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@burnsbonedeth loves a good wall. photo @kremlinss #eclatbmx

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Canadian connect @ryaneles staying warmer out there during the winter ❄️ @ogcbmx #eclatbmx

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Lightweight street rubber dropping pretty much any day now. #miragetire available in 2.25" and 2.35". regular wire bead or folding kevlar bead available. #eclatbmx

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Devon shreds everything 🤘🏻 @devonsmillie #eclatbmx

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Style matters. @kilianroth 🍸 #eclatbmx

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Everything about this is rad. @juliansalright does it right 👌🏻 #eclatbmx

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We've been hearing a lot of great feedback on our new #seekerpedal as of late. ridden by @devonsmillie @brunohoffmann and others on the team, the larger platform and lower profile combined with a tougher axle and sealed bearings make this our sleekest and smoothest set of pedals yet. available now in black or army green. #eclatbmx

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Happy birthday @dan_coller 🍻 #eclatbmx

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We're out here at the @qbmx #frostbike trade show displaying our products. stop by, feel the merch.

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Wow. @devonsmillie's new @vitalbmx video is 🔥 🎥 @doeby #eclatbmx

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You should probably go buy the @bone_deth dvd "the dirty sniff", it's full of bonkers stuff just like this ⚡ @burnsbonedeth 📷 @party_management #eclatbmx

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#digterritories series 1 is coming soon. featuring @ak4everett13 and @brunohoffmann in association with @digbmx

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This guy 🙏🏻. @shadyshane photo @wesmcgrath #eclatbmx

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No one does these like @devonsmilllie. photo @[email protected] #simplesession17 #cortexfreecoaster #eclatbmx

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Mystical street weaponry 🔮 #akguard out now in 25t and 28t (2 weeks). #eclatbmx

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Look who just got to california? @shadyshane is back ladies and gentlemen, and we could not be more stoked about it 👊🏼 video @grantcbmx #eclatbmx

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Ak #ravenrims on point 🍋 photo @bakosphoto @endlessmag #simplesesison2017 #eclatbmx

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Our new usa made pulsar grip is available now. manufactured in california by @odigrips 🇺🇸 link in bio 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 #pulsargrip #eclatbmx

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