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We just posted episode two in our 'under your influence' series with the halahan brothers ( @irodetoday ) . this time it's high fives and good times in richmond, va with fbm legend, @crandallfbm . the bros' mission? to squeeze in as much fun as they can in to twenty-four hours - and with two diy concrete spots and steve’s own trail’s, that wasn't difficult. a bit of spray painting t-shirts, a bbq, and a fire at the fbm bus properly brought the day to a close. 📹: @geojenkins --- in conjunction with @profile_racing

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@rabanimal has a new section dropping for @volumebikes next week so we re-upped his classic ‘the finer things’ part as an appetizer today on digbmx.com #watchthefinerthings #digbmx #bmx | photo by @thedevinfeil

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The new 2018 spring/summer apparel collection from @kinkbmx - in stock now at kinkbmx.com #kinkbmx

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@nathan88williams caused probably the biggest stir in sponsor switch-up news of recent times with his move to @kinkbmx . we thought if ever there is a time to shoot a setups feature then it's now - new bike, new residency... and find out how it's been treating himself and his four-legged friend jameson. 👉🏻digbmx.com👈🏻 @cinemabmx @etniesbmx #kinkbmx 📸: @kevinconners

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@charles_littlejohn has to have the sickest 540 cabs out there and we don't even need to mention those big threes. dude is an animal. more please. watch his latest from @fitbikeco on dig - you won't be disappointed

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@reynoldsfiend cruising the new city heights park in sd for @cinemabmx filmed: @will_stroud

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Wonderful new @sirlayos / @flybikesbmx video up on dig. park, trails, pools, and more from the spanish style lord! #flybikes #flybmx #digbmx #bmx

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Incase you missed it... we teamed up with @temperedgoods for another giveaway and now you've got the chance of winning this rad green splatter pack! to enter just make sure you follow @digbmx and @temperedgoods and also tag 5 friends in the comments. we'll pick a winner as soon as the @temperedgoods instagram tips 5k. good luck!

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@tobiaswicke is now reppin @colonybmxbrand . stoked to see more of the ramp technician. shot by @janbekurtz #digbmx

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@actlikeyouknowcrew’s ‘fed up with the bullshit’ full length is back online on digbmx.com #alykcru #actlikeyouknow #digbmx #bmx

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Midwest tornado in cali 🌪 @dankrukbmx @wethepeoplebmx #digbmx #believebelong #bmx

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The new @flybikesbmx / @sirlayos sierra line promo video is dropping tomorrow - don't miss it. 🌊

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“my 13 year old self was beyond comprehension and google-eyed at the man who seemingly had no detriment to himself when it came to pedalling full throttle at whatever gap was put in front of him. that rider gave me a direction of where i wanted to go with my still adolescent bmx obsession. i was born into levangelism… “ - @benbombercounter | read his article ‘born into levangelism’ in full over on digbmx.com and the #digbmxapp #digoriginalsdaily

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The 2018 @wethepeoplebmx reason complete #wethepeoplereason

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@peteradam chillin out in bcn 🍻 #digbmx #travel #bcn #barcelona #spain #bmx

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