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I was asked to paint this picture of the first published picture of my big ramp. this is going to the uk for @leeleary. i asked my sister to take the picture with our moms camera. @steveswope is holding the pole and i asked timothy daly, ryan turner, chris collins and john smith to run out on the ramp and pose to give the picture perspective. i wanted my friends page hussey and grant millner to join too, but they had to work. a good memory to paint. i’ve never had to study this picture so hard. thanks for the support. message me if you want a quote. #mh_paints

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Got all fancied up to get inducted into the #oklahomasportshalloffame today. thanks for the honor.

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Back to painting pets. this is furby, bella and sushi going out to @fraunzel in mn. thanks for the support. message is interested #mh_paints

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I’ve been waking up at 4:30 in the morning the past few nights so i’ve been counting tricks to try to go back to sleep. rocket no handers and peacocks got stuck in my mind and i had to do them. i hope i can sleep tonight now. sorry to all the people who my shaky camera drives crazy. #condorsess #backyardsess433 #myshakycamera

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Got to go big with a 48x48 self portraits for @brett.vogel. oil on @skatelite from a piece from my #condorsess ramp. message if you want to commission a painting. thanks for the support. #mh_paints

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Playing with some oldies and enjoying the weather. nice surprise visit from some friends. @dr00bs 🎥 #backyardsess433 #condorsess

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I painted a #backyardsess433 moment for billy boardshorts boland going to australia. i painted my ramp on skatelite from my ramp and left the ramp the raw skatelite. thanks for your support. message if interested. #mh_paints

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Today is 70 degrees and calm! stoked. i love it when your heads spinning and it infects your flow. almost the end of january and i kept out of the er! i shouldn’t have said that... #i❤️vert #backyardsess433 #condorsess

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Back to my happy place. #backyardsess433 #condorsess

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It’s a beautiful day to ride and stretch out with an #indianair #backyardsess433 #condorsess

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Painting away the windy days. this is arya going to nh and olive and sweety going to ma. thanks for the fun biz. message if interested. #mh_paints

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#repost @leifiel ・・・ #tbtbmx leif took this at a fairmount park show in philadelphia in ‘94 with @bmxdmc , gerry galley & jay miron. thanks for the memories bud. #sprocketjockeys

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The wind calmed and the temps rose above freezing today. due for a couple laps on the u track. taking it easy cause every jan i go to the er cause weather keeps me grounded and i get too amped when there’s a window to ride... live and learn. #backyardsess433 #backyardsess432 #condorsess

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Making pet paintings for people. here’s prinny going to australia for @acracing and milya & molly going to north dakota for @kylo_ramone. message me if you want a quote. #mh_paints thanks

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Back to painting pets until it warms back up enough to ride. this is bronco the bat dog for my good friend @cordell71. if you’d like one message a pic to be price. thank you. #mh_paints oils on @skatelite

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Birthday dinner photo with mi family. @jaci_h snap’n a shot of myself & g$ @giannahoffman g’n down while @fart_mcbomber is spanking me out of frame. thanks for all the love. love back. ❤️#43+3

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I haven’t been able to ride the last couple weeks because of back problems and the weather. but today is beautiful and my back is bearable and it’s my last chance to ride at 43+2 (45yrs old) #backyardsess432 because tomorrow i’ll be 43+3 (46 yrs old) #backyardsess433. 🌈🦅🎉 #condorsess

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My badass sister in law rebecca hoffman is fighting 2nd to last tonight. my bother @travismhoffman and his gym @westernavenueboxinggym has 5 of the top fights! stoked. here’s a couple clips from the first two am fights 👊 pros on now. it gonna get intense! #hoffmanfamilynight i’ll try and do a live video.

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