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Pregnant women in india are often discriminated against and routinely refused care at health facilities. with your help this year, we were able to provide $75,000 to our partner @nazdeek to provide training for activists and lawyers to document maternal health rights violations and secure legal judgments mandating better care. your gift this giving season can help ensure access to essential and respectful care for more mothers everywhere. give today at link in bio! (photo by @lynseyaddario )

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Skilled attendance at all births is considered to be the single most critical intervention for a safe delivery. your gift (at link in bio) can help make more safe deliveries possible. $347 can cover the monthly salary of a skilled birth attendant in haiti, a country that suffers from a critical shortage of skilled healthcare professionals. here, juslene, a @midwives4haiti (mfh) grad and post-partum nurse, checks new mamas for complications. your support allows us to invest in partners like mfh, who with your help, are now training the 9th class of skilled birth attendants.

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Run with @runteamemc in the united airlines nyc half marathon on 3/18/18! spots are available, but filling fast. email teamemc@everymothercounts.org to sign up.

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The differences in maternal outcomes based on race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and indigenous status are stark, and are among the most extreme in any area of health in the united states. chronic stress alone related to racism and social inequities can lead to a higher risk of pregnancy and childbirth complications. thanks to community-based organizations like commonsense childbirth, we know proven solutions can be offered to mothers and expanded into more communities. learn more by watching the full #givingbirthinamerica series today at cnn.com/mothers

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With your help in 2017, we invested over $344,000 into three community-led organizations in tanzania. this happy mama and baby was cared for my one of those partners, @fameafrica , whom through your support, was able to impact over 10,000 mamas, babies, and healthcare workers. your gift this giving season can help us do so much more. just $32 can provide essential antenatal and delivery supplies to care for one woman in tanzania. give today at link in bio.

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Women need consistent access to a healthcare provider throughout their lifetime for the best chances of a healthy pregnancy and safe birth. when women are unable to access affordable health insurance or a regular provider, they are more likely to enter into pregnancy with common chronic conditions - which contribute to higher risk pregnancies and births. we can ensure more women have a better chance to thrive as mothers. learn more at link in bio, or watch our film at cnn.com/mothers. #givingbirthinamerica

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America’s healthcare system is the most complicated and expensive in the world – leaving millions uninsured and without the care they need. uninsured women are more likely to forego preventive care, which is critical for a healthy pregnancy and birth. learn more by watching our film at link in bio, and follow along with #givingbirthinamerica.

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Up to 98% of all maternal deaths are preventable. on #givingtuesday, be part of the solution. give what you can today and help us improve access to essential maternity care for every mother, everywhere. donate at link in bio! (photo by @joshestey of halida begum, bangladesh)

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Tomorrow is #givingtuesday! your support has already helped to impact over 600,000 lives to date. your gift this giving season can help us do so much more. give at link in bio.

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Happy #thanksgiving! we’re thankful to you – all the mamas, supporters, runners, volunteers, grantee partners, and every health care provider working hard to ensure a healthy pregnancy and safe birth for every mother. together, we can bring lasting impact to mamas, their babies and their families. (photo: santos lopez with her grandson jefferson and her daughter and midwife, celia lopez at acam birth center, guatemala.)

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Each year in the united states, about 700 to 1,200 women die from pregnancy or childbirth complications. we can and should do better for our mothers. learn more at link in bio, or check out our latest film, “giving birth in america” on cnn.com/mothers.

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With one week until #givingtuesday, we're feeling extra grateful for your support in this work. in just one year, you have helped us accomplish so much alongside our grantee partners. learn about the impact your support can make at link in bio.

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