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In honour of how weird this year has been so far, here's some more weird s**t you can look at at work while you pretend to be working. tag a friend. (@timanderic)

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There's nothing more annoying than when u wear ur sister's stuff so then she thinks it's okay to go thru ur closet n wear ur stuff. like no b***h u gotta ask first wtf!!! take it off right now!!!

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I'm definitely that girl that rather hang out with a pet at a party versus people... i'm also that girl that doesn't get invited to parties so i just stay home and hang out with my cat. (@bellahadid)

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Fuck being ride and die for your man! be ride and die for your bff who will be there to m****r your man if he ever crosses you. (follow @mytherapistsays)

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I went to target and wanted to try different hair sprays before buying until an employee walked by so i asked him if it's okay and he told me "lady, i don't even care if you m****r someone here" and kept walking. (@shopdaddyissues)

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Everyone says i'm dramatic and i overreact but when an octopus gets upset, it eats itself... so s**u and give me attention! i need it... all of it. (@thoughtcatalog)

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Find someone who is just as weird as u, force them to tell u their secrets so they could never leave u. #bffsforever @drunkfail @terrycrews

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If you can't handle me at my day d***k then you don't deserve me at my night d***k fuckboy!!! #turnup #ladieswhobrunch #fivemimosaslater 🍹💃🏼

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If you're trying to be healthy this year and also get over ur ex, what better way than to get on a d**k diet that'll f**k all those feelings and f*t right out of ya

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Whenever i meet new people in the first 5 min, i'm already showing them pics of my cat... and i think that's why i'm still single. 😻❤️

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Guys be like single and ready to waste someone's time for the next 6 months to 95 years. 🔪🔪🔪 #butigaveyouanal #w*f tnx @mytherapistsays

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Unless i've been drinking then your secret is safe with me and everyone at the bar but to my defence i'll get so d***k i'll forget your secret so i'll be the only one who actually doesn't know it. 👍🏻(@shopdaddyissues)

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