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Sea world was closed which gave me a window to go fishing. i was the only person at san vicente this afternoon which i believe makes me officially a member of the #dedicated_ten #sanvicente #sanv #bassfishing

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Mr mom since 1999. i always brought the kids out with the boys. #devilspunchbowl #cedarfalls

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This situation was third gear bottom end when the soft spot ate my front wheel and i went flying over the bars. bike was still standing and look how far i flopped with no marks around the bike. probably around 2001 #glamisdunes #glamis @mikeparentibmx

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Fishing is not easy anymore with this guy. this time of the year is hard enough

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This kid is stoked more than christmas. kole just received his first etnies package that he earned himself without me saying or asking for any help. let them choose their own path and see what happens. life is a trip ride on kolten skye. # etnies #maybelettinghimrideascooterwasn'tthatbadafterall #earningit #prouddad

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New years day hike near glamis.

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Thanks for the hand down pete agustin

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@mikeparentibmx was using google earth for a backup camping spot incase our spot was taken when he saw this it's the graveyard we go to late at night and there is a 48 from my 48th b day party. they always burn whatever year for some photos.

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Kolten skye and vander kai sunset on the dunes. happy new year. #glamispics #glamis #glamisdunes @koleee_voelker

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Only 14yrs ago i was getting away with live free or die. lack of common sense has destroyed our freedom. was this dangerous? no because i cared and didn't go fast and had many many years of experience on this 85 250r threewheeler. try this inside of your camp circle (like the wagons back in the cowboy days) and the rangers will write you a ticket.

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My boys in the only field left where i grew up. santee lakes bridge in the background. merry christmas

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