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Yummy yummy cannolli

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Got the opportunity to fly on the @jaguars team jet to play the @patriots in the #afcchampionship . @gruntstyle @gruntstyle events @gruntfitapp @alphaoutpost

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I didn't build my first computer until i was at least 11. ethan and i did this last night, he's 8.

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Raspberry pi

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Shot show​ 2018! stop by the lucas oil outdoor line booth # l201 for a taste of freedom and violent but true bedtime stories live with grunt style 1st sgt​ tim jensen!

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A little gs love at the rampage game. @gruntstyle @sarampage @alphaoutpost @clubgruntstyle @gruntfitapp

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New touch screen glass??

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Ethan stayed home because of the ice storm in sat. so he made us an office to work together in.

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Little ice storm. now i'm late to an appt.

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@wwe with @gruntstyle 1sg enjoying the night at the @gruntstyle suite! @alphaoutpost @gruntfitapp @clubgruntstyle

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Wwe and raw

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6 years ago today, we we're desperate. almost out of business and broke. @gruntstyle @clubgruntstyle @alphaoutpost @gruntfitapp we put everything into this trade show, our first one ever. so we packed up and went all in. we were so broke that after taking the budget airline to vegas we took the free shuttle to the hotel and walked a mile and a half to the nearest grocery store and ate only peanut butter sandwiches for the next 3 days. we were broke, but never poor. if we didn't make $6k at this show we were shutting our doors forever. we worked our butts off and eventually made it back to our flight home, totalling sales at $6,200. just enough to be very depressed about staying in business. but after taking a hard look and analysis at our business and what worked we changed things and refocused. after that month we doubled in revenues every month for the next year and expanded our team to help accomplish the vision and mission. today, our team is over 500 veterans and patriots strong. we have one of the largest screen printing operations in the country, a 110k sqft fulfillment warehouse and expanding into new factories in texas. i'm so proud of our team and our accomplishments, without them we wouldn't be here. but it's good to remember just how fragile success can be. stay humb

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Warm up

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Before kickoff. it's cold. it's football. and i love it.

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Game time!!

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This is the grunt style christmas and new year's party we are having tonight. i'm so proud of the team. @gruntstyle @alphaoutpost @gruntfitapp

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