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A mother's love a mother's love, is a gift from above, irreplaceable and unconditional. that is a wonderful treasure happy mother's day! forever in my heart #madre #madresmexicanas our #friendly #mommy #humpbackwhale #hovering #motionless in roca partida #revillagigedoarchipelago waiting for her #calf that #plays on the #surface. @solmarv @pelagic_life @maresmexicanos @nauticamhousings #keldanlights @backscattervideophoto

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Another blast and fun night with the @oceanfilmtour stuttgart and @zackesbru. great audience, awesome people, incredible films. #oceanlife #oceanlovers #oceanfilmtour #thelegacy

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@oceanfilmtour 2017 münich with clemens feigl was a blast! a very charming and enthusiastic audience together with great films. #internationaloceanfilmtour4 #oceanlovers #thelegacy @joeromeiro333 @erevalle

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False killer whales (pseudorca crassidens) celebrating the earth day at the socorro's islands. #happyearthday #diadelatierra #everydayisearthday #revillagigedoarchipelago @solmarv @pelagic_life @maresmexicanos @mission_blue @cetaceanawareness

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You can never be certain whether what you're observing is the real state of nature or the state of nature that has been altered by your observing it. stay focused! @solmarv @maresmexicanos @nauticamhousings @backscattervideophoto #canon #canonmexicana #keldanlights #dolphingettingcleaned #cleaningstation #sneaky #tigershark #hopespots #keepbajablue

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Repost by @oceanfilmtour in the last 50 years overfishing and pollution have destroyed most of marine life in many parts of this planet. the legacy shows a very remote place in mexico the archipiélago de revillagigedo where pacific giant mantas have been able to survive. find a show near you on www.oceanfilmtour.com #oceanlovers #oceanfilmtour @joeromeiro333 @erevalle

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The largest migration of smoothtail mobula rays part of #amazing mexican @pelagic_life occurs every spring in @maresmexicanos. @joeromeiro333 @jchauser @nauticamhousings #keldanlights @canonmexicana @mission_blue

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It's been already two years since the last time we saw you. will you return this year? #revillagigedoislands

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Cruising around in guadalupe island with @lawrencegroth in the self propelled shark cage "pelagic explorer" filming the majestic and misunderstood great white sharks, you never know what surprises they might have for you! @greatwhiteadventure @solmarv @joeromeiro333 @jamesmoskito @pelagic_life #besttimes #sharkdivinginternational #seesharks #sharkfilmcrew

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A big nose northern elephant seal came to check his own reflection in the dome port. #underwater #elephantseal #miroungaangustirostris #guadalupeisland

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Sharks are not enemies, they can be friends. just as us we look for our well-being so they are. @solmarv @pelagic_life @maresmexicanos @nauticamhousings @backscattervideophoto @joeromeiro333

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Starting off the week powerfully! during mating season, the humpback whales try hardly their best to attract a mate, either by singing, breaching, tail or pectoral slapping at the surface. @maresmexicanos @pelagic_life @gulf_program @djiglobal @oscar.ortizg @caboexpeditions @whalesharkmexico

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Ultimate selfie what would you feel if you were almost crushed by a two ton manta ray? 😉

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While #chilling out over the sand a big male #sealion investigates what i am doing there with him! @maresmexicanos @pelagic_life @gulf_program @backscattervideophoto @nauticamhousings

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Starting off the #newyear2017 with lots of #adventures. respecting #nature is always reciprocal. may the best of 2016 be the worst of 2017! @solmarv @nauticamhousings @backscattervideophoto @canonvideos @maresmexicanos @gulf_program

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Guess who else has learned from the mantas to get a cleanup? @pelagic_life @maresmexicanos @solmarv @canonvideos @nauticamhousings @backscattervideophoto

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