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I sure missed it! amazing to be back out there with my brothers! fans were unreal, the team was resilient, and we got it done. on to the next 🙌🏻 #flyeaglesfly

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My god has been faithful and my source of strength through all of the highs and lows. what a journey these past 9 months have been. incredibly grateful for all of the support, encouragement, and prayers along the way. finally getting back on that field and i can’t thank the lord enough! all for his glory 🙌🏻 i know the linc is gonna be rockin so let’s have some fun today! #flyeaglesfly #ao1

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Some 🔥 pregame kicks for tomorrow! s/o to @thejaredcollection for the amazing work! grateful for your support brotha! @tkctruck @ao1foundation ///🎥: @mj.mov

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Can’t hear anything but my comeback playlist...even this guy. #teambose #qc35 ii #flyeaglesfly

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‪i owe this dude a lot! love this guy and love this team! @nickfoles @philadelphiaeagles #flyeaglesfly

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‪that “i’m back” feeling 🙌🏻 #flyeaglesfly‬

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Already been two months since this day! always grateful for my amazing wife 🙌🏻 // 📸: @ashleym_brown 👔: @jay__amin

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Happy birthday to my big bro @wentz.zach ! i’ve always respected you and looked up to you.... even though now you “look up” at me 😏 thankful for you bro!

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What does it mean to be in ‘need’? each one of us needs something- to be seen, to be loved on, to be accepted, to be strengthened, to be encouraged, to be uplifted. these are just a few ways in which we can be in need. these are just a few ways in which we can be ‘fed’. we at tkc see the needs that weigh on people’s lives within our communities, so our desire is to bring the hope and kindness of jesus to our communities in tangible form. food is the means to that end! we desire to offer delicious food meant for all people, so look for our presence in various communities! when we feed those who appear to have ‘much’ or to have ‘little’ we ultimately help meet the need we all carry..the need to be loved on & changed by jesus! @tkctruck

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Early season goose is underway for the @wentzbrosoutdoors in new jersey! #waterfowl #psalm19:1

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