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I was commissioned to paint an elephant skateboarding. so i wondered what an elephant doing a "stalefish" air would look like and then thought i better add "my tusks my choice" and "no ivory" tattoos. this one made me laugh. #mh_paints oil on #skatelite

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I had some old friends @poorboysteev and terry kim join me for my #backyardsess432 today. it is a beautiful day to ride. have a great weekend #backyardsess431 #backyardsess43 #backyardsess

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I painted cookie and sugar today then tried to get a windy session in but i had to b**w it off. get it! #badjokes now going to watch my daughter @giannahoffman star in gypsy #mh_paints #backyardsess432 dm me for commissions. thank you. @brushmeetscanvas

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Painted one for a friend of mine @mihell1 pops and dog carson fishing. #mh_paints oils on #skatelite #paintingoutofmycomfortzone thanks for the work painting... dm if want a commission.

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Started the day painting @pippy_squeak chilling. this ones going to australia #mh_paints dm if you want me to paint something for you. thanks. oil on #skatelite

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I'm back to painting pets... this is hardcore sturgeon. i need to spend some more time with it, but here's what i got so far. i have a couple weeks till my next travels, so dm me if interested. thanks for the support #mh_paints oils on @skatelite

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I got home early from lisbon and made it out to my dz to clear the cobwebs out of my mind. @okskydiving_center thanks for the wingsuit encouragement @tripledigit405 @squirrel.ws

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#backyardsess432 before a long flight to lisbon. sorry for my #vertturrets #backyardsess43 #backyardsess431

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Here's the other commission i did today. a gigantic monarch catapillar. my first caterpillar. :) #mh_paints

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I got to paint a couple commissions today. here's a barred owl. #mh_paints

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The greatest to ever touch a bike. #davemirra #miracleboy please donate towards his memorial today. #peacelovebmx

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Painted some more pets today, zero & sprocket. thanks for your support. #mh_paints #skatelite

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