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This is my horror movie face like when the girl says “did you hear that brad? i think there’s some one in the house”

comment 8 star 70 4 days ago

Nails too pointy, cant make a fist. b*****s getting open hand slapped till the next set. 🤪

comment 3 star 67 5 days ago

U gimme heebiejeebies like woah

comment 6 star 100 3 weeks ago

I dont even like pink floyd

comment 5 star 67 last month

Broke b***h wearin michael kors

comment 1 star 83 last month

Ima genie i got lots a wishes

comment 3 star 78 last month

Good morning girls n g**s only

comment 3 star 86 August 2018

All my girls got dyed hair, maybe ill get back in there too 🤔 green was my fav

comment 3 star 88 August 2018

Went 2 astroworld n all i got was this pic

comment 0 star 60 August 2018

The best time to wear a stripped tube top, is all the timmeeee (;

comment 0 star 73 July 2018

Got me coastin 🚣🏼‍♂️

comment 6 star 128 July 2018

Keke???? do u love me???? r u ridin???

comment 0 star 76 July 2018