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If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.. 💪🏼 #railed #violated #nutjob #closebutnocigar #keepitsimple #bmx

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Yesterday was probably one of the most progressive bmx days i've lived in a lonnnng time! here's a sketchy 180 getting the blood flowing at yet another unreal school. seriously could not have been a more fun day riding bikes with some of my best friends and dudes in the game. thank you for a blessed day homies 🙏🏼 | 🎥: @rich.forne. . . @united_bmx @danscompinstagram @duobrand @cinemabmx @swiftwicksocks #calivibes #bmx

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Rolled around a few schools yesterday cleaning the cobwebs out with @united_nathan. california schools never cease to amaze me! . . @united_bmx @danscompinstagram @cinemabmx @duobrand @swiftwicksocks #jibnation #calivibes #bmx

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Hyped to be back out on the west coast for a bit cruising around. here's a fun one from last summers trip filmed by @calvinkosovich

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Couple more clips from the #districtofcinema trip a few months back. this was definitely one of those spots that had everyone wondering "what's possible" 🤔 | 🎥: @will_stroud. . . @united_bmx @cinemabmx @danscompinstagram @duobrand @swiftwicksocks #linkinbio #bmx #goodtimes

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Clip from a few months back on the #districtofcinema trip. still can't believe this spot was real | 🎥: @will_stroud. . . @united_bmx @cinemabmx @danscompinstagram @duobrand @swiftwicksocks

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Fun one from a quick @salemtownboardco session yesterday | 🎥: @united_nathan. . . @united_bmx @cinemabmx @danscompinstagram @duobrand @swiftwicksocks #bmx #nashville

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Here's a #tbt #bts clip from my must dust edit. i don't do flips often.. have to say this was the biggest one for me 😳 stoked everything worked out in the end with this project. thanks to everyone that helped make it happen 🙏🏼 who's ready to make another one? @joshmcgwn @gearseven @nataliemicah @joelbarnett1025 @ynotwoodland @nathanbrown77 @cburden

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Up across back down with a few twist and turns (feeble hard 180 to halfcab feeble to hard 180) | 📸: @kevinconners. . . @united_bmx @cinemabmx @danscompinstagram @duobrand @swiftwicksocks #districtofcinema #bmx

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Bar manual t down from the photo gallery over on the @digbmx site | 📸: @kevinconners. . . @united_bmx @cinemabmx @danscompinstagram @duobrand @swiftwicksocks #districtofcinema #digbmx #bmx

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Had a fun lil trip to memphis with @united_nathan & @littlepatrick. got rained out most of it but managed to snag these clips riding the local al town slab spot the first day | @united_bmx @cinemabmx @danscompinstagram @duobrand @swiftwicksocks

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Impromptu road trip with @united_nathan & @littlepatrick to memphis yesterday. shout out to the boys at al town for building the raddest diy spot in dah south👊🏼 | 📸: @united_nathan

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I don't always juice but when i do 👉🏼 @juicenashville 💚 | 📸: @4thebirds. . . #juicenashville #nashville #ohyeah #bmx #healthiswealth

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Few nugs from cruising the @sixavenashville slab with @united_nathan and @ynotwoodland yesterday. stoked on manual to whips lately! . . @united_bmx @cinemabmx @danscompinstagram @duobrand @swiftwicksocks #nashville #bmx

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One of my favorite lines from the #districtofcinema trip. nonstop good vibes with this crew | 🎥: @will_stroud. . . @united_bmx @cinemabmx @danscompinstagram @duobrand @swiftwicksocks

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Sorry for being mia on the gram lately.. here's some clips exploring around small towns on my trip back to nashville from cali a couple months back. so ready to get back after! . . @united_bmx @danscompinstagram @cinemabmx @duobrand @swiftwicksocks #saltonsea #slabcity #bmx #travelmoreworryless #travelingwithtnez

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Always a treat to ride some stoppers every now and again haha. shout out to @harleyhaskett for lending his fine steed over. bts clip from @reynoldsfiend while on the @cinemabmx #districtofcinema trip. in case you missed the full edit @will_stroud blessed us with 🔗 in bio 📲👆🏼

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