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Can't find a hubguard to fit you hub? our new #servo universal hubguards are cnc machined out of super tough heat-treated chromoly, and being only 1.8mm thick, they slide over your existing hardware allowing them to fit to almost any hub on the market. available now in front, rear and driver side. 📷 @oriolbikeshop #eclatbmx

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That @etniesbmx dvd hype... @devonsmillie working his magic for the lens of @kevinconners as seen up on @digbmx. #eclatbmx

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@dilllloyd is a savage. #eclatbmx

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Wait for it... @jordangoooodwin putting that #cortexfreecoaster to work. #eclatbmx

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@dan_coller continues his journey west and fires out a rainy ice in texas shot by @chad_osburn. #grindeverything #eclatbmx

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The #cortex front hub was designed with the modern day street rider in mind and features a narrower flange spacing allowing a deeper fit for the x2 nylon-fibreglass which are included with the hub. read more on eclatbmx.com #eclatbmx

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Socal's @juliansalright fakie pegs. photo by @jeffzphoto as seen on @ridebmx. #eclatbmx

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🆕 high-performance rubber arriving at your local shop very soon. #miragetire #eclatbmx

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Ak icepick to over in az during #eclatsalvation. shot by @jeffzphoto for @ridebmx. see more of jeff's amazing work on ridebmx.com. #eclatbmx

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18oz of mighty fine rubber. 2.25" / 2.35"  120 tpi / 110 psi dual compound construction outer line for grind protection kevlar folding bead / wire bead full bead to bead "silksheild" protection layer our new super lightweight #miragetire coming very soon. follow @eclatbmxparts for more info... #eclatbmx

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