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@tactical_advisor gun with the fc1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
the zeus.
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@truexodus - enjoy your friday. i got the 10mm lower for this and i can’t wait for the mags to come out. they said they would release them soon so i dunno. -
@krissusainc vector
@diopticalusa fc1

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@tactical_advisor - breaking in the new range truck with the cerberus and the ragnarok. the fc1 and sp1c ---------------------------------------------------------------
the cerberus
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@truexodus - @jbrown287 decided to perform some wizardry in the @krissusainc vector and attach the silencer co osprey .45 can onto and adapter so we can shoot 9mm through it. -
@fortscottmunitions 9mm tui has been performing flawlessly through all my subguns. my vector and mpx hate reman 9mm and so i had a lot of issues with those before. but there hasn’t been a single issue with fsm. i’ve been so pleased! ☺️
@diopticalusa fc1 optic holding strong.

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The rv1 and fc1 on @tactical_advisor
300 black outs
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Thank you to all the veterans! #veteransday

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@domstranamus - range day to get this thing dialed in! #300blk

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