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They’re coming. the giant puppets are coming. the question is: will you join them?

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When andrea moved to portland she discovered a city filled with people who raise bees, wear clown makeup, dance every day, make food to feed the hungry and listen to heavy metal while doing yoga. who are some of the most unique people we’d meet in your hometown?

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To some, being part of a community means giving and receiving support.
to others, it's about belonging. what does it mean to you?

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Every month, 1.4 billion people use groups on facebook to share the things they care about, support their community or just get together. tell us about one that means something to you.

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Community means different things to different people, so we asked people around the world what it means to them. what does community mean to you?

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Happy #fathersday! today, we celebrate the men who inspire us by getting their take on how fatherhood has changed over the years.

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Meet geraldo and enriquez. geraldo credits the strong women in his life who showed him love and affection, which he passed down to his boy. “i tell him i love him all the time. as a man, i don’t have any issues telling my boys i love them. i tell my grandkids i love them. i kiss them. i don’t care how old you are. i’d say i got that from my aunts and my grandma always kissing me.”

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This #fathersday, we got dads of all ages to talk fatherhood and how it has evolved. what do you love about your pop?

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This father’s day, tell us how you’re showing love for the man who helped raise you.

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We talked with dads about fatherhood and how they show love for their kids. how do you show love in your family?

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“every time i hang up the phone i say ‘i love you.’” this father’s day, we asked dads to tell us how they show love.

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Cuesa’s mission involves bringing communities together around healthy, sustainably grown food. their farmers markets and educational events bring the farmers who grow the food face to face with the consumers who enjoy it. connect with the communities you care about at www.facebook.com/events.

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