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I love you all so much 🥰🥰 #hockeygame #famjam #rangers #nyrangers

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I just love them so much 😭😍♥️

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Sappy post warning: if you can't handle it, keep on scrollin baby. - this man is the most caring, considerate, loving and downright genuinely amazing guy i've ever met. i have met many people who say they would give someone the shirt off of their back for someone else, but genuinely, shane is the only person i've ever met who i have actually witnessed doing so over and over again. i have seen him short on cash, but still taking his friends to buy them groceries when they're having a tough time. passing on hours upon hours of sleep to dedicate to his family, friends & clients. selfless is a word i would use to describe him, but i don't believe that word really represents the depth of how selfless he really is.
his exterior may be tough (which helps me feel safe everywhere we go) but underneath all of those muscles and tattoos, he is an exemplary embodiment of how people in this world ought to be. his heart is so big, and i can't believe i am lucky enough to be the one he wants to keep around forever. 😍 @wecomeoutatnight
#appreciateyourmaneveryday #loveyoualways #mybetterhalf #luckyaf #dontknowhowigotsolucky #huskydad

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This is my pet rabbit that lives at the brewery. his name is pickles cause we share a love for cucumbers that have been bathed in vinegar. 10/10 will feed again.

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Stolen from @honorboundtattoos !!! i'm so happy to get these gaps filled! quick session today, but i'm loving where this is going 😍😍😍 thank you kyle!!!!! 😃😃😃

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*fred durst voice* you know what time it is

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Snuggle buddies 😍😍😍

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I'm the kind of person who goes to a haunted theme park and takes photos with the people dressed up like they're disney characters 😂😂 #sorrynotsorry

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Daddy's boy 😍💕♥️

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I love every day i get to spend with you 😍

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