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I was reminded today is the 28th anniversary of my first 900 at ronw's king of vert in ontario canada in 1989. i was 17 and this was my second attempt. i'm headed to albe's old school bmx show to celebrate bmx history with some of my og friends in clawson michigan. @albesbmx

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Back home, back on the healing couch and back to the drawing board. here's one i did last week before the #osbmxr trip for @michael.de.wit cat "chicken". if you want a commission dm me. i was given some new brushes and got to sit in on a lesson from my art hero @shawndbarber while i had some downtime in la. woohoo. #mh_paints oil on #skatelite thanks

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Started the day off with a small wake up session with @cocozurita. i was playing with tailwhips on the resi. i carved off the side and cased the vert ramp wall and jacked my wrist up. it seems pretty innocent but it feels like i may have broke my scaphoid or trapezoid bone. i can't hold my bars and touching that area is shockingly painful. it ended my day. oh well, 💩 happens. resis are dangerous #osbmxr #boneshealchicksdigscars @woodwardwest

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Made it to the #osbmxr @woodwardwest. let's ride like it was 1987. #43 🤘

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My favorite view... #repost @vitalbmx ・・・ mat hoffman. 1993. photo by brad mcdonald.

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Sorry for the bad selfie but it's for a great cause. i support @stbaldricks each year. i get shaven bald next month, on april 23rd, to raise funds for childhood cancer research. to donate the link is in my instagram profile or donate here if you can: https://www.stbaldricks.org/participants/mypage/883922/2017 best 2 donation get one side of my stache! thanks for your support!!!

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Stoked. #repost @vitalbmx ・・・ hit vitalbmx.com to get the story behind one of the most iconic photos in bmx history - @condorbmx's big air shot by @gbradmcdonald. link in @vitalbmx bio!

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Painted jena. rad dog. cool eyes! thanks for the support. #illpaintyourpets or whatever else. dm me for commissions #mh_paints

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A couple clips from today's #backyardsess432

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The winds calmed down enough to get a few runs in for sunset #backyardsess432 today. #backyardsess #backyardsess43 #backyardsess431 #i❤bikes

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Another commission. i love painting elephants. thanks for the support. dm for quote. #mh_paints oil on #skatelite

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I was asked if i'd paint a portrait of myself doing a no hander with wings... uh okay, here you go. thanks for the support. if you want me to paint you something dm me. #mh_paints

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I'm home and back to painting commissions and riding. here's another for @mihell1 of her lovely eva about to throw it down on stage. if interested dm me with a photo or idea and i'll quote it. thanks. #mh_paints

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Here's a 60 sec. flash from my all time hero and scholar of the rad, dave "the lord" voelker celebrated his 50th this weekend with many of the greats who were there to celebrate his 18th. ain't nothin changes but the calendar. thanks for being so rad my lord. peace love bmx. @davevoelker @kolevoelker @katie_voelker @blytherbmx @snowden4130 @xaviermendezbmx and many others... #davevoelkers50th

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A windy sketchy session but needed a #backyardsess432 on my #secretninjaramp

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Today's commission "ozzy". dm for one. thanks. #mh_paints #iwillpaintyourpets

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This one is going to england. oscar and brown bear. oil on #skatelite #mh_paints #iwillpaintyourpets dm me if interested. thanks for the support

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I painted carson for @mihell1 a couple days ago. #iwillpaintyourpets #mh_paints dm for commissions

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I threw my back out to where i couldn't even walk yesterday and thought it was going to be a while before i got to ride, but my lovely wife took a trip late at night to get me ice and i iced all night and i'm back boyeee with no foot inverts to boot. #backyardsess432 #backyardsess431 #backyardsess43 #backyardsess

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