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Currently sitting in the middle of what feels like absolutely middle of no where in the saudi arabian desert after a full 3 days of travel and not a lick of sleep, and i’ve got to say this place is absolutely amazing. even despite the delusional state of sleeplessness i am in 🤪 can’t wait to show you guys all the rad stuff i’ve been seeing! 🇸🇦

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Excited to partner with @stokcoldbrew to help me savor the rare but finer moments in life, like getting your boots off after a long day. luckily, stok cold brew coffee™ isn't nearly as rare and is now available at participating @7eleven locations! visit https://bit.ly/2unjv8f

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Can’t wait to explore saudi arabia a bit this week and attend the @fiaformulae season 5 opening race in riyadh! 🏎🇸🇦🙌 anyone here been to saudi arabia before?

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Tropical is becoming my fav color palette 🥰🏝

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Dang, plumes of toxic gas look good in the morning light 😍☠️

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Experimental exposures in the tetons. what happens when you expose for about 5 minutes at dawn and someone bumps your camera on accident on the last stretch 😂 came out kinda cool looking at least

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Humble homestays 🏡 when me and @karl_shakur showed up in this little village, we were the only westerners staying in the area and the villagers were so excited and surprised to see us (white dude + black guy hanging out together very far from home = mind blown to them 😂) they all came out of their houses to greet us and take photos and shake our hands. definitely one experience i think back to and can’t help but to smile at how genuinely curious and fascinated by us the villagers were and how eager they were to come meet us and try their best at communicating with us in broken english and warm smiles. just goes to show - racism and xenophobia - that’s all learned and instilled after the fact, not some inherent trait all humans have. we as humans inherently want to love each other, and it’s refreshing to live out experiences that reaffirm this in the real world despite our sometimes wild differences in culture, upbringing, and background completely.

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These past few weeks i’ve been working in partnership with @uber to show you all that #doorsarealwaysopening as long as you’re there to open them. for me, this means putting myself into situations and places that aren’t always comfortable, but finding new opportunities requires you to step out of your comfort zone. as much as i’d love to stay comfortable and stick with what’s familiar all the time, this is not the path to greatness in any life. luckily for me, and anyone else in a similar situation, i have small comforts i can enjoy almost anywhere on the planet, like @uber . anywhere i go the process is the same and familiar, and even when i’m somewhere new and struggling with the language, directions or whatever else inevitably comes up, i know no matter what i can get around safely and comfortably using @uber

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When night greets day 🌚🌝

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Bali beauties 🌋

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Happy turkey day everyone! 🦃

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