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I don't get how people my age have kids... like i am kids. (@thoughtcatalog)

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You know the friendship is real when you rather stay home and get d***k for free with your besties and gossip about everyone you hate.

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I don't get all these people bragging about w**d today and it being 4/20 it's like why don't you s**u and do some m**h like an adult...#420 (@thoughtcatalog)

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,texting him 375 times to prove that ur not crazy sounds like a good idea!" - tequila 🥃👍🏻 also, don't forget to catch @unforgettablethemovie in theatres april 21st. #sponsored

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Daaaaamn life, back at it again with the bullshit!! happy f*****g monday. (@thoughtcatalog)

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Guys say they want a fun girl so you show up at their house in the middle of the night after calling them 97 times and suddenly ur unstable... make up ur mind! also, don't forget to catch @unforgettablethemovie in theatres april 21st. #sponsored

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I really hope that my cat looks up to me and that i'm setting a good example..... she deserves the best since she is the best!! so shut your mouth susan no one cares about your cat.

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This is so relatable except that i don't have a bf but i do have a cat that hates me so honestly same.

comment 17,027 star 77,193 3 weeks ago

One time when i was out of town and super wasted, i ordered a chocolate cake to my room and i guess fell asleep before i could finish it. i woke up n***d with the chocolate cake all over my sheets and body. i thought i s**t myself till i realized it was the chocolate cake. anyway, i'm single.

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Life is about pretending that you're ok on instagram while falling apart on the inside. 🙃

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Link in bio to get these bff tanks ⬆️ use code: daddy for 10%!! shopdaddyissues.com

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Doesn't matter how lame the place you're at is, if you have your bff by your side, it's a party. 👯

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You know you're getting old when you rather stay in and m********e to jake gyllenhaal than go out and deal with a three day hangover. or is it just me?

comment 11,092 star 75,942 4 weeks ago

Is adulthood just like a lot of alcohol and waiting for ur next paycheck so you can buy more alcohol and make terrible decisions? bc same.

comment 19,618 star 53,004 4 weeks ago

When u finally end ur s*x drought n get a taste of that good good d n is all u can think about the next day🤔😻 (i'm still in a drought tho so dis me day dreaming errrrday rn..... 😭)

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I tell my mum everything. trust me if you hurt my feelings, there's a 100% chance my mama already knows. (@thoughtcatalog)

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This yellow power ranger is 100% me when i come home after a long day of work and just wanna netflix and chill in peace. ✌🏼

comment 23,075 star 83,114 last month

Guess who's clingy, needs constant attention and reassurance that they're loved and wanted!! no, not your mum... me 🙋🏼 over here!! haha love me. please. lol but srsly

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Live every day like you're jill.... chug those 23 shots, b**g ur ex's brother, go streaking at work, slap that barista at starbucks that gets ur name wrong.... f*****g jill it up sugar tits. #yolo #jillgetsit #especiallythegympart (@thoughtcatalog)

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Here's a pic of me to remind you all that when one door closes a wine bottle opens... or three! 🍷 happy international women's day!! 💋 tag a bff

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