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My daughter @giannahoffman is headed to nyc to live her dreams and passion studying at the @stellaadler workshop for 5 weeks. she'll be staying in brooklyn and will be visiting the great @luzzospizzanyc for their deliciousness... of which i promised to rep their t shirt riding and give them a shout out last visit. so today i finally fulfilled my promise! thanks luzzo! #backyardsess432

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I stayed an extra day in salt lake city to fly the north point. got to soar for a couple hour todays. stoked. @fly_cloud_9

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I get to help host the @nitroworldgamesofficial today live at 6p cst here in salt lake city! it's about to get silly! stoked!!!

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I bought some art by @dravingroove lady @lindenrgraves and she hand delivered it to me and groove and i got a quick hot summer #backyardsess432 good times #teamhoffman thanks for the goods @staabpirate1 @90theoriginal

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In honor of d**k maul i painted this. thanks for all the rad you planted. #peacelovebmx #dickmaulsbikeshop #dickmaulhasaposse @maulsbikeshop

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9am wake up #backyardsess432 with some of my best friends i.e #cancanair #indianair #cancanlookbackair #invertair #nohanderair

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Tonight's #backyardglorymh

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The first time i saw @konarocket i wanted to paint him. then i got the opportunity for @laura.tremaine birthday! happy early birthday laura! ❤️ #mh_paints

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One of those days chasing clouds with wingsuit then winds pick up over 30 mph on landing and i get pushed backwards for the trees dodge challenge. whew. #livelife #faceyourfears @skydiveok #oklahomaweather

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This is a must read. stephen murray is my hero! he's flatlined 3 times and has fought to regain his life back after becoming paralyzed from the neck down 10 years ago! ・・・ if you're in england his book launch will be at the @houseofvansldn saturday 24th from 12pm. hit the link in the @staystrongbmx bio to pre order yours today.. #staystrong #stephenmurray #bmxlife #autobiography #stysrg #forlife #my hero.

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I was drooling over this bowl the whole comp but it was fenced off and guarded. thanks for your helmet @vandeverhoman photo by @deanshralp

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Rebel run. thanks @deanshralp 📷

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Congrats homey's. see you in minnesota @xgames

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@xgames park finals in boise in effect now.

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Judges set. @xgames park qualifiers going down now in boise idaho

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A video grab from yesterday's #backyardsess432 i like when the selfie composition works out and makes me look like a backside boneless on the trees.

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A quick #backyardsess432 before i head out to boise for the park @xgames qualifiers! #backyardsess

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More sketchy summer family fun today. @fart_mcbomber #backyardsess432

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