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Hoy estrena la nueva serie "islas de méxico" producida por canal once a las 20:00, en donde participan nuestros talentosos colaboradores @claudio_contreras_koob y @erick.higuera. ¡prendan su televisión hoy a las 20:00 en el canal once! #islasdemexico #documentaryseries #islaguadalupe #archipielagoderevillagigedo #islaespiritusanto #canalonce @canaloncetv @erevalle @paaschdaniela @amakua @sachenkita @gadormunta @deepbaja

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Remembering the greatest white shark ever, cal rip fin (aka shredder). flashback - filming great white sharks on assignment with my friend and dive buddy @lawrencegroth and the #pelagicexplorer aboard the legendary @solmarv #greatwhiteshark #season at #guadalupeisland is around the corner. let yourself change your life's perspective about sharks, meet the apex predator of the oceans. we need sharks in the oceans, and sharks need our help! #greatwhiteshark #calripfin #likehimnoother #wemissyou #foreverinourhearts #saveoursharks #carcharodoncarcharias #guadalupeisland #keepbajablue @pelagic_life #333productions @joeromeiro333 @jamesmoskito @sharkstewards @angels.of.the.sea @oceanskeepers #47metersdown #sharksareawesome #oceanskeepers

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Sometimes even the cleaner fish play predator roles. you have to do what it takes to survive in the wild. #argonauts #papernautilus #pelagiclife #macropredation @maresmexicanos @backscattervideophoto @nauticamhousings #333productions #keldanlights argonauts. one of the most astounding cephalopods is the paper nautilus also known as argonaut. this (super-)family of octopus-like cephalopods lives in pelagic habitats of the subtropics and tropics. pelagic habitats are those of the free ocean water away from the bottom, especially at the water surface. though the argonaut is called paper nautilus, it is neither made from paper nor is it a nautilus. it not even is closely related to the nautilus, though both are cephalopods. the argonaut's shell is special among all molluscs. it is only built by the female, and only as case for the protection of the argonaut's eggs, that are placed inside in long threads. the female argonaut lives in the shell's entry and guards the eggs, until the young hatch. at the ends of the first tentacle pair the argonaut (argonauts like other octopus relatives have eight tentacles) has got wide sail-like flaps. usually the female argonaut holds these flaps spread over the shell, but they also serve it to catch prey that swims into them. the male argonaut is much smaller than the female. while the latter reaches a size of up to ten centimetres, the shell being up to 45 centimetres large, the male only reaches less than 2 centimetres size. the male argonaut is special because of its altered third tentacle, that is kept in a pouch until it is needed. like among other cephalopods this tentacle is called the hectocotylus. the male argonaut, other than its larger relatives, often leaves its hectocotylus behind, the latter finding the target on its own. it seems obvious that the male argonaut dies after copulation, as no argonauts with their hectocotyli grown back have been found so far. generally living argonauts are difficult to find, possibly because of their pelagic way of life. much more often their shells, sometimes, masses of them, are deposed on the shore by the sea. that way they also find their way into collectors' packs.

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Repost - "out of 7,000 dives that i've had, i have never seen that many sharks in one location in my entire life" – larry babcock. view our complete #tripreport by @erick.higuera https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtzzjjc6w2w @backscattervideophoto @nauticamhousings @maresmexicanos @joeromeiro333 #47metersdown #sharksareawesome #sharksarefriends

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A mother's love a mother's love, is a gift from above, irreplaceable and unconditional. that is a wonderful treasure happy mother's day! forever in my heart #madre #madresmexicanas our #friendly #mommy #humpbackwhale #hovering #motionless in roca partida #revillagigedoarchipelago waiting for her #calf that #plays on the #surface. @solmarv @pelagic_life @maresmexicanos @nauticamhousings #keldanlights @backscattervideophoto

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Another blast and fun night with the @oceanfilmtour stuttgart and @zackesbru. great audience, awesome people, incredible films. #oceanlife #oceanlovers #oceanfilmtour #thelegacy

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@oceanfilmtour 2017 münich with clemens feigl was a blast! a very charming and enthusiastic audience together with great films. #internationaloceanfilmtour4 #oceanlovers #thelegacy @joeromeiro333 @erevalle

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False killer whales (pseudorca crassidens) celebrating the earth day at the socorro's islands. #happyearthday #diadelatierra #everydayisearthday #revillagigedoarchipelago @solmarv @pelagic_life @maresmexicanos @mission_blue @cetaceanawareness

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You can never be certain whether what you're observing is the real state of nature or the state of nature that has been altered by your observing it. stay focused! @solmarv @maresmexicanos @nauticamhousings @backscattervideophoto #canon #canonmexicana #keldanlights #dolphingettingcleaned #cleaningstation #sneaky #tigershark #hopespots #keepbajablue @oceanskeepers #47metersdown #sharksareawesome #saveoursharks

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Repost by @oceanfilmtour in the last 50 years overfishing and pollution have destroyed most of marine life in many parts of this planet. the legacy shows a very remote place in mexico the archipiélago de revillagigedo where pacific giant mantas have been able to survive. find a show near you on www.oceanfilmtour.com #oceanlovers #oceanfilmtour @joeromeiro333 @erevalle

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The largest migration of smoothtail mobula rays part of #amazing mexican @pelagic_life occurs every spring in @maresmexicanos. @joeromeiro333 @jchauser @nauticamhousings #keldanlights @canonmexicana @mission_blue

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It's been already two years since the last time we saw you. will you return this year? #revillagigedoislands

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Cruising around in guadalupe island with @lawrencegroth in the self propelled shark cage "pelagic explorer" filming the majestic and misunderstood great white sharks, you never know what surprises they might have for you! @greatwhiteadventure @solmarv @joeromeiro333 @jamesmoskito @pelagic_life @oceanskeepers #sharkpoo #greatwhiteshark #oceanskeepers #guadalupe #skinpealing #besttimes #sharkdivinginternational #seesharks #sharkfilmcrew #47metersdown #saveoursharks

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A big nose northern elephant seal came to check his own reflection in the dome port. #underwater #elephantseal #miroungaangustirostris #guadalupeisland

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Sharks are not enemies, they can be friends. just as us we look for our well-being so they are. @solmarv @pelagic_life @maresmexicanos @nauticamhousings @backscattervideophoto @joeromeiro333 @oceanskeepers #47metersdown #sharksareawesome #saveoursharks

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Starting off the week powerfully! during mating season, the humpback whales try hardly their best to attract a mate, either by singing, breaching, tail or pectoral slapping at the surface. @maresmexicanos @pelagic_life @gulf_program @djiglobal @oscar.ortizg @caboexpeditions @whalesharkmexico

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