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Zooming into the weekend! what do you have planned?
i'm working a double shift in the copter today(16 hours!) and covering the shamrock shuffle in the sky for nbc's broadcast of it on saturday. i'll also be watching lots of basketball (boiler up!) and going to c2e2 to take some cosplay portraits with my new 85mm 1.4
this moon shot was taken this morning on our way back to the base.
music: a song for the shy moon by oran loyfer (for the last time)

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A couple snaps from my phone while up in nbc's sky5 covering the evening news today. it was a busy show covering swat surrounding a home after shots fired at officers, a house fire west of sox park and a car that drove the wrong way down lake shore drive at montrose. i'll be filling in as a backup for the next week so stay tuned for more here and on my story.

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The final & brightest #supermoon for 2019 is having to fight through some clouds here in chicago!
☁️🌕☁️ shot with a sony rx10 iv at 600mm
music: moon by borrtex (creation)

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Enjoy the ride.... went hunting for #chicagohenge on tuesday evening but just as it was about to make an appearance, it slipped behind some low clouds. the third shot was the closest we got to seeing it with the sun reflecting on the buildings to the right.
meanwhile, directly behind us a 98% moon was rising above the jay pritzker pavilion. there’s a path of incoming planes in this area and i was trying to get a shot of one in front of the moon, but didn’t have any luck. my quest continues for that shot.
bummer today’s weather is looking rough for both the henge and the super full moon😕

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#360chicagohenge a minute later the sun fell behind some low clouds and it ended up being a pretty lame sunset.

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First ones out on the green river! this morning @thecraighensel and i took to the chicago river to take in the dyeing of the river from water level and it did not disappoint. these are some shots taken with my @insta360 one mounted in the center of our canoe. 🍀
🚣🏻‍♂️ by @merrimackcanoes
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Buckle up back there, we're going into..."hyperactive"! ✨four more time-lapses from @elcosmicomarfa during @yeahfieldtrip.
1. there are at least 12 of these vintage trailers your can stay in. i was hoping to capture a collection of #lapse_loops of my favorite one's after doing this test shot, but then the skies didn't cooperate with my remaining time there.
2. this short loop was shot during @dave.krugman’s astro class.
3. you are here... shot on my final night. this night was supposed to be the clearest and best of the entire trip and then mother nature decided to change things up at the last minute with some gusty winds, super fast clouds and a cold front that took everyone by surprise with temps dipping into the mid twenties.
4. cloudy teepee's. same as above, had grand plans to revisit shot 2, but clouds.

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One year ago today we adopted @chicagostylecoco from @onetailatatime and brought her home for the first time! enjoy these random videos taken throughout our first year with coco and her tongue.👅 it’s in two parts, so be sure to swipe to view the full video.
music is from a how to play video on youtube of the bee's, i love you, by user beauchampy

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Ten fun scenes i stumbled upon at @yeahfieldtrip. let me know which one is your favorite.
1. @haiiileen kicking up some sunrise desert dust.
2. now this is how you sing happy birthday!
3. this @tinypotterystudio class! my love of miniatures and pots exploded on eye contact. i will be one of the first to buy one of this kits if they go on sale.
4. field tripper's tiny pottery creations! how amazing are all of these!🤗
5. disco is dead... remains of @sonyalpha #bealpha experience.
6. there's just something about these chairs with the deflated hot air balloon photo installation in the background
7. texas is the reason... and dogs!
8. ❤️comme des garcons
9. the all mighty eye of @elcosmicomarfa
10. starry teepee nights.

#yeahfieldtrip #marfa #texas #teampixel #teampixelsummit #giftfromgoogle

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Bike locked in the sun... 🌅🚲
today was the first time i made it out to north ave beach since early january. crazy! i thought there might be a few more people out here snapping as there was very little wind, which made it quite comfortable for 30f. as i approached the pier, i saw this figure and his bike. as i got closer i realized his bike fit snugly within the suns reflection on lake michigan. afterwards i introduced myself to @daniel_eidsmoe, told him a bit about #earlyrisersofchicagocs, chatted a bit about flying drones in the area. be sure to pop over to his account to see what he captured this morning.
i think i got some fun ice dancing time-lapses and also did a spur of the moment vlog from the pier. it will be my first one ever. please pester me if you don't see me promote it on here in the next a couple days. nothing like adding a project on top of the other stuff i still need to get out, hahah.
shot with the sony rx10 iv at 600mm

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Have you ever walked into a hot air balloon? here’s a quick @insta360 exploration inside this one that was a @sonyalpha photo installation at @yeahfieldtrip. swipe to see more including a really nerdy edit of me showing off my “super powers”🙈 #yeahfieldtrip #insta360 #teampixelsummit #giftfromgoogle

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Just when i thought i had edited everything from @yeahfieldtrip (i have so much still to share), i found another memory card i had forgotten about. these snaps were taken during saturday’s sunrise portrait walk with @jnsilva @kim.vandageraad and @kandianzinga.
all shot on the @sonyalpha ar7 iii
#yeahfieldtrip #marfa #bealpha #giftfromgoogle

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