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If she drinks and you don't get a text then you ain't the one booboo. (@americanfailure )

comment 7,099 star 41,601 8 hours ago

I just want to lay in a bed with 300 puppies while that one guy who flirted with me 4 months ago at target scratches my head and feeds me chocolate. i also want my ex’s new gf to rub my feet and tell me i’m pretty that’s all 😭😭😭

comment 5,412 star 96,987 11 hours ago

The hormone surge right before your period is so random. your back ache, your nipples tingle and tell you when it rains... you be wanting a whole cake with a side of dick. what a grand time to be a girl.

comment 5,059 star 80,186 Yesterday

Or am i gonna wake up on my couch with a horrible headache and netflix still on asking me if i’m still watching..?? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

comment 8,661 star 91,600 2 days ago

Whenever i wanna stay in, everyone hits me up to hang but whenever i’m ready to finally go all out do lines off a stripper and b**g my friend’s dad suddenly everyone’s too busy and can’t hang. ughhhh

comment 10,778 star 64,446 3 days ago

Pls don’t think ur special, i literally hit on anyone when i drink. last time i was so d***k i thought the 75 yr uber driver had a sparkle in his eye.

comment 5,701 star 96,908 3 days ago

I always give into peer pressure lol… give into jerzday and don't forget to watch a whole new episode of @jerseyshore family vacation tonight on @mtv at 8/7c #jsfamilyvacation #ad

comment 7,813 star 77,608 4 days ago

I don’t make the same mistake twice, i make it at least 72 times just to make sure i’m an idiot. speaking of ex drama, @exonthebeach finally premieres tonight on @mtv at 9pm. ur not gonna wanna miss this.. #ad

comment 2,856 star 94,586 4 days ago

Important things i google at 3am..... i never stop trying to learn. i’m educated like that.

comment 4,619 star 56,666 4 days ago

I open a bottle of wine nowadays when the slightest inconvenience happens in my life so pretty much every night because i’m an adult and i can. ps. wine headaches r da worst tho w*f

comment 10,398 star 93,658 5 days ago

Of course they come back! who u gon’ find that’s better than me?? god.... lol don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for the premiere of @exonthebeach on @mtv #ad

comment 946 star 76,234 5 days ago

I can’t wait to be a mother because i’ll know every shady trick in the book like when my daughter will try to go study at her bff’s house at 9pm i’ll be like nah becky i know ur going to s**k d**k ur staying home watching ur sister because it’s mummy’s turn tonight with daddy.

comment 11,182 star 98,139 5 days ago