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Beaming in the bright sunshine, amber w**g and kristin huang made history as one of the first same-sex couples to marry in asia. the two women, who co-host a youtube channel called bbdiary, officially became wife and wife just days after taiwan passed a historical same-sex marriage law. "i'm so proud that taiwan is on the right side of the history and the first in asia to have done so ... taiwan has set an example in making progress in safeguarding human rights," huang said.

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Uk prime minister theresa may choked up as she announced her resignation friday morning. "i will shortly leave the job that it has been the honor of my life to hold," she said. may was forced into making friday's announcement after losing the support of her cabinet, many of whom were fed up with the ongoing turmoil over brexit. may said she would quit as leader of the conservative party on june 7, but would stay on as prime minister until a successor is chosen. (📷 leon neal/getty images)

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Two people died after crowds of mountaineers got stuck in a traffic jam near the summit of mount everest. this extraordinary photo, posted by climber nirmal purja, shows a dense trail of people queuing on an exposed ridge to reach the top of the world’s highest mountain. purja said there were roughly 320 people in the queue to the summit in an area known as the "death zone," where each breath contains only one-third of the oxygen found at sea level. (📷 project possible via afp/getty images)

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President trump and first lady melania trump paid their respects to fallen american troops during an unannounced visit to arlington national cemetery on thursday. the first couple, who spent about 20 minutes at the military cemetery, laid flags on the headstones. the visit comes ahead of memorial day weekend, which the president will spend in japan. (📸: bloomberg via getty images)

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Today, taiwan celebrates the first same-sex weddings in asia. as of 10 am local time, 166 same-sex couples had already registered their marriages. these sunny celebrations follow two years of fierce debate on the island, and the lgbt community there says the battle for their rights isn’t over — the new law doesn’t allow them full adoption rights, and there is widespread public opposition to same-sex marriage. still, “i’m so proud that taiwan is on the right side of history and the first in asia to have done so ... taiwan has set an example in making progress in safeguarding human rights,” says kristin huang, half of one of the couples married today. she and her wife had had two wedding ceremonies before — but today it’s legally official.

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Oklahoma has been hit with rain, flooding and more than a dozen tornadoes this week, forcing evacuations and leaving at least one person dead. a state of emergency was declared in 66 of the state’s 77 counties.

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This high school senior maintained a 4.3 gpa, scored a 31 on his act, and was named valedictorian — all while dealing with the death of his father and the lack of a permanent home. tupac mosley's accomplishments have earned him dozens of college scholarships worth more than $3 million. he says the strength came from all the people around him. "my family members, my friends, they've all been a great support to me over my past four years in high school."

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An artist in australia unveiled an 80-foot mural depicting new zealand prime minister jacinda ardern embracing a woman in a hijab in the wake of the mosque shootings in christchurch that left 51 dead. the work was created by painter loretta lizzio and financed by a gofundme campaign, which called ardern a “beacon of tolerance, love and peace in these divisive times.” lizzio told cnn affiliate 7 news the mural “celebrates a moment of unity and compassion." (📸: recap sakar/andalou agency/getty images, hagen hopkins/getty images asiapac)

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Tornadoes ripped through parts of missouri overnight wednesday, leaving at least three people dead. in jefferson city, the state's capital, a tornado sent debris as high as 13,000 feet into the air. "when it hit ... it felt like an earthquake," resident cindy sandoval-jakobsen said. the three deaths resulted from storms more than 150 miles southwest of the capital, in golden city. in just 24 hours, there were at least 29 tornadoes reported, mostly in missouri and oklahoma, the national weather service said.

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In an effort to curb ocean pollution, officials in england are banning plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds, aka q-tips, starting in april 2020. the government estimates that about 4.7 billion plastic straws, 316 million plastic stirrers and 1.8 billion plastic-stemmed cotton buds are used in england each year. “urgent and decisive action is needed to tackle plastic pollution and protect our environment,” said environment secretary michael gove. the governments of scotland and wales are considering similar measures. for more, follow @cnnclimate. (📸:phatthanit/shutterstock)

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Washington just became the first state to legalize the composting of human bodies as an alternative to burial or cremation. in composting, which advocates say is an environmentally friendly process, a body is "covered in natural materials, like straw or wood chips, and over the course of about three to seven weeks...it breaks down into soil," says katrina spade, ceo of the human composting company recompose. above, spade is pictured in a seattle cemetery holding a sample of compost material left from the decomposition of a cow. to learn more, follow @cnnclimate. (📸: elaine thompson/ap)

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Braxton moral graduated from his high school in kansas on sunday, and on may 30, the 17-year-old is set to receive his undergraduate degree from harvard university. moral's parents enrolled him in harvard extension school when he was just 11, he told cnn. "my parents noticed i was bored in school and needed something to inspire growth, so they ended up finding the extension school," he said. the busy teen isn't slowing down now; he plans on attending law school and is currently writing a book.
(📸: mandy moral/facebook)

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