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My heart hurts as california continues to burn. countless homes, lives, and pets have been lost and the winds are picking up even further tonight. there’s already been damage too close to home, including the animals at malibu wine safaris.

you can help the wildfire relief effort by texting redcross to 90999 to donate $10. for the animal lovers, @hsvc_ojai needs donations as they help displaced animals. visit the link in my bio for more ways to help out.

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Welcome to the final #chibiconstructionupdate: our rental unit is complete! hard to believe just a few weeks ago this was a shoddy garage. see more photos on the blog (link in bio).

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Spotted: tiny panda racing stumpy-legged doge at the beach

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The wilderness must be explored! #happyhalloween

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Apparently the “no dogs on furniture” rule only applies to chibi because she’s too short to jump. 🙈
thank you #arhaus for helping us decorate our new home! i’m loving this handmade and sustainable reading chair - or should i say… dog chair. check out @arhaus for more home inspo! #arhauspets

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Corgi instagram vs. corgi reality

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Two little beach bums walking towards the sea... d-e-r-p-i-n-g 🎶

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Now hiring: wagon puller for vip trick-or-treat tour. must do well with dogs. will be paid in tail wags.

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This trick-or-treat crew is coming for you 🎃

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Vegas bound! sunset was 🔥 so we had to pull over for a pic, obvi.

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Just sitting here, missing this, and thinking about our next trip 💭

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New floors have been paw-tested and approved 🙌 our guest house studio will be available for rent next month! #chibiconstructionupdate

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