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So edinburgh was pretty lovely this week.

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Happy #worldmentalhealthday everyone. take the time to check up on those you love and treat everyone with kindness - you never know what someone may be feeling at any time of day. many people wouldn’t think or even know that i experienced mental health issues myself and it’s only been in the last few months i’ve been getting back to feeling normal. despite any feeling i may have experienced i’ve always aimed to treat everyone with love no matter what because i knew how it felt to maybe not have had the best treatment from people. to anyone out there who is suffering in any way, it will get better one day, just hang in there and focus on what’s right for you. there will always be light within the darkness. and for anyone looking for a way to help: spread awareness and give love. ♥️

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It’s october at last 🍂

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Standard dressing room selfie but i love my choir fam a lot 🎶

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“roger, there’s only room in this band for one hysterical queen” 👑

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I know i’ve shared tons of photos of me & my papa since january but i’ve been thinking of him a lot lately and this one is too good not to.

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Did i even go to liverpool if i don’t post tons of beatles stuff?? 💥

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Back to liverpool for one day?? sure, why not.

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Would much rather be in rome rn 🌞 (also look how long my hair was)

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Love me some vinyl.

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Last “first day” of school & first day as a captain🌟

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