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Yessss!!! i am soooo excited to say i’m uploading these freaking amazing human’s wedding gallery as we speak!! my beautiful friends, when you wake up check your email ❤️ sam and darius are some of the raddest people i’ve been blessed to capture and i cannot tell you how unbelievably fun their wedding was!! killer family and friends... crazy beyond entertaining music from the hilarious and super talented flash pants band.... lots of liquor combined with insane dance moves... and lots of love abound!! the true recipe for starting their happily ever after on the right foot!! love love love you guys!! ❤️🙌🏻🔥💃🕺🏻🔥🙌🏻❤️

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Sneak peek... it’s official!!! team ra is in the house as hubby and wifie after their crazy amazing wedding this last weekend at the gorgeous white house event and banquet center! so let’s just say that i seriously adore these cuties and i know without a doubt that i will be friends with them for a very very long time... i can’t tell you what it meant to me to hear my girl su “maria” thank me during her reception speech to her guests letting me know that i was not only her “photographer”... but her friend!! let’s just say i may have “ugly cried” just a little... these fabulous souls are some the sweetest, most genuine, fun loving humans i know and i cannot wait to watch them go through life together and start their new journey as husband and wife!! i’m hoping you arrived safe and are having a killer time in thailand right now and i cannot wait to see some pics soon!!! love you both so much xoxo

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Just got done with these stunner’s engagement gallery and i can’t tell you how much i adored seeing every gorgeous smile on their faces... it is just sooo obvious from every image how truly madly in love these gorgeous girls are! and their love inspired a beautiful conversation between myself and my little prince cash as i was editing... my little munchkin was laying next to me as i edited in bed this evening... per the norm... and as i was working on an image where randi and amber were kissing he asked me “mama, why are those two mommies kissing?” i’ll be honest... i was super caught off guard, as he’s only four and i didn’t think i would be having this conversation with him yet... but i know how my family and i think and what we believe... so it was time for him to know too if he was asking... “they’re kissing honey because they are in love and they’re getting married” i told him. “but mommy, two mommies can’t get married... only mommy and daddies can get married” he said looking confused... “well honey that’s not true... when you marry someone it’s because you love their heart and their soul ... so mommies can marry other mommies... and daddies can marry other daddies, and mommy’s can marry daddies too... love doesn’t care if you’re a boy or a girl... so when you fall in love with someone you are falling in love with them for the beautiful heart that god put inside of them... so people get married when they fall in love with another heart honey... not because they are a boy or a girl”... he sat there for a moment and then and replied “ that’s so sweet mommy... i’m happy that mommies can marry mommies and daddies can marry daddies... i’m happy that those mommies are getting married because they look like they have really pretty hearts...” i died... i won’t lie... i shed a few tears... my little boy’s heart is so pure and full of love... as parents we have such a huge impact on the type of humans we raise and our actions, or lack there of, also play such a significant role in the way they think, believe, behave, and ultimately treat others... i don’t expect everyone to share my same beliefs...but...i do hope for our children’s sakes that we teach them to love

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And it’s official!!!! ben and sac-nicte said i do this last weekend in one of the most emotional and touching weddings i’ve ever had the honor of photographing!!’ seriously y’all... both my 2nd shooter jen and i cried at like every part of their freaking amazing day... from watching sac-nicte’s gorgeous mama shedding tears as she helped her slip into her gown, to watching ben burst into tears during the first look when he saw his stunning bride to be, to watching ben and his beautiful mama on the dance floor, as they shared the sweetest mother/son dance... no joke - this couple, their families, and all of their amazing friends, are just the kindesty, warmest and loving crew ever and i’m so beyond honored that i was there to capture every last amazing moment of these fabulous humans celebrating their new life together!!! thank you thank you thank you for letting me share this with y’all!! love you guys xxoo

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These beyond rad humans are tying the knot today and will finally get to call each other hubby and wifie!!! i cannot believe how fast the time has flown by and that their day is finally here... jeff and maria you two are magic and i seriously cannot wait to see you start your new journey in life together today!! love love love you guys and see you soon xxoo 😘

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Ok so let me just tell you that this very image epitomizes every part of this super silly, super rad, super fun, crazy in love couple!!! benjamin and sac-nicte are some of the most adorable humans i’ve ever met and guess what.... they’re getting married tomorrow!!! i cannot tell you how much i just adore them and how happy it makes me to see them together... they’re serious couple goals y’all!! best word to describe them.... infectious! you literally cannot help but smile from ear to ear just merely being in their presence... love you guys soooo much and cannot wait to watch you say i do tomorrow! ❤️

