Congrats to all the jazzies at cuesta this weekend! (especially the altos)

comment 2 star 35 November 2019

Be there or be square

comment 0 star 9 November 2019

Hi! i hope you have a good day & practice ur music.

comment 0 star 10 October 2019

Altos! if you are in adv. treble or concert you have a sectional tomorrow!!! adv treble: your sectional starts at 7:30! please be prompt. we will be having part checks for our 2 jazzpop songs, so practice!! see you ladies there :) treble: please come and join adv. treble for a run of boogie woogie bugle boy if you can! concert: your sectional starts at 8:00 for the greatest show and la la land!
if you cant come tomorrow, text me or dm by tonight at 7 or your absence will not be excused. anyways, see y’all tomorrow! - your section leader (viv)

comment 0 star 33 September 2019

What im doing currently haha see y’all later :)

comment 0 star 15 August 2019

Im excited to see you guys, im hoping everyone is having a good summer :) (also if you know of any alto who isnt following this account, tell them too)

comment 5 star 8 July 2019

comment 3 star 16 July 2019

I have assumed power (guess who this is) (meme in honor of ruby who is my fav🥰)

comment 3 star 20 June 2019

Alto group chat vs bass group chat 🤭

comment 0 star 17 May 2019

Sectional, don’t miss it!

comment 2 star 17 May 2019

Pinkie appreciation post. happy saturday! 💕

comment 5 star 29 February 2019

Fun fact: the alto section, while mostly dominated by women, is encompassing of every individual, regardless of gender. that means men, women, and anything that isn’t those two. even more fun fact, the same is true of absolutely every section! (which is more reason why we should have more girl tenors cough). #altoequality

comment 2 star 18 January 2019