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The guitar is a beautiful....ehhh i have no idea what i'm doing but i'm learning! very slowly. honestly, i've always been very envious of people who can play instruments. it's a beautiful talent to have! #guitar #music

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Putting the @spypointcamera solar up! time to get some strutters on camera! 🦃🦃
#huntingrounds #spypoint #spypointtrailcameras

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Shed season, deer season, turkey season...it honestly never stops! #huntingrounds #shedhunting

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Just a couple of white boys, with some white boy dunks. 🏀

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Seems like the winter up north has been brutal on the deer! mother nature always wins. #huntingrounds

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Found some cool indian markers today. i couldn't resist. 😁😁

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Came home to this on my porch. people know me so well. #huntingrounds

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Me and matt matt are getting some shots up tonight. so the question is who would win one v one?? this should be interesting. #basketball

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My first nebraska bird and first out of state bird. this was back in 2017. steven and tyler were kind enough to let me fill a tag after steven killed one that morning! swipe to see the video! 🦃💥
#huntingrounds #realtree #mojooutdoors #spypoint

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I've only found three sheds this year, but we've still had a good time getting the guys together and looking! plan to do it some tomorrow! #huntingrounds

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I remember this morning. i hunted this stand hard for about 6 days straight. on the third morning, i had my target buck come sneaking in behind me. it should of been an easy self-filmed k**l but an error with the camera arm, my fault, resulted in this great buck getting away. this was my reaction lol. #huntingrounds

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Thinking about giving this buck a restoration make over. we found this buck buried in the river bank about two years ago. pretty awesome dead head! #huntingrounds

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