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Back to our old hair!!

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Starting to call my house a jungle 🐍

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We tried to look sexy... didn’t work☀️

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There’s a seat left.... let’s fly ;)

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Lifeguards on duty 😎 w/ @cocacola . join us at premios juventud by uploading a picture of you and your bff on instagram or twitter using #shareacoke #pjsorteo #ad

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Hey, mamasita! savage twins😂😎 w/ @andreaespadatv @kingferran (tag 2 friends)

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One year ago, the idea of getting a house was once considered impossible and here we are. it’s not only about a personal achievement, it’s about how far this family has come. it’s a mix of all the sacrifice, love, effort, lessons, and ambition required to achieve your goals. now, i can confirm that we live in los angeles. just uploaded a new video of the mini-mansion! new things are coming! link in bio, thanks familia.

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Hey girl...

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We are painting a room from our new...
i told you guys i’m the boss :)

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My first day being 19 was the best day ever. our family surprised ivan & i with a limousine we had the best time ever also thank you for your birthday wishes we love you martinators! we about to...

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Happy birthday ivan!🎂we are getting older but getting older next to you it’s like getting younger, we are savage kids living our crazy life. we about to hit this year even more, our dreams are gonna come true. i promise.

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My sister just graduated!! happy and proud of you, now you’re ready to go and hit it!! love you sista! let’s go wolves! also we borrowed this graduation gowns from her university lol

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