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It's a wild time at the beach with adventure boy

comment 7 star 157 1 weeks ago

Katie n vander the day after katie graduated high school

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18 and 19 months

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Katie's 18th was a big wheel i mean deal

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Kayaking in seattle wham a plane cut me off

comment 5 star 126 3 weeks ago

Seattle has some hidden treasures

comment 11 star 157 last month

My buddy @chrismyers_ecbmx just sent me the real photo of the healthiest bass i've ever caught from around 03. thanks

comment 5 star 141 last month

I was looking at this old photo from around 2003 thinking this was the healthiest bass i've ever caught. # bass #largemouthbassfishing # largemouth #dedicated_ten #doubledigits

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A little spring fling with vander. the only dangerous spot to touch a bass apparently is the most attractive. #bass #largemouthbassfishing #elcapitanreservoir

comment 6 star 177 April 2017

Kole on a hip at woodward west #osbmxr

comment 11 star 326 March 2017
comment 16 star 439 March 2017

This one was 5 and another that was 7. good day finally #dedicated_ten #bassfishing

comment 10 star 261 March 2017

Katie pulled off a second at her first varsity gymnastics meet. love you katie

comment 1 star 116 March 2017

I've been partying with these people in their graves for over 20 years and i'm sure they enjoy the company and stories. hoffman being here this year was extra special. #davevoelkers50th

comment 6 star 175 March 2017

I haven't seen all the photos of my birthday bash yet but this one says it all. thanks @alexlanderosbmx for coming out after just flying home from india. ride on #davevoelkers50th

comment 39 star 570 March 2017

@mikeparentibmx and i started the birthday bash off right by riding out to the water trough tower way out in the dunes at 3:00 am thursday night after everybody crashed. #freedom #glamis #davevoelkers50th

comment 5 star 114 March 2017
comment 2 star 149 March 2017

@kolevoelker and bo working together to balance out the teeter totter. #davevoelkers50th #glamis #glamisdunes #glamispics

comment 4 star 115 March 2017

@condorbmx conquering the teeter totter in the middle of nowhere. @kolevoelker #davevoelkers50th

comment 7 star 245 March 2017