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Came across this pegs to nose from my california trip last month. missing the boys out west for sure | 🎥: @united_nathan. . . @united_bmx @cinemabmx @danscompinstagram @duobrand @swiftwicksocks #calivibes #bmx

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Quick fun one from @woodwardcamp a few weeks back | 📸: @will_stroud. . . @united_bmx @cinemabmx @danscompinstagram @duobrand @swiftwicksocks

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It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not | 📷: @kevinconners

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One from the driveway session over the weekend.

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Turndown at the legendary @chris_doyle22 spot in pittsburgh last week. thanks for showing us around chris 🙏🏼 | 📸: @kevinconners

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Good times were had with these fellas last week @united_nathan @will_stroud | 📸: @kevinconners

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We're tourist, it's ok.. | 📸: @kevinconners

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There's an upside to every downside | 📸: @kevinconners. . . @united_bmx @cinemabmx @danscompinstagram @duobrand @swiftwicksocks #motivation #bmx #consistencyiskey

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Made it home back to nashville after a solid trip up north with the boys. here's one more from the bowl session the other day | 🎥: @will_stroud. . . @united_bmx @danscompinstagram @cinemabmx @duobrand @swiftwicksocks #blackandyellow #bmx #pittsburgh #roadtrip

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Pittsburgh has been a fun one. definitely gotta make another visit here with more time. here's one of my favorite tricks at the infamous red bowl filmed by @will_stroud

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Well this doesn't happen very often.. can't lie, it was a bit scarier than i thought it would be haha. thanks for the clip and loaner bike with stoppers @vandeverhoman ✊🏼 #palmsaresweaty #momsspaghetti #mylongestjump #onceachildalwaysachild

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Currently on the road to @woodwardcamp east for a few days with @united_nathan so here's a clip from my visit to @woodwardwest back in january. looking forward to hanging with all the campers 🤙🏼 | 🎥: @matthiasdandois. . . @united_bmx @cinemabmx @danscompinstagram @duobrand @swiftwicksocks #woodward #bmx

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Rolling fresh thanks 🙏🏼 to @united_bmx @danscompinstagram @cinemabmx @duobrand

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Reminiscing the good times with my dude @united_nathan last week in cali. . . @united_bmx @danscompinstagram @cinemabmx @duobrand @swiftwicksocks #calivibes #bmx

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That one time @bowie82 and i had fun in fiji | 📸: @jeffzphoto. . . @united_bmx @danscompinstagram @cinemabmx @duobrand @swiftwicksocks #fiji #overunder #bmx

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😭i hate goodbyes.. it's never easy letting go of things that hold true sentimental value. today i am passing on my precious baby that's been with me for 16 years. we've been through a lot together making more memories then i ever expected. i know that @christiferallen will treat him with the same love and care that he's used to. goodbye roy, i'm sure we will meet again one day, until then, enjoy your new home and family! #customized #bobber #hondashadow #bmx #rubbersidedown #twowheels

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Boned out smokey flip from last summer filming a fun warehouse project in town. i've got the itch to ride a box jump now 😬 | 📸: @cburden. . . @united_bmx @danscompinstagram @cinemabmx @duobrand @swiftwicksocks #bmx #mustdust #nashville #readyformegaramp

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Last full day in cali so to reminisce upon the good times that were had, i put together this one minute montage from my story post over the course of the trip featuring myself @dakroche and @united_nathan. . . @united_bmx @cinemabmx @danscompinstagram @duobrand @swiftwicksocks #calivibes #bmx #storytime

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Trip to sf has been one for the 📚👌🏽 witness some serious 🔨🔨 by @united_nathan all 🎥 by @christianrigal aka @rigalvisuals. shout out to @bubbie209 @bangerboyz for holding it down in norcal 🙌🏽was a pleasure meeting you guys. here's a couple fun emmanuels from the weekend for ya. . . @united_bmx @cinemabmx @danscompinstagram @duobrand @swiftwicksocks #calivibes #bmx #norcal

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One from last weekend cruising sd with the fellas | 🎥: @reynoldsfiend. . . @united_bmx @cinemabmx @danscompinstagram @duobrand @swiftwicksocks #calivibes #bmx

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