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Tear it up! with @djturbulence
we even make the turtles dance!

the song is in my bio!
download it - show your best talent off
tear it up!!!!!!!! im looking for the best videos to post!
lets gooooooooooo!

comment 5 star 39 2 hours ago

Ig live replay a must watch
if u ever got caught cheating!
go watch it!

comment 9 star 110 18 hours ago

I know how offset can
get cardi back! ig live in 30
805 pm be there!

comment 17 star 233 20 hours ago

Dancer alert!
my new one with @ fjzulferino too grown!
directed by @ directorbrazil
choreo by @ ysabellecaps

shout to all the dancers who went in on this!
@ mstar_dancer @ dejacarter @ nat_bat_ @ cachemelvin @ _ _peterpinnock @ taiwanwilliams777 @ angelosaunders @ leekboog @ ummdam @ mercedessbee
tag a dancer who can k**l it like these dancers!

@ officialshakenation @ who_is_brooke @ chynicelanae._
@ _ jussflyyth3king @ hypegirltune @ luckyb9nks @ jnice_5
@ vortexcyc (cycle gym)
@ odhrichway_shine
@ ram_0305
@ nyctwerkout
@ immandytee
@ amy_louise_thompson_ @ brookiebrooke111
@ duh.sillie_
@ bigdaddywilburn
@ cmedifferent_studio
@ g9meov9skip
@ lifeofremarose
@ kershelanthony
@ berlinbinpretty__
@ a58o
@ k9sumine_9k9_tight_l9dy
@ obansome_
@ thesweetshaker
@ gnelsonwilliam
@ morgan_madison08
@ phuckyosteez_
@ djtone_experience
@ rahja_koolroc_fuller
@ mahiiiii_1209
@ _ tyezhane

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Last night in nyc i did a show for @hot97 @funkflex - me @jaycritch @artisthbtl @youngma @casanova_2x @lifeofdesiigner @flippdinero it was a great night at @kingsbklyn for #hotfortheholidays presented by @heineken‼️ the music make me look epic!

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Tear it up! with @djturbulence
we even make the turtles dance!

the song is in my bio!
download it - show your best talent off
tear it up!!!!!!!!

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comment 11 star 298 4 days ago

This king of r&b s**t is not up for discussion! do not argue with me!
do not text
do not call
do not dm
i agree with @ passportflave

i dont want to hear no argument from
@ ericbellinger @ tyrese @ therealtank @ officialbobbyvalentino @ @ snoopdogg @ jacquees and @ anybody who disagrees!
the people have spoken!

comment 137 star 851 6 days ago

Important! read the whole thing!
motivation monday!!!
@gthepromoter one of my trusted hittas
in the street promo business (was on my tommy boy street team headed by @tyclerk and scott johnson) sent me this!

i was fatman scoop way before i yelled that classic phrase on to a mic in 97! there were years of being a artist with @itsseanc and @roc4raida and performing on stages for no money (at points we were performing for cans of soda and hot dogs) at mike and dave (legendary harlem promoter) and shadowing @therealdougefresh and @chilltownent and learning the game. being signed to @teddyriley1 as a teenager and doing a album as a teen.
having a full time job, and being a intern at a record label, both for 8 hours a day, getting a job at tommy boy, working my a*s off until i became the face of the label (see above) making thousands of phone calls to radio djs (i had 2 cellphones and a beeper back then - now its just a smartphone) put me in position to be the undisputed voice of the club i am today. takes 10,000 hours or more to be a master. i got my 10k in.

there are things i have to now master. one of the hardest things is to condition yourself to walk on that 10,000 hour road because it takes 10,000 hours. but you gotta do it. its never too late. the owner of mc donalds ray kroc started at 53 colonel sanders of kfc started at 75 or later. aint never too late y'all #mondaymotivation #motivation #motivationalquotes #quoteoftheday #goals #quotes #entrepreneur #motivational #inspirationalquotes #inspire

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All god's plan. and in god's time

comment 12 star 368 2 weeks ago

My attempt at being sexy....check the arm smh!

comment 26 star 413 2 weeks ago