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If you’re seeing this post, from where are you doing so? what part of the planet? sometimes i think about how instagram has potentially allowed my work to reach different corners of the world (or different parts of india even) - places i may never get a chance to visit myself. crazy, isn’t it? 😃✨

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After trekking to everest base camp this year, i also took a chopper ride to witness these himalayan giants from up above. even though the whole flight was only 45 minutes long as opposed to the 2 weeks i spent walking to and from base camp, the experience for me was no less spectacular than the trek. and that’s when i realized that great journeys don’t always have to be the longest or hardest ones #whpjourney

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The himalayan cowboy 🤠 #whpjourney

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You know the idea of visiting tourist destinations in off-season so as to avoid the crowds? well that’s pretty much what i had in mind when i decided to climb stok kangri (6,153 m) in the winter. and even though i didn’t reach the summit, it was a pleasure to experience a brief life of solitude on the ivory slopes of this mighty mountain. picture this: a week spent without any sort of connectivity, where only one line of human tracks exists for miles in any direction. if that’s not an experience to cherish in today’s over-crowded, over-instagrammed world; i don’t know what is.

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The only reason i need, to always take the window seat #canon #eostrip

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Here’s something you might not know about me: long before photography, trekking and instagram came along, i spent four years of my life working towards a degree in psychology. after which, i spent another year working as a counselor at a transitional housing program for homeless men.
so this probably seems like an extremely odd shift of careers, and all those years spent pursuing other things may seem like wasted time now. but i would disagree.
because i think the single thing that serves me the most, even today - is the empathy i began to cultivate back in those early years. .
over time, it developed and extended from empathy for people, to animals and of course the environment too. .
my equation with nature, the work i do now, and the things i’ve found meaning in ultimately hark back to those days. and as you can see, they had very different roots.
my point is, the path isn’t usually straight and narrow. so even if you can’t see it now, remember that if you find even a measure of fulfillment in what you’re doing and you do that thing with intention, things will fall into place eventually. .
because, (in the way more eloquent words of @nayyirah.waheed ) – ‘you will find your way. it is in the same place as your love.’ #canon #eostrip ~ 📷: @devduttdani

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Our last night in africa was spent camped right on the beach. we were hoping for a peaceful night’s sleep, but incessant thunder and strong winds had left us less than rested (and had blown our tents over too). as the storm abated, we crawled out of our shelters at sunrise, and watched in awe as the sea and the sky became one ✨

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They tell you not to shoot into the sun, but i was never one to follow the rules. i may have learned photography in a classroom, but i unlearned it out in the world; always choosing instinct over theory..and that has made all the difference.

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If gateway was in gotham (or if bombay had clear skies) // i don’t usually post composites, but sometimes i appreciate a little break from reality. especially on mondays ;)

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Everest base camp as seen from above! // swipe ➡️ to see a closer version of the tented city. every year, everest base camp becomes a sprawling, self-sustained township. with tents, kitchens and most importantly wifi, a home is made - quite literally - out of thin air ✨ #canon #eostrip

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On this world environment day i won’t dwell on how to be a good tenant of this planet. you probably know already (or can easily look it up). what i will say is just this: ***our individual actions matter*** .
i can’t stress on how important it is evaluate and take ownership of our impact on this earth. but creating positive change really is as simple as making small changes in our daily lives.
i will put up some simple ideas in my stories later, because it does sound like i’m preaching without providing any direction lol. so if you guys have any good resources, products etc. let me know in the comments below and i’ll compile a list and add it there as well 🌏 ❤️

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