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I have a calming love for this dead tree. on this particular night, snowflakes caught in the light beam revealed its lifted ghost saturating this place. #treespirit .
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Nature's first green is gold,
her hardest hue to hold.
her early leaf's a flower;
but only so an hour.
then leaf subsides to leaf.
so eden sank to grief,
so dawn goes down to day.
nothing gold can stay.
-robert frost

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Somewhere within

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@atinaka 🌈

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Limited edition prints!!! available now! 🌈 “rainbow road - muir beach”. 🌈 update: sold out 🤭

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From what i’ve gathered—in mayan culture, ix chel is a goddess of fertility, the moon, and water. in yucatec maya, her name means “rainbow woman.” she symbolizes fertility of the land, brings good rain, and the harvest.
ix chel is also thought to be a wrathful and malevolent deity, bringing floods and acting as a “mean old lady”. while i was exhaustedly running with my rainbow-rig to make this image, i fell down and screamed out in frustration behind the main temple, immediately followed by a bird or bat slapping me on the back of the head— i can’t help but think it was actually ix chel’s hand, reminding me that i was merely a microscopic visitor at this ancient and powerful place, and i need to keep my respect in check. i hope this image reflects some love and the yearning for cultural abundance, in a time of continued destruction and disrespect towards indigenous people and their wisdom.

ix chel is often illustrated carrying an overturned water/womb jar, pouring water onto the land. perhaps alongside the mayans’ astronomy and mathematics, orienting their temples to frame the sun and moon at solstice— they can see ix chel’s gifts in prismatically poured rivers of abundance— and maybe it looked a bit like this.

thank you to @atinaka for producing this one and inspiring me to create!
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There’s a quote about overcoming obstacles and love conquering all somewhere in this image. something about how we may be surprised to find a broken branch washed up on the shore of an otherwise perfect paradise, but if we beat it, if we get through it, we win. but, i’m not sure that those obstacles are always meant to be overcome. maybe we are just supposed to dance with those beached trees, and weave ourselves through those crooked fingers, squeeze them tight, and love them for surprising us.
thank you to @atinaka for helping to make this one, @shive55 & @alexaeversole for inviting us to this beautiful place to celebrate their love! #forevershive #rainbowroad #love #hasselblad #x1d #hasselbladx1d #mediumformat #longexposure #lightpainting #trippy #aureta #lovewatts

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At the bequest of summer’s verdant dye. #tbt

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Which do you prefer? comment below... or just think about it for a moment and don’t comment. or perhaps don’t even bother thinking about it and enjoy both. why so binary?

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