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I have never regretted buying paddle boards. #suplove

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Float float.

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Learning about life and death today #younghobie

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Peaceful homestead tonight ✨ #petermanpricehouse #northshoreyurt

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The homestead this evening ✨ #younghobie #smallwilla #petermanpricehouse #mywhitepine

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Windswept, fast moving sunset. i’ll take it! 👍🏻

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Glorious spring has arrived in minneapolis. maybe someday it will make its way up the north shore 😂

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Glorious, still day on the big lake for a first paddle of the year #superioryoulooklikeanoceantome

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A warm, sunny afternoon in the yurt and a fox stopping by to say hello. a glorious day on the homestead #petermanpricehouse

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We have had 16 humans and 2 dogs come stay on our property over the last few weeks. living in a remote and rural place can be isolating and we are grateful to have friends and family make the trek to visit our little corner of the state.

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I find boredom to be key in unlocking creativity. allowing the mind the space to wander and freedom from constant distraction is important. and if you pick the right places to be bored, it can be be downright delightful. #northshoreyurt #whpimbored

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