Banza High protein pasta made from chickpeas. http://www.eatbanza.com/
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Pantry game at level πŸ’― [πŸ“·: @alison__wu]

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Just a little side peas [πŸ“·: @veggie_trails]

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1-800-pesto-bling [πŸ“·: @sara.haven]

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"the art of the wheel" [πŸ“·: @plantbasedjane]

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A ziti we'd like to repeaty [πŸ“·: @sara.haven]

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A very important limerick: there was a man whose name was ernesto. pasta he made and served it with pesto. he put his sauce into jars, and sold them afar, and the whole world would say "it's the besto!" [πŸ“·: @fitandwellmedgal]

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The world needs fewer weenies and more linguines [πŸ“·: @college_housewife]

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When your egg is runny enough to join the track team [🍳: @shuangys_kitchensink]

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Getting in the zoney with the rigatoni [πŸ“·: @talkveggietome_]

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Consider it a peas offering. [πŸ“·: @the_bananadiaries]

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We're ready for our close up πŸ’ [πŸ“·: @hannahharvestinghealth]

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Sometimes, there's no better way to express ourselves than through the art of alliteration: creamy cavatappi, deliciously dairy-free, plant-powered protein, eating everything, limited leftovers! special shoutout to our plant-loving homies @califiafarms for keeping our almond milk game extra strong πŸ’ͺ . [πŸ“·: @leah.vander]

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