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A marbled collab with @donatelliglass ❤️ i’ve been loving making these standup sherlocks lately. it’s been the perfect canvas to decorate with awesome sections, like sheldon’s!

this set is up available and up for auction on his page right now! check it out! #hashassorcash #handdrawnwithlove #madeinseattle #donatelliglass #macroormacro #erinbglass

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My lil nug 😊 #canecorso #boerbel

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These are my three latest pendants! they will be the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (left to right above) place medals for the edible competition @theemeraldcup this year. i’m excited to experience the cup this year and kick it with everyone there! #handdrawnwithlove #freehand #theemeraldcup #ebzglass #madeinseattle

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Six years ago, before i got in the torch, i went up to jred’s shop and saw him pull colored tubing. at that moment i fell in love with this trade and knew i had to be a glassblower!
all these years later, it’s an honor to make this piece with him! he’s continuously inspired and taught me so much about glass and for that i’m forever grateful. this jammer if available! dm either of us for info! photos by the lovely @jlzill #handdrawnwithlove #handblownglassblown #jred #ebzglass #seattlestoners #madeinwashingtoni

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~energy~ ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #slabbyfest2 #handdrawnwithlove #freehand

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Always dabbin 😊
photo by @thiscannabislife

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Auction starting meow! starts at $0 and ends when i call it! this piece is made with pastel potion by @glassalchemy and all flips are drawn freehand by me! must be 21+ ❤️❤️❤️ #ebzglass #handblownglass #handdrawnwithlove #madeinseattle #seattestoners #glassofig #microormacro

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There’s no better feeling than a pipe you made finding the perfect home 😊 .
this is a collab with my brother @gaspareti710 .
photos/piece owned by the one and only @canna.obscura #tkoorbust #gasparhetti #handblownglassblown #handdrawnwithlove

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@gaspareti710 bubbler collab auction! starting at 0 and ends when i call it! must be 21+! #glassofig #handdrawnwithlove #madeinseattle

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