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One of my all time fav parts of the day has always been bridal prep!! watching my gorgeous brides surrounded by the girl tribe who loves them the most... and seeing their beautiful mamas with tears in their eyes as they realize their baby is all grown up.... seriously... there is nothing sweeter than getting to be a part of this very moment... ❤️

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It’s christmas movies and snuggle time with my munchkin.... so i’m keeping it short and simple tonight.... nick and stephanie... soon to be hubby and wifie.... i just love them 🌾🌱🎄🌱🌾

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#repost @100_layercake with @get_repost
have you ever seen a fall cake so chic? believe it or not, this entire editorial measures up to the bold sophistication of this one detail... pop over to the blog for a peek!
workshop: @ostuniworkshop @gianlucaadovasio / design: @catherinebradfield_stylist @theweddingboutiqueitaly / photos: @chrissygilmartinphotography / cake: @pavlovs_lab / florals: @catherinebradfield_stylist @theweddingboutiquebloom / hmu: @alessandromancino_h.d._ / graphics: @bluelacepaper / linens: custom @dolcegabbana / tiara & hair piece: @beretkah / robes: @bycatalfo / stationery: @carissimo_letterpress / rentals: @allestimentilerose_official @cioffi.giuseppe / gown: @asos / shoes: @riverisland & @asos #fallwedding #weddingcake

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Cyber monday special y’all!! from now thru december 1st you can purchase a couples or family session for $275.00 - and use or book the session anytime from now thru june 30th 2019! that’s $100 off!!! message me for payment options..................................... ok so how absolutely adorable is this gorgeous mama and her sweet boy heston ?!?! i had the best time last week meeting sweet angela and her fab hubby and chasing their crazy cute boys around the hills of thomas riley regional park!! such a beautiful family inside and out!! if you missed out on grabbing family photos this year and are still looking to get some new shots to adorn your walls for the new year i still have a few spots available in december and january 🌿check my story out for more info 🍂🌾🌱

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These gorgeous newly married b***s are now up on glittery bride’s site today!! such a stunning wedding in every way... so many personal touches made it unbelievably touching! from the bride’s grandmother’s original vintage wedding dress adorning the reception to her twin brothers singing to her with nothing other than a ukulele... every detail was memorable and a sentiment to the amazing families each of these cuties are so blessed to be a part of ❤️ click the link in the bio to check it out!

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🌿featured today on 100 layer cake🌿!!! i’m so beyond excited to share that one of the stunning shoots i photographed while at the amazing ostuni workshop in puglia | italy recently, is being featured today on one of my all time fav blogs - 100 layer cake!! i’m so grateful to gianluca mary adovasio for the absolutely unbelievable workshop they produced this year at the heavenly masseria montenapoleone, where i not only learned from some of the best photographers in the world, but i also had the ability to work with super talented wedding professionals like catherine bradfield from the wedding boutique italy, alex pavlov from pavlov’s lab, alessandro mancino - the hmua king, and soooo many others, who put their heart and soul into producing some of the most beautiful styled shoots i’ve ever seen! this entire experience and workshop was a dream come true and to see it featured today is like the cherry on top!! click the link in my bio to check it out! .

arrangement by @ostuniworkshop - @gianlucaadovasio #ostuniworkshop #ostuniws2018 .
style concept & design: @catherinebradfield_stylist @theweddingboutiqueitaly .
photographer - chrissy gilmartin @chrissygilmartinphotography
models: alice taticchi @alicetattichi
lorenzo zanella @the_zane_official .
florals: @catherinebradfield_stylist @theweddingboutiquebloom
hmua: @alessandromancino_h.d._
mood board graphics: @bluelacepaper
linen: custom @dolcegabbana
tiara & hair piece: @beretkah
bridal lace robes: @bycatalfo
stationery: @carissimo_letterpress
tabletop rentals & mise en place: @allestimentilerose_official @cioffi.giuseppe & stylist’s own .
cake @pavlovs_lab
candles: antonio sessa .
perfume and scented candles: @acquadiparma_official
gown: @asos #asosdesign .
shoes: @riverisland & @asos #asosdesign .
jewelry: stylist’s own

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