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New uk rookie 17 year old stuart chisholm got in the van and joined us on our recent #motorhomies trip across the south of spain. 
over ice in malaga shot by @dethrays.

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Go watch the new @doomedbrand mixtape for some (insert flame emoji here) from @jordangoooodwin @dan_coller and @jordanokane.

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So much flame from @devonsmillie. what combo would you like to see see devon do next? #cortexfreecoaster #eclatbmx

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Sneak peek at our all-new 10 year anniversary 38mm #bondi rim which will be coming later this year.
#eclatbmx #10yearsyoung

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Jordan okane has sturdy wrists. go watch the full #motorhomies video now on @digbmx.
photo @dethrays.

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Wild drop in from @harry_mw as seen in the @united_bmx no foreign lands morocco video 🔥
photo @fo0man

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@jordanokane is a lunatic. wild 720 fakie at @theworksskatepark jam this weekend in leeds.

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All new #onyx crank out now. brand new investment casted spindle and pedal bosses and an oversize 24mm spindle, this insanely strong crank is one of the most advanced cranks we’ve ever made and is available in 175mm and shorter 165mm options.

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Go watch @juliansalright’s @thecommondays #monstermash section, you won’t be disappointed 🙏🏻
photo @chriseiland

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Ya boy @brunohoffmann putting his signature rubber to work on the streets of frankfurt.
#predatortire out now 🙏🏻

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If you’re in need of a solid video part to watch today, @juliansalright’s incredible @thecommondays monster mash section is now live. this really is a treat 🙏🏻
🎥 @francisgcastro @saucethebosss

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Link in bio 👆🏻
@jordanokane 🦍 🌪
#motorhomies #eclatbmx

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