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#vertmission this past weekend got me psyched to ride, broke off... it's been over a month. luckily last time i broke my scaphoid i was on #tonyhawksboomboomhuckjam tour and the show must go on, so i had this plastic cast made and molded to my grip... it feels good to be back to my happy place, pain and all. keeping it mellow. #backyardsess432 #backyardsess

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I made it home just in time to see my boy and his friends play an incredible show covering pink floyd’s the wall album. here’s a few clips from it. jet aka @fart_mcbomber is rocking the drums. thanks matt brown! the entire show is on youtube here: https://youtu.be/f6yhm5gka3o or you can click the link in my insta profile. #prouddad. the band: jet hoffman - drums, banjo olivia buss – vox peter jones – keys, vox sydney lahodney keys, vox jackson murray – bass, guitar, vox ariana safi – vox matthew tripp – keys. vox taylor yancey – lead guitar, vox directed by matthew alvin brown lyric theater thelma gaylord academy

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Good contest and bad tattoos... its a good life. ...it's been along time coming. this is about the time @bmxzack is waking up wondering why his leg is so sore. sorry buddy. i love you. #mh_badassbadge #vertmission #xo

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Vert mission x games qualifier prelim results. finals (top 8) 3:30p pst live facebook feed @mathoffman43 thanks @clairemontskatepark

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Live facebook broadcast starting around 11a pst from my fan page @mathoffman43 . #vertmission @xgames qualifier. @clairemontskatepark

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Got a couple flights in. it was tough to get lift today, but a beautiful place to fly. photos from ryan miller. thanks.

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Hoping the winds shift to get a flight in at #torreypinesgliderport before the #vertmission tomorrow at @clairemontskatepark

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This saturday we are having a vert qualifiers at @clairemontskatepark in san diego for @xgames in minneapolis. i'm going to do a live webcast from my facebook page. saturday, may 20th bmx vert round one • 11:00am – 12:00pm bmx bmx finals 3:30pm -4:00p the start order will be: heat 1 1 mike "hucker" clark 2 jorge jovel 3 colton satterfield 4 koji kraft 5 zack warden 6. vince byron 7 mykel larrin heat 2 1 ben snowden 2 alex landeros 3 anthony napolitan 4 zach newman 5 coco zurita 6 douglas oliveira 7 simon tabron

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Here's another good one #family

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Happy mothers day. thanks moms. love love love

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Met @kojikraft at @skydiveok for a tandem jump today passing through town... and i remembered to turn on my camera this time. woohoo!

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This is my preferred place to dream. home#

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Happy 14th birthday @fart_mcbomber ❤️⚔️

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Back to paining rad pets. this is koda bear and misty mae for @yojjjody. your next @richbartlett23!!! thanks for your patients. #mh_paints dm for commissions. thanks for the support.

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I had a great day jumping today, but i had one mission, to film my friend sarah tandem jump. as i was flying up to her i realized i forgot to turn my camera on... again. sorry sara. i got some canopy spins and my landing with a belly cameo and the high five at the end. you can't win them all... @skydiveok

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Made it out to @skydiveok and braced my wrist up to test out the new plane! 14k in 15 min. this jump i forgot to turn my camera on til i was backtracking and i had my gopro pointed too far down and didn't catch my friend @grantfreeman22 @grantfreeman chasing me. it looked rad though. i love the sky.

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#tbtbmx may17 2015, 43 yrs old #43

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Had the pleasure of painting the cover of my autobiography i got to write with the legendary mark lewman. this is another one for john rokos who is on the deck with his bike in the background. #mh_paints dm for commissions. thanks for your support.

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I've been asked many times to paint this photo @marklosey took of me on my big ramp in 94. i finally took it on for john rokos. whew. that took patience. #paintingandhealing #mh_paints dm for commissions. thanks for your support.

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So i hurt my wrist at the #osbmxr2017 playing with tailwhips on the resi. i took a few weeks till i could hold my handlebars again. i strapped a brace on tight to do whips on my ramp last week. then i got stoked and lofted some 540s which made me really happy. i love floating 5's. but i crashed this 5 and my wrist swelled again and i haven't been able to hold my bars since... so i went to the doc again and did an mri and ct scan to reveal a broken #scaphoid. :( it's not severe (no surgery) but i'm back on the healing couch. i guess i'll be catching up on paintings... good time to dm if you're interested in a commission. #mh_paints #backyardsess432 #boneshealchicksdigscars #keeponkeepingon

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