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Some girls want diamonds i just want some pizza and a head massage.... also maybe some head before that head massage 😝

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This yellow power ranger is 100% me when i come home after a long day of work and just wanna netflix and chill in peace. ✌🏼

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Is adulthood just like a lot of alcohol and waiting for ur next paycheck so you can buy more alcohol and make terrible decisions? bc same. (@thoughtcatalog)

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I don't want much except everything and nothing all at the same time but also at different times. how do you not get it!!!?! just love me d****t but also give me some space. #missyou #goaway #wheredidugo #ilikeyou #nvm #jkcomeback #imhungry

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If you had to choose between having a relationship & 732 tacos.....which sauce would you like with dem tacos?? 🌮🌮🌮

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Guess who's clingy, needs constant attention and reassurance that they're loved and wanted!! no, not your mum... me 🙋🏼 over here!! haha love me. please. lol but srsly

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Live every day like you're jill.... chug those 23 shots, b**g ur ex's brother, go streaking at work, slap that barista at starbucks that gets ur name wrong.... f*****g jill it up sugar tits. #yolo #jillgetsit #especiallythegympart (@thoughtcatalog)

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Here's a pic of me to remind you all that when one door closes a wine bottle opens... or three! 🍷 happy international women's day!! 💋 tag a bff

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No joke but this is literally me and my cat pancakes @pancakesbenson we're like obsessed with each other except that she probably hates me and wants to m****r me in my sleep or whatever lol i dunno. (@brokebetches)

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I've said it before and i'll say it again, may not be a good influence but at least i'm fun af. plus it's not fun to make bad decisions alone! #getupbitch #drinkup

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Best friends are people you can be mad at for only a short amount of time since you got gossip to tell them. #youbettersitdownforthis 👯

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I'm at that age that everything is dropping, like my credit score, my friends, my lovers, my patience, my money, my looks... everything except weight. (follow @shopdaddyissues )

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The awkward moment when you go out for "one drink" and you end up having 15 tequila shots with a side of molly followed by dirty s*x with a friend that u will never look at the same way again as you pause n think to urself "i can't find my underwear or my morals" 🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼

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( rp @violetbens0n follow muah ) literally all the time. like i take it back moses i was a little s**t but a smaller little s**t please give me back that body so i can post a flames body selfie.

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Last year while my friends were getting married, i honestly considered me being on level 16 on pokemon as an achievement. this year i've drank enough water the past week to stay hydrated and i already feel exhausted and like i deserve an award i dunno....

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I never make the same mistake twice. i make it 5 or 700 times just to be sure i'm a f*****g idiot and i don't deserve to be happy.

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My new years resolution was to lose 15 pounds and i'm proud to say that i'm officially 25 pounds away from my goal weight!! 😅😭 (@thoughtcatalog)

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Just complaining my way thru life, one day at a time. find someone you can hate everything with you and call it love ❤

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If you're dating my best friend then best believe you are dating me now too.... boiiii stop playing lol

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Cash me outssside politely going back into my house because i hate everyone and i rather binge watch shows alone while petting my cat. 😻💋

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