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Dusk among the stars 🌌 just kidding, it’s light pollution 🙈

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Love me some fall palettes 🎨🍂

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Strolls through the baby rice terraces 🌱

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Rainbow road 🌈 double tap for perfect ♥️ placement 👌
by far my most viral and asked about photo that simply refuses to ever stop. it has made it on the news, gained me at least 15,000 followers, been featured on advertisements and in magazines, sold countless prints and still gets reposted every single day somewhere on the internet, years later. to think, i almost didn’t even post it 😂 do you think it’s worth the attention it has received? 🤷‍♂️

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When the mountains warm up to greet you good morning ⛰😀

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Soft morning mists above some picturesque balinese rice fields, what could be more relaxing to start your day with? 🌾

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Misty full moon nights at lempuyang 🌕

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Volcano villages 🌋

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Loving the tropics and all, but i can’t help but to miss the dense woodland forests of north america 🌲 there’s something about them that speaks home to me

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Exploring shipwrecks in the bali sea 🌊

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step 👣

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Meet my new friend boris 🐘 boris is a refugee adult male sumatran elephant that was rescued from certain death as his home forests were totally decimated by the logging industry. freed from government camps with less than ideal conditions, boris and his other elephant friends at @elephantsbali are now kept in conditions that wildlife activists and conservationists alike deem the gold standard of how captive elephants should be kept, if they must. free from starvation, discomfort and disease, these gentle giants now have a happy and healthy place to call home even though their true home in the wild is no longer possible for them to survive in. i was stoked to say the least to be able get to know the sweet guy in a very personal setting as we relaxed together in the jungles of bali for a bit as he munched down on some fresh greens and i admired his beastly beauty and majestic demeanor. swipe to see more!

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