the clubs! hahahahaha!

i am inviting @scottmorrisonmp to come to r&b fridays @rnbfridayslive as my guest in november to watch, dance, and after in the backstage area discuss politics with me.

i don't have to agree with your policies but we can have spirited debate about them and you can attempt to walk me through why you think like that. so someone tag @scottmorrisonmp up and tell him i'm waiting for him to accept my invite!! @rnbfridayslive @mushroomgroup @illusivepresents @abcnews_au @9news @skynews @theprojecttv @acurrentaffair9 @sbs_australia @sunriseon7 @foxfm
#3aw #foxfm #triplem #7news #9news #abcnews_au au #acurrentaffair9

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at @councilmankj community appreciation day august 25th point breeze avenue & 22nd streets!
i got the police (the lt) and the streets @naphill_hd
on the stage at the same time
shout to @ladyjapproved
๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ #fatmanscoop #partyarmy #fatmanscoopparty #dance #fun #party #partylife #clublife

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@killswitchdancestudio got the babies
doing it!
so its on..... tag a dancer you know that will k**l the level up challenge and ill challenge them myself! #levelupchallenge

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