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<<<continued from my last post , thank you all for the support you've given me throughout this year . it's had it's ups and downs but i wouldn't want it any other way . one more time , thank you to the twins and all of you for motivating me on this account for so long . i appreciate and love ya all💛

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Fun fact : when i found this image in my archived posts there was a new years thank you post attached to it , i kinda cried ??
anyways , its been a full year in this fandom . thats actually kinda crazy to me . i don’t think i’ve ever stayed in something like this for that long and i am so grateful to be apart of such a caring family . i honestly don’t know where my account or myself would’ve been if i didn’t have you guys . i’ve gained so much support throughout this year and its so heartwarming to me . editing had always been a way for me to distract myself and thankfully i had all of you to watch the things i created , and i think thats pretty cool . big thank you to emilio and ivan for creating content , starting this uplifting family , and keeping me happy and the fandom a positive place ,i am forever grateful for those two :) ❤️ also a big shoutout to the people who have been with me from the start of this account , even if we didn’t talk as much , i’ve always had so much respect and love for you for staying with me . so shoutout to the people who have been there from the start or anyone who decided being my friend was cool
and amanda :) <3
to add to that , i most likely will be going on a little break and will deactivate this account for at least two weeks ? as much as editing has been an escape from things , it became a job that i didn’t want to do and with that comes losing followers . and yes i shouldn’t be caring about a follower count but its kinda demotivating me ? im putting out content that people don’t like and i compare myself to other editors way too much . this doesn’t have anything to do with the twins because i still love those two with all my heart but editing lost its spark for a bit and i just need a break from it . hope ya understand :) i’ll be posting an edit this week for my one year and i’ll go live for a face reveal and all of that.

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ac. lullabydols
dt. ?
fc. 3,733
@emiliovmartinez @ivanmartinez

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My favorite era
ac : drizzyaudios
ib : me ?
dt : getty
cc : me
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I was going to have a normal caption but i hate this edit more than anything on my acc , the second part isn’t on beat . have a nice day
ac : loverl.y
ib : loverl.y
dt : emma
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ac : naradolan
ib : naradolan
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tag them ? @emiliovmartinez @ivanmartinez
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follow my second acc @glcss.y for more edits :)

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Make ya love fall in love at the same time —�—�—�—
ac : grayfcknson
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cube : x.savier
cc : dols.mp4
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dt : @te.amoivan @vemililo @ughhcelebs
app : videostar
i lowkey hate this a lot it swear i’ll figure it out
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ac : dippydol
ib : dippydol
dt : ivan girls ..? -
fc : 3,738
cc : mine
app : videostar -
- posting this now bc its ugly and dont need too many people viewing it but i needed to post
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