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Days off means motorcycle rides to the mountains with the house husband and the robertsons! ❤️❤️ had so much fun today! 😍😍 @wecomeoutatnight

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#mcm 😍

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Here's to another year successfully avoiding cowboy halloween, aka. #calgarystampede

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The sweetest smiles are always the fluffiest ones 😍

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Master of puppers (lolz jk i h8 metallica)

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I love you, and our adventures together ❤️ @wecomeoutatnight

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Zakks first trip to the mountains! i think he's excited

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The work homies decided to give my desktop background a facelift and i have no plans of ever taking them down 😂😂😂😂😂

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I'm so happy i finally got to meet this girl!!! you're the perfect girl for my big brother, and i've never seen him smile as much as when you're next to him!!! 😁 welcome to our family mrs. anthea fairn!!! 😍😍 congratulations!!! ❤️❤️ #womance #nowandfairnever #afairntalewedding @fairn.lovely

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Words cannot describe how much i love these two!!!

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All dressed up and ready to celebrate! #foknfairn2018

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Got dropped off at work today by these two handsome creatures 😍 #luckygirl #killingit

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