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Tripping out this was kole two days ago and a photo of me 30 years ago. @etniesbmx @flybikesbmx @kolevoelker #bmxlife @oakleybike koles photo by @krispykrook

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Vander's first tree climb

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Yes happy new year life is short

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Asher finn voelker

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I don't worry about my daughter being able to take care of herself to much.

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Left shoulder possible collarbone

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Flying the greyhound of the sky.

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When i used to ride i would ride to go ride. kole making it happen on his own. ride on

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Happy birthday kole. i'm proud of the man you are becoming not only for your bike riding but also for your decisions and respect you show towards others. if you follow @kolevoelker you'll understand what i mean. i love you and happy 17th

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One week ago brian and i partied until 5am in the uk. tonight i might make it to 9:45. #mk17 it was awesome thank you guys #wall2wallfreestyle @wall2wallfreestyle

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Delayed before a 10 hour flight but had haro to hang with. thanks england great times

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Been getting rad since tube socks were cool

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I try not to get to involved with kole and riding but i just couldn't keep my mouth shut and suggested he bar fakied over the gap and i'm glad i said something. great day

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It felt great to ride my bike again and seeing at least 150 + riders hitting the same spot we were riding over 30 years ago was priceless. #thestreetseries #bmxday

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I bet somebody could guess what the temperature is

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Just like a broken leg hopefully no operation is needed to add extra parts. vander and i were lucky this happened just after getting off of the freeway and we were only taking off at a stop sign doing about 5mph

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I don't know what to say or how to describe the way i'm feeling but kole won the contest and is heading to austin in october all expenses paid. #chasebornandraised you guys run a top notch contest thank you for coming to lakesiiiiiide. @chasehawk @kolevoelker @dennisenarson @chadkerley

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It's a wild time at the beach with adventure boy

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