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@franslanting and i created the life symphony to celebrate the wonder of life on earth, and on tuesday night it was performed in rome, with tonino battista conducting the parco della musica orchestra. this clip showing the many faces of primates is from the final movement, “planet of life,” which looks at how the conditions that enable life on earth to exist have been created—and sustained—by the collective power of life itself. i share this in celebration of earth day, april 22. let’s make every day earth day! learn more about life in the link in my bio, and follow us @franslanting and @christineeckstrom for more images and stories of the majesty of our planet. @thephotosociety #earthday #earthdayeveryday #lifesymphony

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Volcanos are exhilirating places to document, but tough on lungs and cameras, so @franslanting and i had to wear gas masks to deal with the caustic fumes on top of kilaeua when it was erupting. this volcano is one of the images featured in our life symphony with music by philip glass which will be performed in rome, italy, on tuesday april 17 as part of the national geographic science festival. life is a celebration of our living planet from the big b**g to the present. the last movement will be streamed live via facebook around 9.45 pm italy time. check the link in my instagram bio to learn how you can see it. or go to to www.lanting.com to learn more about life. photo by @gbradlewis @franslanting @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #earth #evolution #geyser #amazing #wonder #naturelovers

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Photo by @franslanting to see six healthy, nearly full-grown cheetah cubs in the wild is a rare sight—from a distance they almost look like a pride of lions. most cheetah mothers do not succeed in raising more than one or two cubs to independence during their entire lives. but the mother of these cubs was an exceptional female, a true supermom, who could hunt day after day for a family of seven while keeping them all safe. that is no small feat with lions, hyenas, and other lethal adversaries roaming around. follow us @christineeckstrom and @franslanting to learn more about the challenges cheetahs face in the wild. @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #cheetah #bigcats #bigcatsinitiative #endangered #wildlifephotography

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Cheetahs like high vantage points where they can scan for prey and consider their next moves. one day a young cheetah i’d been tracking in the maasai mara on assignment for @natgeo bounded up on my vehicle as if it were a termite mound or a tree—favored lookout points for cheetahs. he had no interest in me. i was delighted to see him this way, taking advantage of an opportunity to get a better view. i felt no threat and moments later, he jumped down and continued on. the first rule in working with wild animals is to let them be so you can document them as they are. follow us @christineeckstrom and @franslanting for more images and stories about cheetahs.
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Video by @christineeckstrom experienced cheetah moms, like all good mothers, are both vigilant and tolerant. watch how this mother puts up with the antics of her cubs until they wear themselves out and suckle and go to sleep. what you don’t see here is how this mother is constantly scanning the horizon for signs of trouble. the fate of cheetahs as a species depends on the ability of a small number of exceptional females to nurture cubs to independence and to keep them safe while doing so. we call them “supermoms.” and any mother who is juggling child care with earning a living and other responsibilities, can relate to that. follow us @christineeckstrom and @franslanting to see more playful cheetahs.

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Video by @christineeckstrom and @franslanting a remote camera set up at a water hole in a private reserve in the namib desert enabled us to capture close ups of thirsty animals without disturbing them. you’ll see springbok, hartebeest, and zebras—and hear the lovely bell-like calls of sandgrouse who come to drink. but they also soak up precious drops of water in their b****t feathers to carry back to their chicks, who may be dozens of miles away in the desert. follow us @franslanting and @christineeckstrom for more intimate behavior of wildlife in africa. @thephotosociety #safari #yearofthebird #namibia #namibrand #desert #wildlifephotography

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Video by @christineeckstrom and @franslanting zambia’s luangwa river supports an amazing population of hippos. they cluster in places where the water is deep enough for them to submerge themselves. here’s an impression of one really large gathering along a bend in the river where we camped on assignment for @natgeo. it gets noisy when hundreds of hippos are talking to each other in guttural grunts punctuated by amusing squeaks and we had a hard time sleeping. hippos get sunburned easily, so they stay underwater during the day and wait until nightfall to come out of the water to graze. they spook easily, so we had to be careful with our approach. this video was captured with a camera in infrared mode. follow us @christineeckstrom and @franslanting to see more videos and stills of wildlife spectacles in africa. @thephotosociety #hippo #zambia #luangwavalley #wildlifephotography #safari

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Tap your screen to hear the music! this is an excerpt from “life: a journey through time,” a multimedia symphony we created with philip glass. frans lanting’s images are projected on a large screen while the orchestra performs philip’s music. you can see the orchestra with conductor carolyn kuan at work in a black and white insert. this short clip from the first movement features volcanoes. life is a lyrical interpretation of the story of life on earth from the big b**g to the present. our life symphony has been performed worldwide and will be staged again in rome, italy, on april 17 during the national geographic science festival. check the link in my bio for more details about the show—and go to @franslanting to see more clips from the life symphony. @thephotosociety #earth #volcano #evolution #wonder #inspire #beauty #nature

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Photo by @franslanting will you join us for earth hour tonight, no matter where you are, by turning off the lights at 8:30 pm local time, for one hour? let the earth shine! @earthhourofficial @earthofficial @world_wildlife @leonardodicaprio #earthhour2018 #earthhour #wnfnederland #wwf #leonardodicaprio #earthofficial

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In a forest in senegal, a first-time mother chimp named nickel takes a midday siesta with her newborn baby, teva, while a young male named mike edges in close to them, kissing teva’s ear and stroking her head. mike was really drawn to baby teva and he was tolerated by her mother as well. here a moment of tender affection softens the lines that separate us from our closest cousins on the tree of life. early in my career i was inspired by jane goodall and her work with chimpanzees—and i still am. please check the @natgeo channel to see the wonderful film about her, “jane.” follow me @christineeckstrom and @franslanting for more videos about our closest cousins on the tree of life.
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In celebration of international women’s day, i want to honor the work of women conservationists around the world who are working to protect the wild places that nourish our spirits and the wild animals that open our hearts. today i want to shine a light on one remarkable person, kris tompkins. for more than two decades, she and her late husband, doug tompkins, acquired wildlife habitat in patagonia with the aim to protect the land for its intrinsic natural value and ultimately, to gift these wild places to the people of chile and argentina. a month ago, kris made their dream come true. she signed an agreement with chilean president michelle bachelet to expand the country’s national park system by an astonishing ten million acres—a combination of private lands donated by tompkins conservation and federal lands committed by chile. doug believed that the beauty we see in wild places would help save the world. kris believes that their gift is an act of democracy: a country’s natural masterpieces should be protected for the common good. i love her for this, and the wild animals who inhabit these beautiful lands are her most important beneficiaries. follow us @christineeckstrom and @franslanting for more stories of hope.
photo of kris tompkins and chris eckstrom by @franslanting

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Here are some impressions from an albatross colony—and listen to the sounds they make! the braying moans are the display calls of black-browed albatrosses on remote campbell island, midway between new zealand and antarctica. they’re in the midst of their breeding season and the adults are soaring out to sea to bring fish and squid back to their hungry chicks, who look like white balls of fluff perched on mud pedestal nests. some of the birds swirling above the colony may be young albatrosses returning to land for the first time after fledging here four years ago, and they’re trying to figure out where to go. eventually they will court and find a mate—and build a nest of their own. follow @christineeckstrom and @franslanting for more stories from the seabird cities of the southern ocean.

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