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A friend who will lay under a willow tree with you in the snow is a good friend to have

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It’s our last week on park point and i’m feeling grateful to my in-laws for letting us stay for these months and grateful these months have included two season changes. suddenly it’s winter and the bay is frozen and dotted with ice houses. let it snow!! ❄️❄️❄️

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Park point morning report: not bad #superioryoulooklikeanoceantome #duluth #minnesota

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Calm day on the bay #duluthrowingclub

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Four & five. fast friends.

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I will miss this desk, this room, this house, this view, this property, when we say goodbye to it. #petermanpricehouse #mywhitepine #superioryoulooklikeanoceantome

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Yesterday may be the warmest day i experience for 6+ months ☀️

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Morning beach finds #parkpoint #duluth #nosharkshere

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