Cleany Skin Tattoo Wipes Amazing dry #tattoowipes during #tattooing. Very #soft same time. Less pain for customer. Safe money because of you need less. #MadeinGermany. http://www.cleanyskin.de/
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Really happy to see that our friend @rhysgordon from australia brings along the @cleanyskin_tattoo_wipes . he loves to travel with them, because he can use 1 pack easily for 1 convention and even more. you need not many of them for one tattoo if you know how to use. and the customers are happy because they are really soft.
check out our distributor list here www.cleanyskin.de or request your favourite supplier to become one for cleany skin wipes too 😍

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@rhysgordon make my day with showing me @cleanyskin_tattoo_wipes here during @vietnamtattooconvention 2019. his preferred wipe during travels at all.

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Reposted from @invisblea - miniature marker style piece i did on my client e at @singaporeinkshow last weekend. as small as this can get!
for more marker style works please follow @x.environment
#squidster_skinmarker @squidster_skinmarker
#cleanyskin_tattoo_wipes @cleanyskin_tattoo_wipes

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Reposted from @trust_mannheim - thanks to all the participants of the cross contamination seminar at a tattoo station in singapore. we have to say thank you to @rain_tattoo_world to give us the space and take care of us all.
couldn't tag all of you because didn't find you all. - #regrann

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Was a great pleasure to be a part of the @singaporeinkshow since the last 3 times.
always happy to be here.

we hope the artists like the soft and strong tattoo wipes and if they want to know where the next distributor is, please check www.cleanyskin.de .
you are welcome to ask by your favourite tattoo supplies for it too :-)

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@singaporeinkshow 2019 - sunday. nice to watch the artists if they are working with the @cleanyskin_tattoo_wipes and/or @squidster_skinmarker
thinking tree tattoo from indonesia

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Reposted from @trust_wholesale - we are visiting the great @singaporeinkshow 2019 this weekend and we are proud about that @asiatattoosupply is our distributor for @cleanyskin_tattoo_wipes and @squidster_skinmarker . our products are also sponsors for the show. happy to be a part of it. - #regrann

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