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Here’s a #tbtbmx photo i have framed in my house with broken glass from #ronwilkerson’s #enchantedramp contest back in 1987. last week i passed by where this ramp sat, that you could see from i-5, and exited on leucadia boulevard, which happens to be exit #43 and the exit to get to this ramp. (*edit: i broke my heal in 4 places and ankle the day before riding in tehachapi and drove to encinitas) - i was headed to pannikin coffee shop with @bigislandmike. i passed by juanita’s taco shop where the awards were given out over 31 yrs earlier. i was then asked if i was @mikemcgill while i was getting coffee where i said no, but i know him, exchanging high 5’s. i then went to @zeroskateboards to do a podcast with the great @jamiethomas. after which i crashed at one of my favorite peoples house @staabpirate1 where mike mcgill called him and kevin handed the phone to me to say hi and didn’t know about the day i had. this was a crazy trip down 3 decades of memory lane. broke but stoked. i think this was shot by steve giberson? but if anybody knows better correct me. #condorsess. (*edit: i broke my heal in 4 places and ankle the day before riding in tehachapi)

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I was honored to hangout with the legendary @jamiethomas for his new podcast starting in may titled @thrillofitall - thanks for putting me up for the night @staabpirate1 been friends for over 30 years. 👊 and thanks for helping me get around @bigislandmike and packing up my bike ❤️ i’ve got good friends to lean on. now headed home to see my doctor.... photos by @timcisilino

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Well, i got my yearly reminder again today, from my friend john at ryderbmx, that today is the 29th anniversary of my first 900. i would forget every year if it wasn’t for him. but ironically yesterday i wanted to do a 900 and i crashed on the set up wall and broke my heel and my ankle. not acceptable. but sh@t happens. #keeponkeepingon swipe to see my legs pretty colors today.

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Made it to 10th old school bmx reunion #osbmxr to hang with the legends who started this game and witness the dream can live forever. thanks @steveswope for making this happen every year. here is a couple clips between watching @simontabron destroy it. i can’t wait for tomorrow’s session! #condorsess

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Was feeling sketchy today so i choose to call it after a few close calls... is that a sign of maturity? 👍 first session to the amazing new #messthetics album #backyardsess433 #condorsess “yeah” by @tripledigit405

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I’ve been painting gifts so i can’t show them at this time but here’s some portraits of people getting rad i got to paint... @denise_cropper sloping the coping in sydney, @kylo_ramone popping a big one on his board and @jeffperkins84 with big roof drop to bank. oil on skatelite. thanks for the support. message if interested. #mh_paints

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It was a little windy this evening but not as bad as it’s going to be tomorrow, so i got a couple clips in before it got sketchy. #backyardsess433 #condorsess

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A few clips from today’s spring break #backyardsess433 #condorsess #i❤️freestyle

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Add another big air painting to the archives. this one goes out to my friend brandon munoz. i did this one on black @skatelite, with oil. this is a tedious painting to make. it’s a good exercised of my patience. thanks for the support. #mh_paints message if you want to commission something.

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Got to fly around some clouds with my @squirrel.ws suit today. i purposely cut out my opening cause it was a bit sketchy with line twist, but it’s been since nov i got to jump my wingsuit, so gotta brush off the cobwebs. thanks @skydiveok for being awesome. #mh_skyjournal

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Those days you feel stressed then ride and are reminded nothing else matters. today’s #backyardsess433 #condorsess

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