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New year. new wardrobe.

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Here’s a picture so you can show santa what you want

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So fetch

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Hey 2016 elle working her a*s off to get 1000 subscribers

keep at it

i think you’re gonna be very happy with the results #youtuberewind :)

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‪in honour of it being one year, meet the girl behind my coming out video‬ :)

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‪i keep reaching these goals in my life that i expect will make me happy‬ ‪and they never do‬ ‪but i mean i’m happy with these pics so baby steps‬ (photo: @jessicadeeks for the washington post)

comment 406 star 106k October 2018

Karma’s a b***h

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Happy (canadian) thanksgiving from the mills family to yours

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Dodie who?

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The kid is off to college. i’m gonna miss you lots buddy.

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Posting these with the full intention of getting gassed up

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