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Still can't ride or fly yet, but i can finally hold a brush again. this is a good friend to have back. painting the dream and healing... after i finished i thought this could have been a moment in @jolenevanvugt childhood. πŸ˜‚ @skatelite canvas #mh_paints

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This is so inspiring!stephen is a true warrior! i could not put it down. a must read. #repost @staystrongbmx ・・・ stoked to announce that my book staying strong is now available worldwide in print and digital via amazon, ibooks, barnes&noble, waterstones and the stay strong website. thanks to everyone who's bought one so far, i've been stoked on the feedback! for those yet to buy one, hopefully it should be easier to do so now from any of these outlets. thanks. stephen.

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Tim kerr has a show at john maloof's gallery, miishkooki, (4517 oakton, skokie, il 60076) that opens august 26th. tim asked me to send one of mine for his "friends wall". honored. thanks @movetk . this ones on its way “born to ride”. 2'x3' http://www.miishkooki.com/ @miishkooki @skatelite canvas #yournamehere

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#vansbmxprocup larry blasting.

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Happy middle age roof! @mikeescamilla

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@wattzup throwing down new school steez at the old school @wall2wallfreestyle book release. @vansbmx66

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Giving more bad tattoos on good friends @thescottymezcal @bigislandmike

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Lost my phone. insane how attached to these portals we are. lost some good footy. im back with a new one here in huntington beach at the @vansbmxprocup. i get to watch the new masters kick b**t and celebrate our history with the original masters through the @wall2wallfreestyle book release. thanks @vansjerry and @vansbmx66 for the invite. @tommydugan being awesome.

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Chasing the fun down the mountain in butte and watching base jump and wingsuit heros master some jumps... go for it. @evelknieveldays 2017

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I'm on my way to @evelknieveldays to honor the late great @official_evel_knievel. this pic was shot when evel came through my town, as he did on many occasions, and invited me and my family to dinner. this was a special moment in my life. i just got out of the hospital from the slam on my big ramp that put me in a mild coma and tore half my lip off. here i have black eyes and stitches and an eight week old baby feeling pretty irresponsible cheating death again. after a major concussion you go through a depression where all the most engraved and tragic memory come back first without your pleasant joyful memories to balance you. when your in this state of mind and everyone around you are trying to save you from yourself, it can be pretty depressing. i needed someone to let me feel it's okay to be who i am no matter how many critics are telling me to change. thank evel. some people never change and that's okay. this was one of those "i'm good enough, i'm smart enough, and dog gonnit people like me" moments. πŸ˜‚

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Stoked to honor @kwalks at my skatepark with the most badass skateboard award "thrasher skater of the year". the second oklahomie shortly after @theclintorous. hell yeah. the mayor came out to the park and proclaimed it kyle walker day july 21 2017! photo by @im_stephenbaldwin

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#worldwidebmxday was amazing, at the @dravingroove jam, keeping the diy spirit alive. here's a couple other runs at the @xgames jam @pedrokrusher sent that i didn't crash. thanks for all the messages and care. 🀘❀️🀘

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The groove jam ready to go down this #worldwidebmxday

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Celebrating 7/20 #worldwidebmxday here with my bmx og friends of the genetically rad @dravingroove @psychobmx69 i hope to see you at their jam at noon at 1050 w wekiwa rd, sand springs, ok 74063. peace, love, bmx

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So let me talk you through this. i roll in. this ramp is sweet you can fly. it was last run & my schedule is tight so i didn't know if i could come back. i wanted to feel a good invert five. i did a 540 earlier but no style... before that i was going to milk the juice for a couple variations. second wall you're flying, so i was going to do a no hander to late no footer, leaving one hand off, since that feels better when you have some time, height. i did a no hander and put my right hand back on and went to take my feet off late, but when you haven't done those in a while you have to force him off because your mind is like "why are you taking your feet off right before we are landing" but i didn't force them off. πŸ˜‘ next wall i was going to do a swingleg but i still wanted to do that last one. so i did a blank wall to get a pump for a candycan. i did a candycan because i meant to do one at the worlds in england after talking to a rider who just learned them and pulled it in the contest. but i threw my back out and i couldn't have another session. so it was on my mind. it felt good, but i landed a little sketchy & lost my speed, so the next variation, which i was hoping for a rebate at the nh to nf1h, scratched, but i still had the invert 540 on my mind. i trusted the lip & my speed blindly and popped it & tucked and enjoyed every bit of it until i clipped my front wheel. now everything goes to pictures & slowmow. first i thought wow i really just clipped my front wheel on the coping... time to take it. i hit my head. it sparked but i'm still conscious. good. then my wrist impacts. it felt the strength to break bones and i felt some crack. then my ribs hit & my wind was gone. c**p i broke ribs too. i'm gonna walk away but it's going to be hard, & that's going to take some serious recovery time. then the challenge is getting up and off the ramp. i like to draw as little as attention to the slam as possible & slither off to find a quiet place where no one is. which is usually underneath the ramp and just relax, try to assess what's wrong, what you injured & breath. @xgames has a great er medic staff with the knowledge. thanks! 43 sec vid by @pedrokrusher

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I got my wrist drained yesterday and i'm feeling better today. thanks dr. yates. i'll post the slam later when i get the video from @pedrokrusher. i clipped my front wheel coming in on invert 540. not a big deal, but a hard one to walk away from. now-a-days, when i hit hard, my body sends a bunch of uric acid's to my joints i hit and make some lock up with arthritis. i guess my body thinks that's how it's going to get me to stop riding. ha ha ha

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Fun times @xgames

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I threw my back out last week and haven't been able to ride till today. the ramp felt awesome, but i did an invert five and hung front wheel. now i'm injured again... #storyofmylife

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The lady's of bmx killing it, throwing down a demo at @xgames - lady's park comp 2018? 🀘

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