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Leaving walmart after a foot patrol with ethan.

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Ninja hoverboard battle in the park with nunchucks

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I still love using the old leaders book from the army for everyday business. new chapters but a lot of the same tools.

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My favorite new travel bag. #gruntstyle

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Speaking in dc. had to sneak in the knife hand.

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Plenty of delays on a 22 hour train ride visiting the grandparents. texas to chicago. #amtrak #train

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"freedom is not free - the cost is written on the wall.". #respectforvietnamvets

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Visiting the half size replica of the vietnam war memorial in longview tx with family.

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Grandpa's war box had some old trophies from victory. grandpa fought the nazi's as a combat medic with the us army.

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Ethan learns to use a vintage egg b****r at the great grand parents. no prop here, this machine is maybe over a half century old.

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My world war 2 vet grandpa tries on vr like a pro. #googledaydream

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We got hoverboards this weekend!! #hoverboard

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Doc redmond ramos is going on the amazing race right! he starred in our first national grunt style commercial a few months ago. glad to see his star rising. #gruntstyle #amazingrace #cbs

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The general and the book he wrote.

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Keeping busy on our delayed flight. #americanairlines

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Watch out ny. two boys are tearing it up on the snow day. #nyc

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Fox business network with maria. #morningsmaria @grunt_style

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In the green room at fox business network. #morningsmaria #foxnews

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