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Hunting camp on the flathead reservation a couple weeks back.

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There is a world, big as a mountain

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Took the long way home.

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Columbia falls, mt

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The first evening of an annual hunting camp on the flathead reservation.

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Back on the road working on @signsofyouridentity in crow, salish & kootenai, and blackfoot territory for the month. this project always opens up a series of important questions — whose story is this to tell? do i have the right to tell native stories as a non-native journalist? is it irresponsible to default to trauma-centered narratives in indian country? — and i’m grateful for friends who are patient with me + keep me in line, like crow ethnographer/archaeologist/preservationist aaron brien (@aaronbbrien ) and his @indigenousarchaeology class at salish kootenai college on the flathead reservation. it’s fun to think about translating some of the conversations that journalists are having right now to another field like archaeology: who is in charge of crafting narratives in other disciplines? what is lost in archaeology, or food, or music, or law, when we teach and share and learn through a singular perspective?

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Cartagena, colombia. trying to decompress from a crazy week/month/year of work and travel and organizing and our world feeling like it’s collapsing into disaster. i always feel slightly embarrassed sharing photos from trips that aren’t purely for work — i am a serious journalist doing serious journalist things! — but i also have never worked more or harder than i have this year, and feel like i’m constantly teetering on the edge of physical and emotional burnout. so, take care of yourselves, friends, in whatever way you can.

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“it has drawn criticism for its disproportionately squat legs and “regionally inaccurate fish” (he’s apparently holding a pacific salmon, rather than an atlantic salmon; it’s worth noting that an alternative concept for the statue was a lobster wearing a raincoat, which would have introduced even wilder inaccuracies)...”

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Driving through yellowstone in the fading light. on assignment for @natgeo.

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Brent shows me around what remains of the fort hall indian school on the shoshone-bannock reservation. the school operated from 1904-1935, and was later used to house german pows during ww2. most of the structures were demolished in the 1960s, but a few buildings remain, now used as storage for the tribe and sanctuary for a kit of pigeons. @signsofyouridentity

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When your paint job matches the sky. on assignment for @natgeo in zia, nm.

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