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After one month we woke up in paris 🇫🇷

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Old times in los angeles 🇺🇸 (we need our visa lol) @martineztwins

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Shark tattoo from last year... what should i get next? comment ideas🧐

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Are you gonna call us or nah? 📞 we see you soon london 🇬🇧

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Keke, do you love me?? #inmyfeelings doing this for fun lol

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One of the best nights & won an award!! thanks to everyone who vote for us, we love you ;) gracias miami por todo, nos vemos!

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How cool is @cocacola share chair?! wondering if we can sneak the chair inside @premiosjuventud 🤔
think anyone would notice? #shareacoke #genpj #ad

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Back to our old hair!!

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Starting to call my house a jungle 🐍

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We tried to look sexy... didn’t work☀️

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There’s a seat left.... let’s fly ;)

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Lifeguards on duty 😎 w/ @cocacola . join us at premios juventud by uploading a picture of you and your bff on instagram or twitter using #shareacoke #pjsorteo #ad

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