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Nearly 40% of healthcare facilities worldwide do not have access to water, let alone safe water, which is fundamental for the safety of mothers during and just after childbirth. #worldwaterday

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A hope foundation midwife provides reproductive health counseling to rohingya refugees in a clinic tent in cox’s bazar. of the million refugees who have fled to bangladesh since last fall, nearly 70,000 are pregnant women. we are deeply proud to partner with @hopeforwcb, who has been a leader in providing timely and quality maternal care for rohingya mothers and children living in refugee camps in cox’s bazar. visit everymothercounts.org for more.

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Emc’s own jessica bowers, who directs our grant-making, was a part of teamemc running the #unitednychalf today for mamas everywhere. congrats to @runteamemc and thank you for running to help make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere!

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Did you know that more than 70% of tanzania’s population lives in rural areas, where accessing healthcare is much more challenging? learn more about our partners working in tanzania to connect mothers in rural communities to essential maternity care at everymothercounts.org.

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Dr. iftikher mahmood and syed hasan from the hope foundation for women & children of bangladesh stopped by our office yesterday. we are so inspired by the work that hope foundation is doing to respond to the influx of rohingya refugees into cox’s bazar, and for women and mothers in rural bangladesh. thank you for being such amazing partners in this work!

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Acam lead midwife imelda and valeria, md, prepare to perform cryotherapy at @mayamidwifery’s successful first cervical cancer screening. the association of midwives of the mam speaking area (acam) is addressing the epidemic of cervical cancer in central america by training maya midwives in both screening and treatment. learn more at blog.everymothercounts.org. #whatispossible

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We were so excited to co-host a capitol hill briefing for #s783 yesterday to discuss the importance of addressing critical #maternitycareshortages in the united states alongside dr. haywood brown of acog, lisa kane-low of acnm, dr. carrie henning-smith of the university of minnesota rural health research center, and ebony roebuck of community of hope family health and birth center. learn more about how this bill would work to provide crucial care to mamas across the country at the link in bio! #givingbirthinamerica

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This international women’s day, we celebrate the activists who are advocating for and working towards better maternity care for pregnant women and mothers. we are honored to partner with these change-makers at the community level globally, who are transforming women’s lives through their work every day. visit the link in bio to read more about the leaders we love most in global maternal health. #iwd2018 #pressforprogress #timeisnow

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Happy international women’s day! to celebrate #iwd2018, members of the every mother counts team are in washington, d.c. to support #s783: improving access to maternity care act, alongside @acnmmidwives, #acogaction, and the nrha to bring attention to #maternitycareshortages in the united states. this legislation will direct the government to identify provider shortage areas of obstetrician-gynecologists and nurse-midwives, so we can begin to fill these critical gaps. take action now for better maternal health at link in bio. #givingbirthinamerica #timeisnow #pressforprogress #ruralhealth

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Act now at link in bio! for international women’s day, our founder & ceo, @cturlington, and our director of advocacy and policy, nan strauss, are heading to washington, dc to conduct a briefing for senators and ask for their support of legislation that addresses #maternitycareshortages in the united states. please urge your senator today to co-sponsor the improving access to maternity care act and to encourage them to attend tomorrow’s briefing! #givingbirthinamerica #iwd2018 #pressforprogress #acnmmidwives #givingbirthinamerica #acogaction #ruralhealth #timeisnow

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Ever since @midwives4haiti opened its birth center in cabestor in 2015, graduates of their skilled birth attendant training have brought critical maternity care to this remote community in haiti’s central plateau, where maternal mortality rates are roughly 3x the national average. we are proud to support the operation of this birth center, which is the first and only medical facility in its region. learn more about our work with midwives for haiti at everymothercounts.org. #whatispossible #pressforprogress

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Access to maternity care is not just an issue in rural united states. 1 in every 3 urban zip codes is a healthcare provider shortage area. marginalized communities in cities also experience shortages of obstetricians, midwives, hospitals, and birth centers. join us today by urging your senators to support the improving access to maternity care act to improve access to maternity care providers for mothers in these communities [link in bio 📝]. together, we can make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere. #s783 #givingbirthinamerica

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7 months pregnant with her first child, sakuntala pandit, 23, rests on a mat at balakhu birth center in nepal for her anc checkup with skilled birth attendant, pushpa. through our maternal and child health emergency fund, we are supporting partner, @oneheartworldwide, to help renovate and upgrade the balakhu and toksel health posts that were destroyed in the 2015 earthquake. initial responses to humanitarian disasters often don't cover long-term planning and renovations, so ensuring that the destroyed health centers are fully functional for all providers and mamas is an important piece of hurricane follow-up.

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Please run with us in the @nycmarathon for maternal health on 11/4! spots are limited so sign up today at link in bio or email teamemc@everymothercounts.org for more info. @runteamemc runners will receive guaranteed entry into this closed race, access to a running coach, custom training plans, local training runs, exclusive emc gear, and more.

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We need your help! did you know 1 in 4 people in the us live in a healthcare provider shortage area? that includes obs, midwives, hospitals and birth centers - meaning many women have to drive an hour or more to access essential maternity care. please act now at link in bio - it will take less than a minute of your time. #s783 #givingbirthinamerica

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Every 8 minutes a woman in the us faces a life-threatening complication from pregnancy or childbirth, and these numbers are on the rise. unfortunately, about 4 of every 10 counties in the us have no obstetrician or midwife to provide maternity care and millions of women live in these shortage areas. our mamas deserve better. please take action today (link in bio) to support bipartisan, no-cost legislation to help improve access to maternity care providers for mothers in these communities. #givingbirthinamerica #s783

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Subete no okasan wo taisetsu ni - that translates to every mother counts in japanese. today we took a trip outside tokyo to the seaside town of kamakura which is quite famous for its great buddha statue at kotokuin temple. we also visited the buddhist temple hasedera where we made a blessing for safe childbirth. we marveled at the shintō tsurugaoka hachimangū shrine where we saw young women ascending a many gated stairway that led to a specific area where they made offerings to bless fertility. it was interesting to learn how japan’s two main religions, buddhism and shintoism, address motherhood. sayonara japan!

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"most runners run not because they want to live longer, but because they want to live life to the fullest. if you're going to while away the years, it's far better to live them with clear goals and fully alive then in a fog, and i believe running helps you to do that. " -haruki murakami. these three runners achieved their goals of raising awareness and funds to support improved access to maternal health by completing the tokyo marathon. #everymileeverymother #whatispossible

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Show your support for mamas & their families across the us. here, shortages of obstetricians, midwives, hospitals, and birth centers means many women have to travel an hour or more to get basic prenatal and childbirth care. for women with complications, that drive can be prohibitive – leading some to go without the level of care they need. you can help. act now at link in bio to support s.783 - bipartisan, no-cost legislation that will help identify areas with maternity care provider shortages. #givingbirthinamerica

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How auspicious that debra pascali-bonaro, friend of every mother counts, is also here in tokyo! a renown childbirth educator and doula, debra is in town to lead a workshop aimed at training japan’s first generation of doulas. while japan has a legion of midwives, though depleting in recent years, doulas are a new addition to the childbirth landscape. after the workshop we visited the fire ceremony at the fukagawa fudo do temple to have emily and christy’s numbers blessed before tomorrow’s marathon.

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