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Halfway through level three y’all 😎

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Back out on the west coast for a bit filming with @christianrigal for a new itunes project | 📷: @rigalvisuals / @nathan88williams

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Bmx is fun and this felt cool 😊 hope y’all have a great weekend | 🎥: @tammymccarley #bmx #backyardmini #goodtimes @united_bmx @cinemabmx @duobrand @hercules_wae @swiftwicksocks

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My pit stop in phoenix/tempe was a terrible idea.. no one had fun at all. such a sick backyard session to end two days of driving with. thanks @stevenjensen for hooking it up and thanks @tammymccarley @jeffwescott for perfect hospitality 🙏🏼❤️ san diego bound now ✌🏼| #bmx #backyardramp #goodtimes

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Some clips from the round rock park session yesterday. place is pretty fun 👌🏼off to phoenix today in hopes to catch a sweet evening session. hmu fellas | @united_bmx @cinemabmx @duobrand @hercules_wae @swiftwicksocks #bmx #chirpchirp #pov #nibblesandbits

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House park with the homie @ynotwoodland today | #atx #bmx #rollerblade #itsnotdead

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Hyped to finally learn this one! was a day i definitely tested my patience haha | #nashville #bmx @united_bmx @cinemabmx @duobrand @hercules_wae @swiftwicksocks

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A few smith grinds at one of the best spots in town | 🎥: @ynotwoodland #nashville #bmx @united_bmx @cinemabmx @duobrand @hercules_wae @swiftwicksocks

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Second angle of the rail hop to barrier i posted yesterday. almost peaked a bit early making me give it that lil extra pump | #nashville #bmx #nosedownassup

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Making the most of a fun setup with @ynotwoodland a couple days ago at @sixavenashville | #nashville #ganggang

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What’s good tho.. @postmalone #nashville

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Happy national pov day 🤷🏻‍♂️ here’s the video following up my 9th st photos from last week in austin | @united_bmx @cinemabmx @duobrand @hercules_wae @swiftwicksocks #pov #bmx #keepingitsimple #itsnotpovdaytho

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