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Curled 135lbs x2 for the first time in a decade. #gettingitback

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Hello 335lbs, my chest has missed you for a few years. #gruntfit #chestday

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It was great to meet captain breining, today here at bunker labs. #musterusa

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It was great to meet greg jumes, ceo for @victortechinc, at bunker labs today. #musterusa

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It was great to meet james kosur and brian jesse from qikpix today at bunker labs. #musterusa

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Great meeting jordan cohen from firebrand apparel group at bunker labs today. #musterusa

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Good to meet eric taveras, president of taveras insurance agency, at bunker labs today. #musterusa

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Met with bunker labs ceo todd connor & nick t. from plated today. #musterusa

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Country singer and combat veteran, john preston.

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Met this warrior in texas. funny man. he does stand up comedy. go see his shows.

comment 7 star 159 last month

Proud of my friend, fellow drill sergeant and now 2nd lieutenant michael ahn. it was an honor to be the first to salute him.

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Honored and humbled to enjoy a few drinks with moh receiptent ty carter. pretty incredible citation.

comment 2 star 105 last month

With morgan luttrell and neal mccoy

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Ethan the samurai. #samurai #japantrip

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Found ice cream at the japanese temple

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Beautiful. #rifles #gruntstyle

comment 11 star 150 last month

Liz buys a kimono in japan at a local boutique.

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