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Does it get any cuter than micro arugula? hint: no, no it does not. [📸: @andapinchoflove]

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This one set off our parm alarm🚨[📸: @hungry.blonde]

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Commence leaf peeping season 🍃👀 [📸: @andapinchoflove]

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Don’t mind us, we just like to stir the pot. [📸: @candicelynnfitvegan]

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🌞 side 🆙 [📸: @goofstir]

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One person’s bolognese is another person’s “bowl-of-yays”.[📸: @natteats]

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Here’s one for the next time you are at a cocktail party and some noob challenges your knowledge of beans: navy beans are actually white, not a deep dark blue as the name might suggest. they are called navy beans because the us navy has served them to its sailors since the mid-1800s. keep that fact in your back pocket, baby! [📸: @wellandfull]

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We always pack a second bowl. you know...just in case. [📸: @frommybowl]

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This recipe called for sautéing five whole acres of spinach. serves two. [📸: @sara.haven]

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Stairway to heaven. [📸: @andapinchoflove]

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You might even say that purple carrots are the root (vegetable) of the matter. [📸: @alyssakayle]

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Prince parming over prince charming. any day of the week. [📸: @livingminnaly]

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