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Let's dance. with “two dancing figures," keith haring's iconic 2d characters take on new dimension in a lively, larger-than-life sculpture, located downtown in manhattan’s battery park. #coachny . . . #coachxkeithharing @artestarnyc @keithharingfoundation

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From street artist and activist to fashion inspiration, we're looking at some of #keithharing's most celebrated works, beginning with "crack is wack”. in an effort to raise awareness around drug use, haring painted this double-sided mural in harlem river park in 1986. currently under renovation, the piece will be back in public view by the end of 2019. #coachny . . . #coachxkeithharing @artestarnyc @keithharingfoundation

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Whether you're going places near or dreaming of places far. #coachxkeithharing #coachny . . . @artestarnyc @keithharingfoundation

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The weekend is here. time to break out the limited editions. #coachxkeithharing #coachny . . . @artestarnyc @keithharingfoundation

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To organize those little big things that make you you. #coachxkeithharing #coachny . . . @artestarnyc @keithharingfoundation

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Wearable art. the new #coachxkeithharing collection features some of the artist's most iconic illustrations, like his flying saucer and dancing dog, layered on tees, outerwear, bags and accessories. discover the exclusive capsule collection through link in bio. #coachny . . . @artestarnyc @keithharingfoundation

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Layer on the character with our special-edition #coachxkeithharing satin bomber and cotton t-shirt, printed with a portrait of haring himself. #coachxkeithharing #coachny . . . @artestarnyc @keithharingfoundation

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A t-shirt that will move you. from the new special-edition #coachxkeithharing collection, the season’s graphic tee, embellished with the artist’s dancing boombox. #coachxkeithharing #coachny . . . . @artestarnyc @keithharingfoundation

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Technically, it's called the camera bag, but you'll find it's just the right size for all your out-and-about essentials. extra points for color and sparkle, which come courtesy of embellished #keithharing embroidery. #coachxkeithharing #coachny . . . @artestarnyc @keithharingfoundation

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There's more to her than meets the eye. spring's satin bomber is completely reversible. one side is colorblocked with #keithharing embroidery; the other features the artist's graffiti print. #coachxkeithharing #coachny . . . @artestarnyc @keithharingfoundation

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You'll ❤️ it. an archival camera bag silhouette gets the pop art treatment with #keithharing’s radiant heart motif. #coachxkeithharing #coachny . . . @artestarnyc @keithharingfoundation

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From inspiration to collection, the #coachxkeithharing collaboration celebrates the iconic works of #keithharing. discover through link in bio. #coachny . . . @artestarnyc @keithharingfoundation

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Known for his graffiti-esque drawings, some of haring’s original works can still be found in new york city today. "his work was playful and there was an optimism about it," says coach creative director @stuartvevers, "but he was also very connected to real life, having lived and worked in new york." #coachxkeithharing #coachny . . . @artestarnyc @keithharingfoundation

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Pop artist #keithharing's streetwise illustrations and signature style served as inspiration for coach creative director @stuartvevers's new special-edition collection. #coachxkeithharing #coachny . . . @artestarnyc @keithharingfoundation

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Your wardrobe is going to be very happy. coming fall 2018, #coachxselena ready-to-wear. sign up for exclusive announcements through link in bio. #selenagomez #coachny

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They're back. #coachxselena drops fall 2018. #coachny . . . @selenagomez @stuartvevers #selenagomez

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Get ready for #coachxselena, the sequel. #selenagomez #coachny

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🙌 direct from @gurlstalk festival, @palomija says it as she sees it. #coachgurls #coachny

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Sunday inspiration with @adwoaaboah and @gurlstalk. we’re thrilled to partner with her once again on this empowering festival. #coachgurls #coachny

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