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Éclat BMX Brand WESTON/BURNS/SLATTERY/LLOYD/HOFFMANN/KENNEDY/SMILLIE/ROTH/COLLER/MORROW http://digbmx.com/videos/devon-smillie-eclat-2018
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We ❤️ @dilllloyd #eclatbmx

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Who’s ready for @tymoe’s éclat 2018 video part? 🎥 @anthonyboyflores #eclatbmx

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Win @jordangoooodwin’s personal hard 540ing steed over on the @sourcebmx site or app 💰 jordan’s #lockin edit drops this friday and man oh man is it a banger. #eclatbmx

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@devonsmillie 2018 up on @digbmx. link up there 👆🏻 🎥 @francisgcastro #eclatbmx

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New @devonsmillie 🔥 tomorrow. #eclatbmx

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Spot usage 💯 @brunohoffmann escaping the winter out in bcn with the @ciaocrew.cc boys. #eclatbmx

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@burnsbonedeth 2007 ☠️ as seen in his nora cup winning metal bikes “dead bang” video part which can be found playing in the éclat offices on most friday afternoons before we head out to go ride 🤘🏻 🎥 @the_navi_arm #eclatbmx

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Go watch @darryltocco’s new 2018 video part and interview of @ridebmx to see the footage of this wild railhop and plenty more classic tocco sauce 🌶 photo @jeffzphoto #eclatbmx

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This guy 🤯 #eclatbmx

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Stop by and have a drink 🥃 link in bio 👆🏻 #eclatbmx

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Perfection. @darryltocco 180 railhop as seen in his new 2018 video part which is live on @ridebmx. 🎥 @mattmiller_ct #wethepeoplebmx

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We like colt. colt makes bmx look fun. go watch @coltfake’s @bone_deth video part which just went online, it’s a wild one ☠️ #eclatbmx

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Get ready for a wild new éclat video part from this guy dropping any day now 🙏🏻 #eclatbmx

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How crazy is @dilllloyd’s new @wethepeoplebmx minor setback video? go watch the whole thing up on @ridebmx 🤯 🎥 @grantcbmx #eclatbmx

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French steeze cat @thomasbenedetti out in bcn escaping winter 🤘🏻 photo @cedricderodot #eclatbmx

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Wishing this guy a very happy birthday today. go show our man @burnsbonedeth some love 🎂 photo @dethrays #eclatbmx

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Stop what you are doing and watch @dilllloyd’s new masterpiece for @wethepeoplebmx up on @ridebmx. it’s a good’n. #wethepeoplebmx

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We can't say enough good things about this guy. great article on @ridebmx with @darryltocco detailing his long career as a bmx pro, and what the future holds now he takes a step back from life as a professional bike rider and focuses on the next chapter. thanks for everything darryl, you rule 🤘🏻 photo @jeffzphoto #eclatbmx

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New threads available now from your local shop or via the link in our bio 👆🏻 #eclatbmx

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Greek connect @jasoneustathiou just dropped a new video “torino city lines” which you can see up on @digbmx. full of the super tech jibby goodness which we’ve come to love from jason’s riding ⚡️ #eclatbmx

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