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Free dolphins in the fish spa
the resident pod of bottlenose dolphins (tursiops truncatus) from the unesco national park archipelago of revillagigedo, has learned from the giant mantas (mobula birostris) to also visit the cleaning stations of the endemic clarion angelfish (holacanthus clarionensis) to have their parasites and old skin removed.
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World tuna day may 2

protect precious tuna resources and their surrounding ecosystems like the unesco national park archipelago of revillagigedo.

overwhelming demand has caused a huge decline in tuna populations.

tuna and tuna-like species are very important economically — to both developed and developing countries — and a significant source of food. they are remarkable fish. tuna can jump high out of the water; they travel in huge schools; they are warm-blooded. they have been known to team up with dolphins for protection from sharks.
they are the super fish!
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The 11 – 12 month gestation period allows the female whale to return to its warmer, safer mating environment in the national park archipelago of revillagigedo where it can bear its young, nurture it and prepare for the long migration trip back to its feeding grounds. for this long migration, a female humpback mother and calf are often in the company of a third whale that is known as an escort. a humpback escort may be a male or female whale. #revillagigedoarchipelago #akasocorroislands #revillagigedothelegacy #revillagigedonuestrolegado #keepbajablue #333productions
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Dozens of striped marlins (kajikia audax) use the chance and team up to reduce effort when hunting sardines off the coast of the baja california peninsula, mexico.
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fishing in the tropical eastern pacific region is by both industrial and artisanal fisheries. striped marlin are caught mostly by the longline fisheries of far east and western hemisphere national. lesser numbers are caught by recreational, gillnet and other fisheries. this species may be threatened by the expansion of long line fisheries and also increased artisanal fisheries in the tropical eastern pacific region. unfortunately there are no conservation measures for this species in the eastern pacific. it is recommended that there should not be an increase in fishing for this species in the northern population in the eastern pacific.

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The great roca partida never ceases to amaze us! silky sharks aggregate in large numbers to form mating groups to begin their annual mating migration in the national park archipelago of revillagigedo, which serves as an important route for migratory marine animals. #revillagigedothelegacy #revillagigedonuestrolegado #unescoheritage #sharks #silkyshark #saveoursharks @maresmexicanos @endefensadelosmares @mission_blue @solmarv @pelagic_life @nakaweproject
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Flashback of a family of leviathans.
it’s been already 3 years that two male orcas took away the calf of one of the only two most friendly momma humpback whales that visit roca partida every other two-three years and have an unbelievable curiosity for us little frogs.
the greatest living beings will always live in our hearts. january 29, forever in my heart!
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About 300 sharks, tunas and b*****s never miss the chance when a free lunch is the order of the day!
feeding frenzy events aka “baitballs” are unexpected natural moments that can be around the corner in the archipelago of revillagigedo.
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