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Would you answer the door if these two showed up? 🙈

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Every short dog needs a tall best friend 🤗

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Okay, is this not the cutest airport crew you’ve ever seen?! 🤗

i am sooo stoked for our trip to taiwan in a couple weeks. we’ll be traveling out of @flyont, which now has tons of connecting flights to asia via @chinaairlines.usa, making flying out of #socalsoeasy. read more about our exclusive tour of the airport today #ontheblog - link in bio. (yes, these four little ones were my tour guides.)

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The sea is where i would rather be 🐠

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Look into my eyes... you are getting very sleepy. now rub my belly. #tbt

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Race the corgi, they said. he has shorter legs than you, they said. #kokorotakesflight

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1% dog, 99% fluff. #whpunexpected

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Finally home but already looking forward to our next trip ✈️ icymi, catch up on my japan posts #ontheblog (link in bio)!

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2019, i know you’re going to be lit ✨

kicked off the new year by visiting this dope digital art exhibit! check out more shots i captured #ontheblog (link in bio). #teampixel

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Cheers to 2019! these two are celebrating back at home with their grandhumans and favorite schmackos. wishing you all an amazing new year 🥂

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Took a stroll through this bamboo forest and all i could think was... nature is 🔥! more #ontheblog (link in bio).

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Come with me, i have cookies 🤗 sharing our visit with nara's friendly deer #ontheblog (link in bio)!

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