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Rose high school greenville nc

comment 11,824 star 22,680 February 2016

My rock! thank god

comment 3,485 star 15,405 February 2016

Fight to win! we all have a battles to fight. never back down. love you all. #diewithyourbootson

comment 918 star 6,409 February 2016

Start em young! madikenz @julianjamesashton riding dirty @parmaleemusic summer bash. miss you guys

comment 121 star 2,886 February 2016

Tough 104 mile race but as you can see madikenz @laurnicomirr were waiting for daddy and got me whatever i needed to recover. 3hours52mins. #beadadnotafad 1st place doesn't mean s**t without family 1st #legendsoftheroad

comment 256 star 3,958 February 2016

Mad respect for @wolfmate that's a real dude. thanks for the friendship that really started after our action sports careers. check his show out on faction. 🙏 love u too justin fortune

comment 26 star 1,151 February 2016

If wasn't for bikes we could've started a band. @condorbmx @bmxdmc 😂😂 love u guys

comment 78 star 3,077 February 2016

I miss my ducati! that's a bad bike.

comment 92 star 2,691 February 2016

Get your sites on your target. you will win

comment 264 star 1,992 February 2016

This is how i play b-ball. sorry king james

comment 128 star 3,579 February 2016

Dream big!

comment 136 star 1,651 February 2016

Kenz is a spitting imagine of her dad. #beadadnotafad love that gem

comment 289 star 2,464 February 2016