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Who's hyped to see @devonsmillie's new piece? video @francisgcastro #eclatbmx

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Throwback to our japan trip in 2014. @burnsbonedeth up in the rafters in kobe. photo @hikarufunyu #eclatbmx

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Everything about this is badass. if you think @coltfake and @darryltocco should be this year's @xgames #realbmx champions then go to xgames.com today and choose your winner! photo @burnsbonedeth #eclatbmx

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Tube amp inner tube kits out now. link in bio 👆🏻 includes x2 high-quality inner tubes designed for today's larger 2.40"+ tires with re-enforced full steel valve and lock ring for added durability and ease of installation. available now at your local bike shop for much less than you'd think... #eclatbmx

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Stoked to see @brunohoffmann back on a bike and shredding 👌🏻 #predatortire #eclatbmx

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Bike check with french connect @robinbourhis over on eclatbmx.com. @frenchysfreestyle #eclatbmx

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Vote for @coltfake ✅ link in bio 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 @xgames #realbmx #eclatbmx

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Ak's bike check live on @digbmx. #akpedal #akguard now back in stock ✅ photo @dethrays #eclatbmx

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@dilllloyd is back 🦌 #eclatbmx

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Ak in az 2016. photo @dethrays #eclatsalvation #eclatbmx

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@jasoneustathiou mid fakie ice in the streets of greece 🇬🇷 shouts to @rideonbmx #eclatbmx

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The #buck is back 🙌🏼 after 7 months off with a broken foot, our boy @dilllloyd is back on a bike and ready to shred this summer. #eclatbmx

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Go vote for @coltfake as your @xgames #realbmx champion. link in bio 👆🏻#voteforcolt 📸 @fyanrudger #eclatbmx

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@odigrips "super soft" rubber ✅ 165mm length and flangless deisgn ✅ thinner ribs for softer feel ✅ our new #pulsargrip is available now. #eclatbmx

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@coltfake just dropped a wild one for his @xgames #realbmx section which is now live on xgames.com. filmed & edited by éclat teammate @darryltocco 🤘🏻 #eclatbmx

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Sean burns rides our new high-performance mirage tires, do you? available now at your local awesome bicycle retailer. #miragetire #eclatbmx

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Out on the road in kansas. look out for a new video from @darryltocco @burnsbonedeth and @dan_coller coming soon. #eclatkc

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Learn the ultimate boss move from the ultimate boss over on @ridebmx. @shadyshane #eclatbmx

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