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My friend just got married, got pregnant and bought a house while i managed to finish a whole pint of ice cream on my own...

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My new years resolution was to lose 15 pounds and i'm proud to say that i'm officially 25 pounds away from my goal weight!! 😅😭 (@thoughtcatalog)

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If u dating my bff then we dating too! so if you break my bff's gentle heart then we got a problem now 2🖕🏼. #icursethedayyouwereborn #byefelicia

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Me: *doesnt sleep, is tired* me: *sleeps a bit, is tired* me: *sleeps average amount, is tired* me: *sleeps a lot, is tired* me: *is tired* (@therealsarahhyland)

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This is literally me with my cat!! i wanna cry when she does this, i cancel all my plans and wish i didn't live alone so someone could capture this beautiful moment. 😍😩

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Just complaining my way thru life, one day at a time. find someone you can hate everything with you and call it love ❤

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If you're dating my best friend then best believe you are dating me now too.... boiiii stop playing lol

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Cash me outssside politely going back into my house because i hate everyone and i rather binge watch shows alone while petting my cat. 😻💋

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Surround yourself with tacos not negativity (follow @shopdaddyissues)

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Me and my bff's hit that age in our lives where it takes us 3 hours to get ready to go out and by that time we're already d***k and ready to watch netflix n order in n f**t in peace. (@barkpost)

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Adderal is really perfect to remind you to colour coordinate your closet at 3am @thoughtcatalog

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Girlll i always encourage my bff's hoe activities since the stories i get to hear during sunday's brunch are way better than any reality show out there.

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