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When you live as much of your life in the bush as frans and i do, you have to get creative. we lived off the grid on assignment for @natgeo in zambia, and to power my laptop i connected it to a car battery via an inverter to make notes and download video. having limited access to power like this focuses your thoughts. being off the grid and away from the world clears your mind to live every moment in the present, free of clutter, all senses open. it’s one of the things i cherish most about our fieldwork. follow us @christineeckstrom and @franslanting for more stories of life in the field.
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Video by @christineeckstrom by crawling towards them on hands and knees, frans was able to get close to these two wild stallions as they were rearing up and testing each other’s strength. he had to trust that they would dance around him. the oostvaardersplassen nature reserve in the netherlands has become a remarkable habitat for these and other large grazing mammals that once roamed wild across western europe. follow us @christineeckstrom and @franslanting to see more close encounters with these wild horses.

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Photo by @franslanting nobody messes with salonga, the powerful alpha female of a bonobo group at the lola ya bonobo sanctuary in the congo. she has the physique of a bodybuilder, but she rules with the force of her personality. in response to a previous bonobo post someone commented “that looks like a human trapped in animal skin” and that is how i feel about this image. stay tuned for more bonobo stories from our jungle expedition with the amazing @ashley_judd to support bonobo conservation. check @franslanting to see a really powerful female who looks like a true bodybuilder.
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Photo by @franslanting i love the way this male bonobo is looking at his hands—so like our own, and like so many things bonobo that are so like us. frans and i have had some of the most profound experiences of our lives in the company of bonobos and chimpanzees, with whom we share more than 98% of our dna. but numbers cannot quantify the emotions you feel when you see yourself, as a human, in the gestures and behavior of a fellow being. we are here in the congo with @ashley_judd on an unusual expedition to elevate the profile of bonobos in their only home in the wild—the congo—and to advocate for their protection. we have just begun to understand them, and how much we have to learn from them about ourselves. bonobos are gravely endangered by the bushmeat and pet trade. how tragic is that? we will share more from the congo, as we can, @franslanting and @christineeckstrom—so please stay tuned.

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Video by @christineeckstrom when you enter the nursery at the lola ya bonobo sanctuary in the congo, you become instant playmates for the five young bonobos there. the two juveniles, bikoro and laliya, rush up, leap into your arms, bounce on your head, spring off your shoulders, and discover everything you forgot you had in your pockets. they are strong and mischievous—but full of love. it is truly heartwarming to realize that the remarkable care they receive from their surrogate human mothers is transforming these once-traumatized babies. they all lost their mothers to the devastating effects of the bushmeat and pet trade, and now they are being nurtured back to physical and psychological health—and eventually to a new life with a social group of bonobos. being with them was a gift for me—and for frans, as you can see in his happy tolerance of their antics, and his joyful laugh as they knock him off his feet. follow us @franslanting, @christineeckstrom and @ashley_judd as we dive deeper into the world of bonobos and the people who care about them.
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Baby bonobos are transported to the lola ya bonobo sanctuary as traumatized orphans when their mothers are killed by poachers for bush meat. the infant bonobos cling to their dead mothers until they are removed and eventually sold for the pet trade—babies are too small to be valuable for meat. lola ya bonobo has an astonishing team of bonobo “mamas” who act as substitute mothers to the orphan babies. they nurture them like their own children and slowly rebuild their psychological strength. as infants, the baby bonobos become firmly attached to their adopted mamas, and will only trust people who are trusted by their mamas. i was privileged to spend time in the past few days with three remarkable bonobo mamas and their orphan babies, and my heart melted when one young bonobo, bikoro, gave me his trust and crawled up into my arms. the emotion i felt is indescribable. we encourage you to lend your support to the people who are working to secure a future for bonobos in the wild—it’s a big challenge, but it’s possible. follow us @franslanting and @christineeckstrom as we embark on an expedition with @ashley_judd to document bonobos in the wild in the heart of the congo—their only home in the world.

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Video by @christineeckstrom you are looking at a powerful female bonobo named salonga who rules her family group at the lola ya bonobo sanctuary in the congo. she was paying close attention to us as we were drifting past her in a small boat and when she raised herself and grimaced, it was clear that she was displaying her dominance. bonobos and humans have many gestures in common and every day that we spend with them we learn more about the close connections between us. like the other bonobos at lola, salonga was brought here as a frightened orphan and nurtured into a healthy adult by an amazing group of dedicated congolese bonobo conservationists. check them out @lolayabonobo and go to @franslanting to see another image of salonga where she looks like a true bodybuilder. stay tuned for more bonobo discoveries when @franslanting and i head into the heart of the congo basin for a jungle expedition with @ashley_judd.
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Photo by @franslanting bonobos are our closest cousins on the tree of life, along with chimpanzees, but we know less about them than any other great ape because they only live in one of the most inaccessible parts of the democratic republic of the congo. frans lanting and i have just arrived in the congo on an expedition to explore the world of bonobos. we’ll be joined by @ashley_judd , who has worked to help raise awareness about bonobos and to support the people who are working to protect them, which is our mission as well. right now frans and i are at the congo’s remarkable lola ya bonobo sanctuary, where we saw this male bonobo interacting with a young male in a moment that feels touchingly human. please follow us @franslanting and @christineeckstrom for updates about our discoveries.
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“born yesterday” this tiny elephant calf is just one day old and all the adults in the herd are feeling very protective, surrounding the newborn at all times. this little one is trying to control its rubbery-looking trunk as it probes around mom’s underbelly, looking for an opportunity to nurse. it will take a few weeks before this young elephant learns to manage its trunk’s many muscles—which number in the tens of thousands! i share this in celebration of mother’s day—and in honor of all mothers, animal and human. follow me @christineeckstrom and @franslanting for more intimate stories from the world of elephants.

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Video by @christineeckstrom kilauea is still erupting on the big island of hawaii, and no one knows what may happen next. frans lanting and i covered kilauea's last major eruption for @natgeo, and here’s a video impression i made from the edge of the active lava lake that formed. we were out there with permits in the company of volcanologists and we relied on their judgment for our movements as you can hear in the clip. this is not something you should ever do on your own. volcanoes command respect and in hawaii, nobody takes chances with pele. follow us @christineeckstrom and @franslanting for more stories of our restless planet.
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Video by @christineeckstrom hawaii is red hot again with the new eruption of the kilauea volcano on the big island, which started last thursday and is intensifying. our hearts go out to all the people in hawaii whose lives have been impacted by this eruption—please stay safe... @franslanting and i covered kilauea's last major eruption for @natgeo, and here is a video of what we experienced then. as lava gushes from a cone inside the volcano’s crater, we hiked downslope with a team of geologists to see a river of lava pump out from the base of the volcano and snake across the landscape. follow us @franslanting and @christineeckstrom for more images and videos of our living planet.

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@franslanting and i created the life symphony to celebrate the wonder of life on earth, and on tuesday night it was performed in rome, with tonino battista conducting the parco della musica orchestra. this clip showing the many faces of primates is from the final movement, “planet of life,” which looks at how the conditions that enable life on earth to exist have been created—and sustained—by the collective power of life itself. i share this in celebration of earth day, april 22. let’s make every day earth day! learn more about life in the link in my bio, and follow us @franslanting and @christineeckstrom for more images and stories of the majesty of our planet. @thephotosociety #earthday #earthdayeveryday #lifesymphony

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